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  1. Welp sorry for the double post, but my save is stuck again, can't move, be it on the terrain or inside the menus, the others buttons still work tho. Tried to relauch the pc, use an older save game, but nothing works. Had the same problem yesterday and loading a way older (like, 20 save before the corrupted one) worked but this time, it doesn't seems to. Thanks in advance ! Edit : Okay, that will sound like a joke, but just after posting that, the save started to work again ? Probably what happened yesterday to ? Seems like uploading / downloading it make it better for some reason ? Well, not gonna complain, but it's the second time my game blocked so if someone could check my save just to be sure there's nothing wrong with it, I would be grateful ! Game.rxdata
  2. Edit : I found a way to make it work, sorry !
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