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  1. Now that Route 3 is changed in V13, is it known where to find the Kingdra Wing? (for the Guardian in the Miracle Woods) Edit: found in Phasial Cave, it was easier than other versions
  2. I don't know how, but the game literally won't speed up if I press the M button. If I saw before the differences, now M doesn't work for me anymore, despite I already tried to reinstall the game. How I fix this? Edit: Okay, I found the error, now I can speed up
  3. So, I'm playing V13 with the patch 0.2, I don't understand how, but now my game is not speeding up anymore. Even if I saw the menu or the Pokèmons, the game is not speeding up if I press M.
  4. I checked up the Field Effect Manual: -Ice and Dark Type moves got boosts (1,5 and 1,2%) -Fire Type moves are weakened to 0,5% -Moves like Surf, Hydro Pump or Muddy Water gain a Ice sub-Type; -Moves like Eruption, Blast Burn, Inferno or Flame Burst (Charizard or Houndoom can have it, if I'm not wrong) can turn this field into Dimensional Field (Rif Pokemon) -Snarl lowers Special Attack by 2, so it's boosted. Plus, Aurora Veil can be activated without hail. It's in the game files, if you want to check more.
  5. I don't know if you started at V13, but there was even a Bronzor in Chrysalis Manor, which is good for defense. About the field. Pay attention, if I remember well, some moves like Eruption can destroy this field. But the move "Cold Truth" can remade it. I remember in one of my previous games using a Fire move and the field was destroyed.
  6. Or try with rock types and a Pokèmon which can break Aurora Veil with Brick Break. Fire-Type moves are weakened, due to the special ice field.
  7. The only one I know,for now, is Klink in East Gearen, in the fields, like normal Pokèmon (Patrat, Bidoof, ...). I found one randomically. Maybe a Link Heart will help you with a Karrablast, but I don't know where you can catch one.
  8. I don't know if he has Lapras and Ninetales in Intense Mode, but an Hariyama with Thick Fat, which lowers damage taken from Ice and Fire, can help you. It's a sort of tank and you can evolve it at lv 24 and can learn Knock Off, removing Gallade's Black Belt and Lapras's berry. (Ex) Shadow Quagsire helped me too with almost all of his Pokémon in Normal.
  9. In V12, the Toilet Paper was given to you by Venam in the storyline events, so I don't know if you can still obtain it. I'm not there, yet.
  10. It happened the same to me, actually. It takes like 3-4 seconds to see the dialogue with "Poison substance ..."
  11. Same, this happened to me with special talks in the first chapter, like with Saki at Chrisola Hotel or Venam's first encounter: the game stopped for some seconds, then it went on.
  12. I saw that only battles, menus and some little places like Oceana Pier-Gearen City gate haven't this problem.
  13. Strange, I saw that the speed up works with the main menu, but, for example, not like in Gearen.
  14. I checked it, but it was on 3x. Nothing change if I press M.
  15. So, yeah, I decided to restart Rejuv with a new character. I tried to speed up the game using M, but the game went normal, without speeding up like in the previous V12, with ALT. How can I fix this?
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