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  1. Nope, I'm pretty sure nothing in the game is shiny locked.
  2. So, I checked myself about "Winter" Alice (since she's the mc I use always, literally) and I'm sure they work pretty fine. The problem is that they all are ".wepb files" (they can't work like this and you can recognize this if the sprites are surronded by useless grey and black "objects") when you download them and they have different names from the files the game supposed to find while running. So...you have first to at least make some "backups" of the original files, to make sure they are safe. Then, changing the new files' names into the olds' name and convert those files into ".png". Doing it manually won't let them work still, so use some converters and they'll be fine. And gotcha, the job is done. Despite they were made in 2014, they work. I still didn't test the Dive ones, though...
  3. If I remember correctly, there is one near some surf zones, I'll check soon where. Maybe you have to finish the full quest but I don't think it's related.
  4. Is against Melia and Aelita? Much probably this happened because you were supposed to loose, since MC is like "guessing" that he's trapped. But I don't know much about Intense.
  5. Much probably, after all, Rune stated that she and Flora make "plan" to make sure Huey got a life with fake family and more. Rune found Huey in Void Chasm with her after Miera's incident and I don't think she brought a kid with her and it was stated that Xenadin was one of the victim (but he ""survived"") and that's not a coincidence.
  6. Much probably because it was destined to give it to Erin or something, to let her know about Miera Region, but I missed completely that detail. Rune indeed didn't loose memories, only Huey / Lord Xenadin's reincarnation did.
  7. *During Chapter 5* Madame X: Yveltal, destroy MC with Decimation! Yveltal: *screams in pain and goes out* Madame X: What? It's a level 100 Pokèmon! MC: Ahah cursed body goes brr *During Chapter 9* Geara: Fall into the lava, you bastard! MC: *dies* Melia: *screams in agony* Five minutes later: Crescent: Wake up. Wake up. Wake up. Wake up. Wake up. Wake up. MC: *wakes up* Okay, I'm ready. *punches Geara from behind* Geara: How are you alive!? MC: I'm the protagonist of this anime, I can't die like this! NOW, FREE MY MELIA YOU FOOL! *goes Super Saiyan and proceeds to OHKO Z/G's team* *During Chapter 12* MC: *sacrifices to save Melia* Five minutes later... Melia: For MC, for Venam, for everyone! *proceeds to go Super Saiyan 3* MC: Melia, I'm back! Let's beat that foolish kid together! *goes Super Saiyan, but not seriously, it's just mad* MC & Melia: *proceed to beat Melanie, like they always do together, seriously, this duo is unstoppable, someone give some Snickers to them!* *During Chapter 15* Everyone: WE BELIEVE IN MC! MC: *fuses with its past counterpart and goes Ultra Instinct* Puppet Master: He seriously transformed, n- MC: *destroys PM's shield with a godly move* PM: AYO!
  8. I used Leavanny with Felt Stinger, it's partially great in early game and Nim, despite having Darmanitan, is no exception for it. Try someone with "Aoe" moves.
  9. Stats2.PNG.5c379416d7e2d6269a20746eb3e07e85.PNGVictory.PNG.a914345cf594b1df7389f63216d544a9.PNG


    Great satisfactions.

  10. Okay, I tested Togepi vs Houndoom...and...it's possible to win the fight even in V13. Without Metronome. With only ONE Omni-boost. Let me explain. The fight still requires much luck, but not on Houndoom's damage...but on sleep's RNG. First Turn: Houndoom is forced to Nasty Plot, because its offensive moves cannot OHKO Hapi without crits or boost in stats. Meaning, if it wasn't forced, Hapi could use Yawn and next turn heal. Don't rely on Metronome, because you have greater chance to get omni-boost instead of getting moves, since 99% of the entire Pokèmon movepool is useless there. Use Ancient Power and hope to get the boost. If not, reset. I suggest to use quick-save before Melia brings out Hapi. Second turn: Actually, Houndoom cannot OHKO now, since Incinerate will leave Hapi with 5 or 9 HP. Without boost, it's a loose battle. Considering surviving, Yawn is necessary now. Houndoom will sleep. I think it hasn't Early Bird, which helps Houndoom getting waking up early. Third turn: 100% of my attempts, Houndoom sleeps. I highly recomend to healing by using the Max Potion in Melia's bag. These poor amount of heals will be your saviors, since they cannot let you stall and doing things like "getting to 0 PP Incinerate". Fourth turn: If you are lucky, there are good chances that Houndoom will be asleep still. But...here...you have to risk: now, don't rely anymore on possible AP's second boost, just the move itself. Or Yawn, meaning that you can repeat the heal and getting lucky on not getting crits. If you want to risk, use Ancient Power. Fifth turn: Assuming Houndoom will be asleep in the previous turn, now it's better to use Yawn at 100%. You can risk MUCH with Ancient Power, since there are some chances that Houndoom will be asleep for another turn. But I highly recommend you to not do that and just use Yawn, since it has perfect PP for this fight. Sixth turn and more: Repeat heals if you manage to use Yawn and survive Incinerate. From now on, you rely on sleep's RNG to understand when you can attack, use Yawn and heals. Like you see, I got at the last turn Houndoom still asleep and Hapi with only one Omni-boost. And I got the 100% fair win. This little girl is a god, just let her grow a bit. The only things which will let you loose are crits and not guessing Houndoom's waking. Sorry for the long comment.
  11. The change was released alongside the first patch for the V13, luckily they changed the cap.
  12. I will test soon if it is possible, but I highly doubt it will be easy. Shadow Mewtwo is completely possible even in Normal, my Hariyama was its demise. Plus, the level cap is 25, not 20. 18/20 is before Venam, 25 is before Keta. Pangoro because it tanks Decimation, due to having 4x resistance and Decimation does not OHKO, for this I mentioned it because I saw people talking about it.
  13. Usually, I use Z for the ranks above the maximum rank, so...yeah, Z is the "Above the tier"
  14. I was travelling in the "depths" of community tier lists and I recently found out that there is a good number of possible tier lists even for Rejuvenation. "So..why not sharing my thoughts?", I thought. And I tried to make a tier list for Rejuv characters. Since the template was not completed, I couldn't put all of them, so please don't kill me if Kreiss and others are not here. And don't kill me for my opinions, I'm a good guy I can assure you. Jokes aside, I think I should start. No Opinions: characters I don't have much information to put in the tier list, since: Ana's quest is still going, 3 of the main characters I never used, despite Axel with OG design was my old favourite MC. D: Characters that I still can't figure how they work, like Reina...or I dislike. C: I don't mind, but...well...Nastasia is like a mysterious person to me, I hope there will be more...and I forgot about Amanda's existence before V12 and V13. B: Characters that I like, but sufficient. A: Good characters. Goomink is Goomink. S: Extremely good characters. Z: My favourites. Aevis is the best MC for me. Zetta and Keta are perfect. Crescent's mysterious past and story convinces me. Erin is Erin. Melia too. Amber convinced me much after saving her.
  15. No problems, the only thing is getting an EXTREMELY good RNG with Metronome (Hypnosis? Stun Spore + RNG in paralysis?) and Houndoom's AI reaction, since some moves can force Clear Smog or Nasty Plot, basically moves which can't OHKO Togepi. I missed V12 with Togepi being more bulky for this fight. Meanwhile, I have a theory that Yveltal with only Decimation not OHKO is made for lore purposes. After all, Yveltal's cocoon can be found in the basement of the Xen base ins Sheridian Wetlands with Dive...plus its appearence by Melanie...and the same mon...holds a Soul Stone. I have to control it myself, just to be sure at 100%.
  16. It seems like the punishment for great failure is the erase, like happened to the other Deathwing or to Tommen, who was protected by some "Garufan spell" in the Garufan place in Carotos. (Kinda ironic if it's true that he got cancelled by a Garufan spell after not being protected anymore by "another Garufan spell"). We can do the same if Sharon's speechs about the "Mark of Death" in every Xen member have some deep truth.
  17. Long ago, I tested the possible win and it seems like beating Sonia does not change anything, the story continues as if you lose to her, even if you win. No Karma Points or new dialogues (at least I think, since I don't remember if I tested in V12 or V13). These battles are made to let you loose 90% of the times or higher. However, some of these battles are fairly winnable and give Karma Points, Relationship points and different dialogues, like: Togepi vs Houndoom (in V12, Togepi with AP boost could survive at least one attack or forcing another Nasty Plot if I remember correctly, but it still requires luck) Vs Shadow Mewtwo (Actually, REALLY easy due to being a 2 vs 1 and Mewtwo hurts itself since first turn) Vs Madame X's Yveltal: in V13, it has only Decimation, which has + priority but no longer OHKO. What this mean? Destruction vs a bird who can block priority moves. Or Cursed Body ( laughing in Banette and Froslass ) + a tank like Bronzong. Or even Pangoro, but I never tested it. Just let it struggles against weaker Pokèmon. How funny.
  18. No no, it's correct: early V13.5 game contents will be playable in runs which you "completed" the game, until V14 will come out.
  19. I don't know if this already exists or it's not an original idea, but I wanted to give a try to this idea, after doing...."things" with some runs I have to do. Basically, my idea is to create a Mono Run with Pokèmon based on people and thing of the old "chivalrous world" (Knight, Dancer, Queen, ...), something based on the Middle Ages. Example: Restricted starters: Snivy Tepig Oshawott (based on French nobilty and eastern culture) Chespin Fennekin Froakie (based on RPG roles, Fennekin a bit more "fantasy", but since witches were myths, I putted it too) Rowlet (Litten is a wrestler, I think it's not something based on Middle Ages, Popplio is a bit confusing) Some other mons: Nidoking Nidoqueen Rapidash (horses, you know) Vespiqueen Mismagius Gallade Froslass Escavalier Accelgor Aegislash Tsareena ... Possible: Gardevoir Oricorio Lilligant Basically "Nobilty's dancers mons" Sableye (possible thiefs) ... It's just an idea and I putted some mons, after all.
  20. I suggest using Arcanine or Flygon, if you got it from the Mystery Egg. I got lucky and that mon helped me for Charlotte's entire team, with even Aggron by my side. Darmanitan is a problem with Rock Slide, pay attention. If you were lucky, I guess Tyrantrum and Archeops do their work, especially with one of her mons in particular, but I didn't test that.
  21. Despite I have already showed my team, my main run changed, so now these are. Just chilling, since V13 is completed: Charizard, my starter: Blaze, Charcoal Heat Wave Air Slash Reflect (don't ask how, but he can), it changes with Work Up. Will o' Wisp Gardevoir, great partner: Telepathy, Megastone Substitute / Thunder Wave Psychic Moonblast Calm Mind Milotic-Aevium: Merciless, Poison Barb Thunder Wave Toxic Poison Jab Play Rough Silvally: changes ROM, usually Dark, Fighting or Water Memory Multi-Attack Thunder-Wave Parting Shot Crunch Maw-Rotom: Levitate, Razor Claw Leaf Storm Thunderbolt Substitute Shadow Ball Zygarde-10%: Quick Claw Outrage Earthquake Dragon Dance Crunch / Substitute Bench: Crobat, Heracross, Spiritomb, Mawile, Tsareena, Glaceon, Bronzong and many others.
  22. If I have to be honest, there are so many good shinies there, like "broken-Bronzong", "Iron Man Zygarde" and "Mega Charizard but in base". For me, many ideas were so original and efficient, like the ones I'm using in my main run (favourite Gardevoir and Charizard tbh)
  23. No no, I mean...like 736 or something in speed is insane, it's like Regigigas goes mad again and towes again the continents like in its "dex description" lol, I dunno why I thought about it.
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