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  1. I DID IT! omg Im so dumb, I just had to talk to loudred first, so I wont sleep when jigglypuff sings, and that was it. Thank you :)
  2. I tried to put cyndaquil to use flamethrower, or the other pokemons who can use a move, but the guard always says "Hey leave the pokemon alone", and the pokemon wont do the attack. So I tried to use jigglypuff but the guard doesn´t go to sleep. (Also, I did rescue the day care from the warehouse) Idk what to do, Im trapped.
  3. I'm playing the spanish version (sorry if my english is not the best), and I cannot pass the blackstream factory puzzle. I saw a walkthrough and there the guy used a Ditto to solve the puzzle, BUT I dont know if its just that the spanish version doesnt have a ditto, or my file is wrong (?). I think a ditto is supposed to be in the top left corner cage, but there isn´t one, and I havent find a spanish walkthrough yet. I inserted a pic of where is supposed to be the ditto. Idk if I did something wrong:( Please help :(
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