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  1. Thank you for the help, I figured it out now :) I could've sworn there were police officers north of coral ward preventing me from going that way, but when I tried again today they were gone. I dunno what happened there but the issue is resolved now. Thanks :)
  2. I beat the first gym and got access to obsidia ward through the northeastern exit from peridot ward. I beat the scraggy gang and the Cain battle in berryl ward, but I can't figure out how to progress now. I looked at the walkthrough so I know I'm not just being dumb, I went all over the map multiple times and can't progress any further. I also cannot get the stufful despite having the first badge. It's trainer is giving me the same dialog as before I got the first badge. None of the other exits out of peridot ward are open and I don't have any HMs.
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