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  1. I'm not using wine, it runs from the app itself ! And I'm pretty sure that I didn't download the beta 18.4.3. By the way, I just noticed that there is already a topic for crashes on mac versions...sorry for that
  2. I expected that it would be something unusual and probably hard to fix, guess I was right. Here is the complete crash message :
  3. Hello people ! First message here, I would like to start by saying a huge bravo to all the team involved in this awesome project. Unfortunately, during my journey, I've encountered many crashes, especially around areas that are surrounded by mountains like Beryl Ward with the cemetery. After lot of tries, I could managed to go through this area, but right now I'm stuck at the Apophyll Beach and the game instantly crashes when I walk around the academy. It crashes so hard that it turn my computer off ! So right now, I won't go anywhere without your help guys ! Thanks for reading a
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