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  1. You know, I kind of did a bad thing to Amber when I battled her. Not only did I go in with a Swampert, but I also tanked her party to nerf her, and then just swept her. Honestly I felt like an asshole. She's really cool after she's done bein a megabitch. (I got done with the story for now and am looking back at my play and cleaning up side quests)
  2. yeah, you need to donate all the money to Maman. then talk to her and go downstairs from her room.
  3. A few questions, That house in zone zero that the player character remembers, anything to do with it? ANA's quest? how do I continue it, I won the cook off, and Narcissa's quest, I talked to young Narcy about Sirus. and what about that house south from the town in the dessert, I know its the same one from the prologue, also how do I get in lux apartments? I'm done with the story stuff for now and cleaning up the side quests I could put off.
  4. okay, never mind i am a moron. i didn't add the patch.
  5. still having issue in the pyramid. the patch ain't working and I'm getting upset.
  6. would, if my dumbass had a back up save for that file. and its probably to late to make one...its my main and has more than 100 hours on it.
  7. well my main file is garbage. it wont let me switch to Ren or Aelita to get through the pyramid. i changed the key binding 6 times and it just wont let me switch. it still sorts my bag, but its not giving me the switch menu anymore. ive decided to move to my secondary file and just power through and see if I have any better luck.
  8. okay, so I'm supposed to go to the scholar district, but they keep saying the same crap about power outages?
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