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  1. Name: Charlie Aurea Trainer class: Entropy angel Location: Aisle of fallen Angles Type: Fairy/ghost Badge: Angel badge Gym: takes place in a mansion. the puzzle is to have all the colored statue turn the exact same color (the colors are corresponding to each of the elemental typing and we'll have to turn them pink) by fighting trainers and getting to the switches they are blocking in each room. upon being the same color the statues will activate misty terrain and we'll have to go to gym leaders room now surrounded by mist. though you will fight on the bewitched wood field (it will make sense i promise) Team itself: Ribombee Chandelure Aegislash Clefable Froslass (with an enhanced sp.attack: 100) And a special variant of gardevoir (ghost/fairy) with a mega evolution. Gardevoir stats (mega evolved stats in bracket) Hp; 79 attack; 30 defence; 85 (95) sp.attack; 145 (185) sp.defence; 145 (185) speed; 110 Ability; misty surge (pixelate) Special move: Blessed Entropy (fairy) (a 80 bp move with 100 accuracy that has a chance to inflict paralysis) a fallen angel is portrayed as this entity who is rebelling against the system. the trope itself also can have different meanings like say: good--->bad or an edgy antihero type. i really am fascinated by Angels and Devils not religiously of course but as in how they originated and stuff like that. of course a fairy is perfect example of what an fallen angel is; while they're portrayed as innocent in popular media they're folklore cousins would like to differ, as they're origins are often gruesome and mischievous as opposed to helpful and kind the media portrays them to be and ofc i added ghost type to make them seem more evil. story: The Aurea family was an elite family living in aurora state on isle of fallen angels, they once consisted of Caroline Aurea; a famous doctor with a 99% success rate her husband William Aurea; the Administrator of the military department and they're only son Charlie Aurea. One day their house mysteriously burned down killing both of charlie's parents and leaving the boy orphaned. having lost everything the boy comes across a ralts who's parents were killed in a poaching spree, he takes it in as his first Pokemon relating to it on a personal level. little does he know the ralts is no ordinary ralts as it is a ghost/fairy type and is far more powerful than he could've imagined. after his 17th birthday he comes across another trainer, Dylan, after defeating his gyarados and evolving his ralts twice in battle he one shots all of dylan pokemon with his now gardevoir. the two become fast friends and the rest is history. the special gardevoir in question:
  2. This looks and sounds absolutely amazing. a few suggestions actually Totodile getting a secondary type Eg. Dark or dragon, corresponds with meganiums new typing though dragon is better since greninja already has the dark typing. lapras also needs an offensive buff (especially now that its sp.def is -25) adding those 25 points to its sp.attack will make a huge difference. delphox being able to learn some good coverage eg. energy ball or thunderbolt might be a good idea too. one more stupid thing i need to know is if you can make a version excluding the move changes specifically excluding the move powers since it seems like a difficult thing to relearn this has the potential to blow up, honestly sounds like an amazing gimmick mod to add difficulty and spice up the game. and gives the game a much needed cosmetic change.
  3. Honestly adding (mega) gardevoir to the team is an incredible choice, it literally sweeps everything with its MEGA coverage options and that incredible 125 (165) base special attack and that fairy/psychic type. honestly the only downside to it is the low defensive stats, other than that the speed and type is far superior to porygon-z and roserade. consider dropping mimikyu for gardevoir since you have 2 ghost types. my personal set for gardevoir is as follows: 252/31 special attack + 252/31 Speed. bred for modest/timid nature and perfect ivs Thunderbolt/mystical fire shadow ball/calm mind psychic moon blast @gardevoirite/life-orb/choice scarf (depends on whats available and what set you are running) i know you have built your final team but like gardevoir is just amazing and i wanted to post something about this hella underrated sweeper. see you at the final stop
  4. super excited to see hisuian zorua/zoroark and ursaluna in-game. one question though will the new forms have custom shinnies or will they have the same shinnies as thier main game counterpart? because either way i am super excited, because this time the shiny colors are actually good. one more thing since Ursaring's evolution requires a full moon to be active, will it be just changed to just leveling up at night?
  5. A bit more out there: Euphie in the void is secretly a deciphel for giritina and she and lin are destroying the world to overthrow arceus Euphie is radomus's first wife
  6. is that a meloetta i spot? oh and zapdos too
  7. Xara bela is the friend of risa raider, and appears through out the Chapter 15 (v13) puppet master arc.
  8. THANKS A LOT DUDE! i was genuinely scared i had messed up my game somehow
  9. Hey its me again lol, it won't work just to be clear i put both of the scripts in. i just wanted to ask if there are other files that go w/ these debug scripts because when i downloaded debug in normal reborn it had a lot more files (maps, dat, etc). if not then how do i trouble shoot this issue. i really want Dragapult but am here during the agate circus arc. Thanks a bunch!
  10. Erin's powered up look literally contrasts with Melia's in every single way and i think that's amazing
  11. hey so where do i start the monster house side quest is there a guide for this set of side quests (starting from new reborn). oh yes and where to put the debug menu script? thanks
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