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  1. mega Glalie's can be run as a mixed attacker or a physical attacker (for the purpose of this post i will highlight the following moves in thier respective sets purple for physical set and red for mixed) @life orb shadow ball or crunch (shadow ball because less types are resistant to ghost then dark) ice shard ice beam/return/hyper voice/body slam iron head and if possible explosion but his is not preferred as this Pokémon takes up your mega slot so why would you want to kill it EVs for mixed set sp.attack: 126 attack: 126 speed: 252 {neutral} EVs for physical set sp.attack: 252 speed: 252 {adamant +attack, -sp.attack} ps. its ok on the bulk side as well mega abomasnow suffers from a lot issues like a lot weaknesses a 4x weakness to fire
  2. imo you should use: glaceon with its crest because it has ice body for recovery, and resistances to rock and fighting crest and generally hits hard. not to mentions its weirdly bulky. oh and like the person above me said its a good mon to switch into alolan ninetales with aurora veil/ snow warning IS THE PICK for hail teams use that instead of abomasnow slush rush alolan sandslash is also an okay pick imo for the mega slot you should use something like mega aggron for bulky offensive, and mega galalie (refregirate) if these are available
  3. Vitus's gardevoir interrupted vivian's ritual hence the ritual being incomplete and having consequences such as reincarnation (and consequently vivan's madness) instead of a total sacrifice. and hazuki was manipulated by thomas which was also setup by vitus aswell
  4. that's one of the most coherent timelines i have seen so far. just one thing i think you meant that Nymeria sends her BODY to the future (as nim), the soul or consciousness is still roaming around with the thoughts of her own. one other important thing that i noticed was that Vitus somehow in his own way got rid of the protectors of aevium by turning them into thier alter egos or personalties Anju-->Angie (Vitus for some reason seems to liked her enough to infect her himself) became well Violent and self centered Hazuki-->Headmistress of nightmares got corrupt and greedy Vivian-->Vivians madness (Aelita and Taelia got infected) became violent and murderous so it only makes sense that Nymeria's alter ego is Nim (OR storm-9)
  5. yeah but still, wouldn't that mean that hazuki's isolation AND Nymeria turning into Nim happened at the same time? not to mention that ghost nymeria running around. also she calls out to us as well, which implies that we were with her at the time.
  6. So a while ago i was doing a nuzlocke run and want to give away some pokemon from it (aswell as my whole team since i finished the challenge and consequently my save file) these pokemon mostly include the flaw of not having the nature of my choice for example: i wanted modest togepi but i got timid, small things like that. plus my whole team as well since i don't need them anymore Pokémon include: venasaur chandelure absol togepi blastoise kirlia ferroseed and my teams ace: sillvaly plus a bunch more DM me if you are interested
  7. i have a docile chickorita i bred for my save file if you want that iv's are: HP: 21 Attack: 1 Defence: 19 Sp.attack: 30 Sp.defence: 31 Speed: 31 Dm me if you are interested !
  8. apparently they have found 'nihelgo's poison' and 'another unknown substance' in the residue that damien collected after the latest "angie episode", suggesting that angie (and by proxy nymeria, considering that at last only the two were fighting vitus) has a connection with storm-9 and nihelgo, idk about hazuki though so this seems highly plausible. + we don't really know what the storm-9 was exactly, was vitus responsible for it and did the storm only summon nihelgo and if so why? oh yeah one more thing nim screams "{mc} look out. huh where am i? hazuki, anju?" this tells us that hazuki at the time was with nymeria which contradicts what hazuki says during the school of nightmares arc. maybe she is another nymeria?, all of this with out mentioning the ghost nymeria running about giving people registeels
  9. just skimming through this thread, but to answer your question: it is not outright said but rather implied, the numbered doors in the wispy ruins hint towards this. important thing to note that while i was checking some other threads to find the exact quote one of them mentioned (or rather theorized) that its the giritina under the wispy lab and not the lord of the distortion world we know.... ALSO ALSO while we do get zygarde as a quest reward there are other legendaries tied to the mc in a more smooth way: may i present to you the intense mode battle with mc's clone, each of them uses a mythical that is better explained EDIT; just check the battles on the wiki
  10. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a great day 🙂🍰

    1. OrangeOrb


      thank you! i know its been a while but really thank you! 😄

    2. LykosHand


      That's ok don't worry!! And you're welcome 😄

  11. i am so excited for more aevian forms and v13 as a whole, if i had anything it would be i there are going to be more crests added to the game? because they really have been getting overshadowed as of late and thats sad because a lot of unviable pokemon (for eg: aurorus, rapidash (galarian form as well) and tropius really need crests due to to the increased difficulty of the game after v13 and for the fact that they look cool and have fun gimmicks. other than that good luck
  12. yeah but weren't e8 members chosen by celine? and she isn't exactly around anymore. of course there is a possibility that he met celine before but 1. he was a asshole before the school of nightmares arc and 2. he seems to be in his 17-20's at most
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