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  1. my save has been stuck like this for a while, my game crashed while the dialogue and its stuck like this.....help? is it corrupted or is it lost forever. if anybody knows how to fix this please help
  2. best thing to do with her is, that use her field against her, flamethrower and other fire beam attacks (mostly special attacks) are going to be reflected back with even more force so they'll basically cripple her team don't let anyone set up aurora veil as that would lead to hardships or if you want to do it with easy way you can just earthquake and bulldoze the thing and then use the fricken fire type infernape to basically destroy her whole team, emolga isn't going to do much with her team lol her aurorus and froslass are your biggest threats so make sure to get rid of them quickly....for me
  3. yeah i could give you my revived one....for your helix fossil....the thing is i also mined all my rocks as well (post city restoration and all that) so i have literally no way to obtain them lol
  4. as the title says i want a helix fossil not because i want to revive it...but because i want it to get the fossil in 7th street (and they won't notice you till you get a helix fossil in your bag) i have already revived mine as such i have no helix fossil left if someone can trade me one for the revived one it would be much appreciated otherwise i have a bunch of eeveelutions (sylveon, espeon, umbreon, vaporeon, flareon and jolteon) and an aegislash or two.....or i can just borrow it from you
  5. hey do you have a discord we could talk over? this thread is starting to be a lot longer than expected and i don't expect you to go to the forums everytime discord is a little more nice and portable for trading
  6. YES drowsee and koffing for trapinch and beldum this time you are going to send request and i am going to be on waiting, make sure you have good internet connection as i will too....let me quickly prepare koffing for you....ehh?
  7. hmmm...not sure where they are available but i certainly can hook u up with koffing....if you can tell me locations of tympole or dewweble as soon as I get out of agate circus i will give you....i have a smoochum btw if you want...it is non event.......what about drowzee? it is certainly rare (atleast for me it was)....if you want like a tympole or dewweble tell me the locations [:>
  8. i can give you any starter Pokémon in return (if you want them) since I don't think they available outside grand hall starters
  9. yeah i am availaible in about an hour btw do you have beldum (building a steel type team SO metagross is a must)
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