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  1. Thanks a lot! Yeah, after several runs, this time I used the debug mode and I made a mess using the option "fill bag". Now I can continue to destroy gym leaders with my Azumarill.
  2. Hi, while playing the game stops during the pre-battle dialogue in the house of Tanzan Cove. This happens with both game-z.exe and game.exe. Moreover, I've already tried with the backup files. I've attached an image of the exact point in which the game freezes. Thank you for your help! Game_3.rxdata
  3. Hello everyone, this is my first post on this forum. While playing, the game stops before the battle in the house of the Tanzan Cove. No errors are reported. The screen freezes during the pre-battle dialogue. The problem persists on both game-z.exe and game.exe. Could someone help me? Game_3.rxdata
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