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  1. Oh, yeah. I thought that was finished.
  2. Hello everyone. I'm making a Fan Game (Pokemon Revenge). I need someone skilled at spriting. I will credit you and include your OC as a character.
  3. Very important:

    I just beat Lin 1. Alolan Sandslash once again came in clutch. Lin 2 was more difficult, as I had to use my Rhyperior as a throwaway Pokemon. Lin 3 was easy. Swords dance 3 times on my Alolan Sandslash, then Iron Head while it was a Fairy type.

    1. Monochrome_Complex


      Congratulations! A-slash is an underrated hero you'd say? Seems like it was really good for your playthrough.

    2. Dark Warrior

      Dark Warrior

      Yeah, I had no idea it would be this good. I definitely recommend.

  4. I absolutely adore this picture


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    2. Dark Warrior

      Dark Warrior

      It may seem edgy, but Lin is my favorite character. After her, I would say Cal and Julia.

    3. Magus


      I like how she was added to the early game story, I remember when she was just introduced in EP 9 and she just came out of no where, and I really couldn't gage how much of a threat she was. But now she goes from low tier grunt to the top of the chain of command in just a few episodes . Makes the build up much better.

    4. Dark Warrior
  5. Th Elite 4 hasn't that hard, with my MVP. That would be Alolan Sandslash. Steel and Ice cover literally everyone besides Anna's Psychic Pokemon and El's Normal Pokemon, so all I need now is to fight Lin. I'm on the Lin Route btw. *Shudders*

    1. Dark Warrior

      Dark Warrior

      How did I design the perfect team for the hardest game?

  6. Well, I'm not done yet, but against Heather, Bennett and Laura and Elias, it was stronger than Arceus could ever dream of.
  7. Get yourself an Alolan Sandslash mate.
  8. Am I dreaming right now? Actually, maybe, because its 4:47 in the fucking morning...
  9. Exactly what the title suggests.
  10. Spoiler

    Soo, ummm, is Cain dead???


    1. Oscarus



      Well... It's hard to tell. 

      He was stuck in black hole, so... maybe~



      But don't worry, defeating him and completing Diancie Sidequest has him be brought to life



  11. My 6 Pokemon Reborn playthrough is going pretty well!

    Currently about to fight Terra! How oh how did I make it this far?

    1. Monochrome_Complex


      OOf Terra, she's one of the hardest leaders in nearly every playthrough for me. Her Garchomp is worse to deal with than Solaris' lol.

    2. Dark Warrior

      Dark Warrior

      Ikr? I hate Ground Types, because 3 of the Pokemon on my team can defend against them. Incineroar, Ampharos, and Rhyperior.

    3. Oscarus


      Don't you mean: "3 of the Pokemon on my team can't defend (or "are weak to") against them"?

  12. I believe its somewhere in Agate City?
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