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  1. I think its Desolaton, but im not sure. Might Rejuvenation
  2. A thought just crossed my mind. What if there will be a sequal to Reborn?

  3. Hey, thats not a very funny joke! But hey, I have a rhyme! Wanna hear? Roses are red, Violets are blue, and geuss what? Egzample is coming to you!
  4. anyone excited for BDSP and the all new Legends of Arceus?

  5. I shall grace you with my presence. Now, please welcome.... SILVER ANGELUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Umm i will dispute this. Fern is male. Lin is Female. Fern does not have a Hydreigon. Lin does. Now that i think about it, maybe I'm Lin because I have a Hyrdreigon......
  7. Hey everyone.

    1. Evi Crystal

      Evi Crystal

      Hello. How are you doing?🙂👋🏼

    2. Dark Eclipse

      Dark Eclipse

      Good thx hru?

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