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  1. PODWEPIRWETWLJREEKJRKJBSLDKHNFSDBNSD23423K4KJBEDFKJSDBHFH2O4I5U20349U90LKSJADFLA12K3J123H123 this is a repeated sequence in the binary code. will find some more hopefully edit 1: 2ASDALJHDQWOUOEIQYORQEBWENRLERY;LM;DFVM;ALSMC;ANSDLKBQWKJRVBWKETJHRPYFDGMNLKSDG repeats 4 times. 3 of those also have G90U
  2. could be the date for another hint
  3. i'm finding repeated sequences in the binary code. will keep you all updated
  4. i can read some stuff in the message > 09J0W23HY08923IOSHDASHDFNLKSJFGWEIHFPWIHFDLIFHSREJUVENATIONNRLKASNDLAVERSION13SJKDPOAUWQUR930U2034H3JRBK2J3BRFDWHEDF093Y2H0RH23NEKJ09128409182423JHB234HKNBASASD089ASFAKSDVAGUECLARITY "rejuvenation" "aversion" "vague clarity" this potentially isn't a cipher but there are words hidden there. wonder if there are more than those 4
  5. address codes mean nothing since they're autogenerated if you're still on the first page, it's not rejuv related (for now?) likely there's an edit in the sourcecode of the page (nothing of note, it's just telling you to avoid lurking there), doubt it's just a release date
  6. autogenerated by imgur, irrelevant
  7. ALMOST a caesar cipher, don't end up in the same trap as i did, though
  8. it's a cipher. your turn to figure it out there definitely isn't another password for the first page. steganography revealed nothing, i assume that if there's a third phase it's going to take place in another page we need to find from the second
  9. inspect element is irrelevant lol, even using source code doesnt help much
  10. a certain sashila village quest proves you wrong unfortunately (legend of the void iirc)
  11. red haired time traveler (still don't feel like calling her freya lol) didn't want the maiden of reincarnation dead, her objective was to open amethyst cave. all the actions after that were to fuck with keta's mind, but taelia wasn't being targeted by her
  12. (all considering intense + no items/set mode) lorna was disappointing, but my team did have a really good matchup vs her (also everyone says zetta+geara is the hardest but i found them to be very easy) ryland was hard because i had no true strat (then i 2 tried it with ditto) aod was the only fight which required cheese strats (destiny bond inkay), so i'd say it's the hardest (if i had misty terrain sylveon or something along those lines it could've been easier i guess) angie was also the hardest leader, again i didn't have any strat so that hurt me definitely
  13. 1 - mc is canonically around the age of 18. unless they became a champion at like 13 or something this theory doesn't hold up 2 - you'd expect someone from the league to take notice (yeah i suppose you can argue that more recent leaders wouldn't remember the mc but unless all leaders have been there for no more than a few years it's unlikely) 3 - wll shows that keta became a gym leader not too long before the mc arrives in sheridan for the first time (aelita looks the same age as she does in chapter 2), the league being established has been therefore a somewhat recent event
  14. > everyone wants old content > 65% new content
  15. doubt they knew that the mc was the interceptor also: based off WLL, taelia has a strong reaction to nihilego, claiming (either her or cera) that it was the thing she saw "that day" if "that day" is storm-9, does it mean nihilego caused s-9? in which case could the: - time traveling duo have been allied with indriad since then (in support of i forgot who's theory here) - time traveling "duo" have more people (so it's not red haired/kieran only, which could make sense since they're connected to ultra beasts) although i suppose a few questions turn up
  16. it's understandable. your original comment isn't wrong (anju was raising her family in kristiline), but she probably (surely actually) is tied to neverwinter too so no worries
  17. we've already been in kristiline lol, maybe neverwinter it's implied this is a location theme i believe, unless we're being misled anyways, maybe this is the theme for the structure where we're meant to find keta?
  18. maybe it's not my place to answer this but jan said in the ask questions thread that he'd add dlc mons eventually, whether in a v13 patch or in v14
  19. according to jan's tumblr it's unlikely, though he said it should be testplayed before the end of 2020, so we can expect it early 2021 i think
  20. oh theres a new layout

    dont rly like it but it's just not being used to it lol

  21. not the place for bug reporting but this is a common bug (the jewel of life one), there's a patch in the v12 download thread
  22. i think zygarde does make sense as the MC's legendary. given the interceptor works as a balancer of sorts when the world is in a dire situation, zygarde's dex entry is consistent with the role of the interceptor. if this is right, then we'd also have confirmation of the theory that nymiera and indriad's places in the world are respectively raw good and raw evil. also no need to worry about the melia joke, i just was overanalytical lol
  23. doubt the mc's gonna use it, remember that it's associated to nymiera (especially seeing as she's indriad's counterpart, who at the very least had control over yveltal, xerneas' counterpart) . either it's her or someone related to the garufa. likely not alexandra (already has latias, would be overkill for her to have 2 legendaries), which is why i'm guessing nymiera will still have it when she comes back (recall the "we'll meet when the obelisk rises again" comment). although, the question remains, what happened to her after the indriad raid? if she's still alive then she's probably gonna have
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