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  1. I think you’ll have to go to kristiline museum to interact with Reina first, if I’m not mistaken
  2. There’s one in zone zero (after u beat ryland/flora, iirc), one is underwater at route 6. The last one is still unavailable, I think it should be from wandering trainer novae.
  3. Xatu would be very helpful as it knows air slash which is powered up by the field. You can catch a natu at amethyst cave
  4. The door to the building is locked, so I can’t access the gym at all
  5. But IIRC this happens after the quest starts right? I’m starting to think that it’s a bug
  6. But so far I can’t access the mirror because her gym is locked…did I get what you meant?
  7. I already have 14 badges desperately need the department store stamp
  8. Hi, so if I’m not mistaken, we need to start narcissa’s quest from her gym, where we solve the puzzle and the Mew appears. However the gym is always locked and I don’t know how to open the door. Is there something I have missed? I have unlocked all 9 of the chambers in wispy ruins, according to someone online, but it still doesn’t work for me. My save file is an old one from v12, if this helps. Thanks in advance :)
  9. If your meowstic is male, prankster + dual screens and misty terrain might be useful for gym battles (especially Charlotte IMO)
  10. Hi, I’m not sure has this been posted before, but I just wanted to share something I found quite interesting in the game. So in Hiyoshi City, when you’re controlling Ren, you could actually get his Pokémon into your PC. Although there was a guy blocking the PC the whole time (while you’re using Ren), but you could catch some random Pokémon in the wild, and then you can keep the caught Pokémon in your party and send Ren’s Pokémon into your PC, which will permanently be yours to use. I’m not sure was this intended by the devs or it was a bug, anyway I managed to get his Greninja for myself XD
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