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  1. i have since beaten that gym and am currently trying to beat Teka & ZEL in the double battle with them in the Beryl Ward, it is a true nightmare, but i'll problably beat them later today
  2. What is UP people! I usually go by the name Grunter on the web. I started playing Pokemon Reborn recently, after watching part of Tyranitar Tube's let's play of it, and ended up on this forum via the wiki. I am a guy who likes me some Pokemon Rom hacks, and play them every once in a while. I am a pretty nice guy, who likes to be active on platforms such as Discord and Twitter, and takes a liking to learning more about the games I'm playing by reading articles on wiki's for it. My hobbies are watching anime, and playing video games, and I recently started reading manga on a regular basis.Well that's about enough from me I think. At the moment I'm STRUGGLING with Florinia's gym, so imma get back on that. I'll CATCH y'all laterrrrr!!!
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