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  1. Great advice! Never really have been good at colour theory myself. The sprite of yours looks extremely official! Nothing in particular I could think about to improve it imo. A lot of hard work would be an understatement lol, it's been over a month now since I started spriting for this character alone, have definitely learned a lot since!
  2. Update 4: Drastically improved vs sprite and trainer sprite! Credit to @scrub on Rebornevo discord for the suggestions and edit to the visor on the sprite below: Before After Also if you haven't noticed I've created a avatar and channel art based on this, as I'll be uploading reborn/rejuvenation/other fangame content within a few weeks!
  3. Spoilers for early game (Act 1, before Terajuma Island) inbound! Pirates of the Caribbean theme blasts loudly in the background
  4. You'll be facing a multitude of gym leaders while cut off from a bunch of key areas... If I'm not mistaken you should have access to Lapis Ward "Sweet Scent" Flower Shop by now with all the kinds of Seeds that boost in battle. Stock up on these, I managed to make due myself without them, but they can save you a monumental amount of pain in these upcoming gym battles.
  5. Comrades! I come with more quality content Rejuvenation memz! Not really a spoiler imo but just a fair warning it's a scene from V11-V12 so (spoilers)...
  6. I can finally meme, and meme I shall! (very early game spoilers) https://imgur.com/a/0mlSXNJ Downsizing it to the required file size would have produced so much .jpeg Geara would be claustrophobic
  7. By Arceus, Mew and Lord Helix this is phenomenal! Glad to be of inspiration! (Context: I'm SinnohianGible, renamed to my character Backbone). Like seriously, I only made one frame for the backsprite as I thought it would be hard to make the throw sprites but you did it seamlessly. That and the custom pokemon sprites to match Autumn! Hopefully this inspires other people to do the same! Here's the sprites that inspired rosaheart below for reference:
  8. Can't necessarily add much as you pretty much nail my thoughts on this game! Angie, Crawli and even Souta required a lot of team changes myself ;/ The art is phenomenal btw! I'd love some suggestions on shading like that if you wanted to as I'm a novice... Btw if you wanted more of Aelita's arc I would suggest checking out "Where love lies" which is basically a prequel to her arc following her family while you wait for V13. Just finished it myself!
  9. Hello there! "Formal" introductions I guess... Greetings all! I am the creator of The Backbone of Interpol and simply known as Backbone! So, who are you? I come in peace from Canada, a first year uni student hoping to make a fine addition to community. I cannot stress out how shocking it was for me to discover about a year ago that full on custom fangames even existed, especially that of Rejuvenation's and Reborn's calibre nor are getting the proper attention it deserves! Everything from field effects, crests, 18 gyms, more intense difficulty and a focus on a largely coherent story. That's probably not even half of it but I believe you understand by now where I am coming from... Hoping to pursue a technology related university degree and likely some tech firm job, interests are pretty broad: programming languages like C++/java, PC Building, UI, 2D/3D digital art and design. Outside of that and Athletics such as Hockey, retro games and lots of banter are some of my pastimes. Sucker for Marvel/Star Wars with a tinge of Pacific Rim1 on the side and more. Anything you're responsible for? Only thing (yet) would be the story of a character I am hoping to potentially build a comic around: The "Backbone" of the International Police or simply referred to by the codename of Backbone. It would in theory elaborate on something mostly shrouded in mystery in Pokemon: The International Police, famous members being Looker, Anabel and (former) Nanu. To flesh out the organization, to give more feasibility to why "kids" have saved a few regions or sometimes the whole world with there being only 1-2 agents seen on the case (i.e. Sinnoh, Unova, Kalos, Alola and even Kanto). In short, infighting inside Interpol (International Police) broke out due to lackluster action taken to deal with the evil Team's, Cult's and other criminal organization, this would mark a separation between the more traditional and militant members of Interpol. These more militaristic members would form the Backbones, think of vigilantes similar to that of "The Masked Children" from the Pokemon manga but "usually" recruited through more humane means like adoption as they still had a moral code, though was in a way flawed. "The Backbone" would be the 15th recruit and sole survivor after a deliberate cave in, who would reluctantly having little means to rebuild what was lost, would work for the International Police out of necessity. The International Police is known to be more of a agent-like force with the likes of Looker and Anabel, though the proposal was with no international military and crisis left and right would be that (many years later), "The Backbone" would be tasked with finding a solution to the more "international-scale" threats, such as Cyrus of Team Galactic and way later on threats similar to Lin/MadameX and their teams Meteor/Xen. This would be done through assembling the Army of Bone, a mobile legion worth of armed agents would basically swarm team installations one at a time. If you had to choose one of your posts as your way to introduce yourself, which would it be? Nothing yet, I hope to update this soon with one. What can I talk to you about? Very open to generally anything, be it your interests or recent news or your questions if I believe I could be of assistance. Closing Statements? You survived reading this? Big respect! Aside from that, I hope to help grow this community and hopefully be here to see the day it gets the semblance of recognition it deserves! These fangames are phenomenal and this passionate and kind community is equally so! I hope you are staying happy, healthy and safe in these trying times! Thank you for your time, Backbone out! - Backbone
  10. Update 3: The summary sheet The camo on the mugshot I think could use some work, but considering it was an attempt of a original character from scratch with little knowledge on pixel art I'm pretty happy with this. I hope this inspires more creative work in this community. Please feel free to use this as a reference, though crediting me would be appreciated The on/off is for the lighting on the visor meant for stealth/vision If you are confused on what this is, you could consider it to be a sifi knight/samurai hybrid suit because plot armour is overrated, also so you could wrestle a Machamp or tank a Rock Slide if need be
  11. Here are some of the .pdn files for reference as requested:

    By far the trainer card sprite was the longest to make as you had to think of the design, but after that most didn't take long 🙂

    Also, if you're wondering why there are only 1-2 references under each sprite, they are the main concept while I had many other sprites also open in new paint documents to use as references to pick colors and so forth. Hope this helps!



    vsBackbone.pdn Back.pdn

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    2. RosaHeart


      yeah it said it wasn't a proper bitmap or something.

    3. Backbone


      Apologies then, I’ll get back to you as soon as I can with a solution but it may take some time. 🙂

    4. RosaHeart


      is no prob. been trying my hand at editing walk sprites for character using the same character the trainer sprite based off of. It's been....slow going lol.

  12. For the creation process, there's this one that I found created by Light-Fox that seemed to be the easiest for me to understand and basically covers all of the fundamentals: In my case, had about 4 reference sprites for poses and after that had to do almost all of the "editing" part by hand using a concept photo which happens to be my profile picture as a reference, mostly because my "character" is basically all armored and no sprites existed that are remotely similar! Yay! Will also send a few of the .pdn files that can be opened w/ paint.net, though I will warn you the layers are very unorganized so the guide will be more helpful
  13. Thanks! Your sprite seems most impressive as well! It took way longer than it should've as I had to make the armor/helmet from scratch, but surprisingly was able to do it all with just paint.net and can share the .pdn if you wanted to see the process for yourself. Update 2: Retextured a Volcarona sprite and edited my walk sprite so it would be riding the back of it (to resemble something like Lin on Hydreigon) to use as a Bike/Surf sprite but found out that like Ridley from Smash Bros (before Smash Ultimate) it's too big so I had to scale it down to 50% to get it to work. It looks hilarious though! Also here's some screenshots of the sprites in Reborn/Rejuvenation. Will make summary sheet next. Volcarona mount regular size, had to scale it down 50% as it was about 20% too big to fit over the bike sprite and any bigger would distort the image. Should make a video sometime to show how hilarious it is to speed around on a 50% size sprite! Backbone takes on the task of dealing with Team Meteor so Looker could take a vacation for the first time in years! Victoria wants to battle someone wearing 250lbs of metal! Youngster Joey wants to know your location!
  14. Update 1: Finished trainer v.s mugshot & back sprite, just leaving the Overworld sprites: Run, Bike, Surf, Fishing & Fishing while Surfing
  15. That is true, was just trying to share if it helps that when I went through that gym despite the x4 weakness I had a sturdy graveler that was surprisingly invaluable despite such weaknesses. As for status, there is that risk but can pay off though its more of a desperate, unreliable last resort. There's always Telluric Seeds and Prankster Murkrow which would likely work much better.
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