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  1. @The Fangame Connoisseur Oh, thank you. I found it on zerochan.net. And it was originally a much bigger picture, I just made it smaller. Here's a link to the original: https://www.zerochan.net/2040828 It's just as lovely.
  2. Here's a link; Also if you look under Developing Games on the main page and click on Pokemon Rejuvenation, you can find the link there.
  3. Oh, thank you. I'm glad you liked it. ^-^ Next chapter she's going to meet all three rivals. So, it's going to be a lot longer then the first. (I'll probably have it in two parts to shorten it.)
  4. Well, after two rewrites and almost a whole two months of planning and stress. It's finally here! The prologue. Yay! ......Ok, I won't lie - I'm kind of disappointed with myself. I shouldn't have worried and stressed over this as much as I did. Because writing fanfiction is suppose to be fun and there is a reason why they say you should write at your best. My feelings really effected how this turned out. So, I'm sorry if the prologue is bad. Hopefully I won't have as much trouble with the rest of the story. Also I hope it didn't effect Melanie's character. Part 1: A Rocky Start Prologue I awoke from my nap to the sound and feel of bumpy train tracks. With the train itself being extremely musty. I was a bit surprised that I got any sleep because of the smell. But the night before I got little to no sleep at all. Me being too worried about the trip to Reborn City I would be taking the next day. And...just like that, I started to worry again. What was Reborn going to be like? Was it all just urban areas? What were the people going to be like? Heck, what were the Pokémon going to be like? Is it going to be anything like Sinnoh? I shook my head. Maybe...I just needed some fresh air. I mean, the train was kind of stuffy. So, I stood up to open the window. Using the sleeves of my jacket to not hurt my palms as I did so. Just now realizing that we were in a desert, because of the hot air hitting my face. ‘That’s great.’ I thought. But then, I noticed something, much worse...a dog-like Pokémon with white fur and a large horn staring at me. “Is...is that an Absol?” “Um..excuse me? Next please.” I heard someone say behind me. Startled, I jumped back into my seat. I looked up to see who it was, now embarrassed. To see a woman with snow white hair looking back at me, with an almost amused look on her face and a clipboard in her hand. “Oh, sorry about that,” she snorted. “I didn’t mean to startle you.” “I-it’s ok. But what do you mean, 'it’s my turn'?” I asked, hoping that it wasn’t about my Boarding Ticket, as I had misplaced it. I was never good with these things… “Do you mind if I take a seat first?” I was relieved hearing that. But also curious, what did she want to talk about? “No, I don’t mind at all.” After my answer, she sat down in the set in front of me. “Well, first off. I’m Ame the manager of the Reborn League. Second, I’m coming back from some business out of town, so I figured I might as well get a head start on everyone’s registrations.” she explained. “Were you also going to sign up for it? It would be great if so.” “I…” The truth was I was going to say no. I already went through a League before, it being the Sinnoh League. One of the hardest ones in the world, and I failed. So I had no intention of trying another one. But after seeing the passion in Ame’s eyes, I started to worry if I said no. “I guess so.” “Excellent!” she said with glee. “I’m glad to finally get this thing off the ground again.” ‘Again? What happened to the last one?’ I thought, getting more and more nervous every minute. “The truth is,” Ame said with a more serious tone. “After the incident a few years ago, the whole region was almost completely abandoned...even by the Pokémon.” But after seeing my worried expression, she lightened up. “But don’t let that worry you! It may not be the ideal place, but our Gyms Leaders are like nothing you’ve seen before, and I think you’ll find Reborn to be a Region like no other too!” Now it did start to interest me more than worry me. I wondered what the Gyms would be like. How many Gyms would there be? Would there be eight or more? Gosh I hope not, I could hardly handle eight. Oh! Would there be a Fairy Gym? “Now that that’s settled, can I see your boarding ticket please?” ‘Crap.’ Now, I was back to worrying. I looked frantically around myself and in my purse for the ticket. Feeling the tension in the air, as both Ame and I started getting really nervous. Finally, I could feel something italic between my fingers in my purse and pulled it out - it being my ticket. There was a heavy sigh of relief from both of us. Hoping that it had no scratches on it, I handed my Boarding Ticket to Ame. “Hmm...Melanie Collins,” she mumbled, why writing it down on her clipboard. “Okay, I got you down.” She handed my ticket back to me. I put it back in my purse, glad that I wouldn't have to worry about it anymore. “Ok! We’re almost to Grand Station, so after we disembark, just follow me to the Grand Hall. There, I’ll give you a starter Pokémon to really kick off your adventure in Reborn. Sound good?” “Yeah, it does.” I answered, smiling. But for real this time. I wonder what Pokémon they have as starters? I already knew which one I was wanting to choose. But I didn’t know if they would have it or not. “Good, then if you’ll --,” Ame stopped, looking at something behind me with a very worrisome look on her face. “Um…” I then looked to see what it was; now terrified, because I could feel a presence watching me. Only to see that nothing was there. “Something’s not right...Shouldn’t we be decelerating already?” I looked back at her. ‘Wait, we’re supposed to be slowing down?’ Then everything started going just as fast as the train was. Ame yelled something to me...but I didn’t hear what it was, before I was thrown out the window - with the sound of shattering glass and an explosion echoing through my ears. What happened? Character Ratings
  5. Uhh...the truth is I don't have that much. I deleted the three chapters I did have, because I wasn't happy with them. So now all I have is the prologue, which I'm unsure if I should even post yet. But, thank you. I'm still a bit worried, but what you said is reassuring. ^-^
  6. I'm going to be writing and posting my Reborn one first. So I hope this doesn't become a problem. I don't want people to lose interest... Oh, I haven't heard of that one before. I'll have to look into it, when I have the time. Because I'm still trying to get caught up with a couple of other written runs. Why trying to get my own ready to post.
  7. This is actually one of the reasons I thought about waiting for V13. I don't want to start posting the fanfic, only to have to go back and rewrite the whole thing because I got something wrong. There's just so many mysterys, that hopefully will be answered. I however, will still be making some changing to the story. I want to add something to Rejuvenation, not just tell the same story that the game is telling. And as I have seen people love it when there's changes or additions to the story. Also I indeed have some things I already know I want to change. Like Melia's character and that the MC never seems to get close to anyone. Of course I won't get into anymore details, as I don't want to give spoilers. But I will say it has to do with Crescent.
  8. Actually, no I haven't. x-x Do you remember what version it is by any chance? Maybe that will help me find it easier.
  9. My computer can't handle OBS for some reason. It keeps on saying encoder overload, I tried messing with the settings and nothing worked. So I was wanting to uninstall it and try the other two you suggested to me. But I can't, every time I try to uninstall it, it crashes and says this: I don't know if anyone knows how to fix this - but if you do, the help will be very appreciated.
  10. I was thinking about making my Reborn fanfic a storyrun of the game, and recording the battles. Since I can't write fight scenes for the life of me. The only thing is I need a screen recorder. So I was wanting to know what is the best one to use. What one do you guys use? I'm sorry, if I posted this topic in the wrong place.
  11. Is no one gonna talk about how Saki's is all glitchy?
  12. Before I started writing on my Rejuv fanfiction, I had a couple questions. I thought I would just group them all together. So I would have so many different topics on the same thing.
  13. Welp. Time for me to make a twitter. 'Cause this is getting interesting. But this sense of dread is overwhelming.
  14. @Candy @Q-Jei I was actually thinking about writing a fanfiction for both Reborn and Rejuvenation already. 'Cause I found that there is an extreme lacking amount for Rejuv, especially on here. (I only found one so far and it wasn't continued.) I just don't want them to sound too similar. I was wanting them to be their own thing. So if I have to, I don't mind rewriting what I already wrote. because i haven't even started posting anything yet. I just hope you all don't mind waiting longer...
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