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  1. At this point, I think I'm just stupid. So I have this file somehow full of corrupt data that used to contain my chapter, right? 


    So, I overwrite the garbage incomprehensible data and start re-writing the chapter in this very file. Saving it several times, every couple of sentences. Perfect, right? Nothing can go wrong?  


    Well, turns out that the file was so broken that even saving the file with new data in it ended up corrupting that data.  


    What a shocking twist absolutely anybody could have predicted. 




    At least, little was lost this time. I made sure to delete that file and make a new one, and I ascertained that the save worked. 


    And tomorrow, I'll start again. 


    Hopefully I won’t merely fail better

    On a happier note, there are 40/65 legendaries done and Rejuv is 97 percent on dev blog. I know these figures are more like guidelines, but still – progress is helpful to see when one is lagging! 

    1. Candy


      Oof sorry to hear that. I'm always so bummed out when I lose data, especially when it's writing-related because I can't always find the best-fitting phrasing during the rewrite 😅

    2. Mindlack


      It's the first time I really lose so much writing-related data, but that is the feeling I have. Though I write a lot in a "whatever comes to mind" way, so my phrasing is probably pretty random each time. Since I hardly ever like it (although I don't usually know very well why), I guess it's a way to reroll the chapter.  

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