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Status Updates posted by Mindlack

  1. The last chapter of The Odd One Out's second year of existence has been released. It is entitled Pentest: can you guess what it is about?

  2. The Odd One Out has a new chapter ! It has all the right things: math, homebrew crypto for the silliest reasons, a curse of sorts and a debatable fashion sense. What else could one possibly want? 

  3. Chapter 57 - Psy Ops of The Odd One Out is now online!

    No one is safe. Everyone is playing Mind Games

  4. The Odd One Out has (at last?) been updated! The new chapter is here.

    Its title is "Business as Usual". I think it speaks for itself, especially considering what chapter 55 was. 

  5. Hey! I hope you're doing well.


    Here are some news about The Odd One Out -- I know I haven't posted a chapter in a while, and I'm amazed at the continuous growth in views, thank you to everyone who reads: 


    I finally managed to complete my first draft of chapters 56-61, thus finishing the Tanzan story arc. I still need to do a lot of editing before releasing the next chapter, but I think I've done a huge part of the work already and I wanted to write this little tidbit because I felt that was a minor milestone worth a minor celebration (much of it is because writing still feels hard these days. I don't know why). 


    What does this arc consist in, you might ask?

    Well, here are a few (willingly vague) highlights:



    0) There is a lot of text. 


    1) There is another not-quite-small plot deviation.


    2) We can focus on characters that are awesome, yet who only have some select cutscene powers in game. 


    3) An offhand comment from a year ago gets (finally) justified!


    4) Gabriel mentions math again and there's lots of pointless namedropping!


    5) Gabriel gets some new mons!


    6) The death count gets incremented because I grinded too recklessly against the Greninja Trainer in the Grand Hall.


    7) Reborn's very own Villain Sue, aka Lin, makes their entrance... 


  6. I swear to Indriad, this is the last time I open to a delivery employee at 1 in the morning.

    If that weirdo wants their toy this badly, they'll just have to be on time like everyone else. 


    More seriously though (especially since I am still probably not starting playing Rejuv this version because I still am a coward) I'll give some news about The Odd One Out: I think I'm done with the draft for chapter 55.


    I don't know if I'll have the courage to rework it. It was a very hard chapter to write, and I can only say I finished because I transferred some of the difficulties to chapter 56. Because I really need a better idea of what happens next, I may delay uploading chapter 55 until I finish drafts for chapters 56 (very likely), 57 (likely) and perhaps 58 (not sure). 


    It certainly frustrates me to no end to feel so stuck on the story these days. I really hope it's just a phase...

  7. O Muse, please sing a writer’s frightful woes:

    His mind and limb become his dreaded foes.

    His hand is limp before the empty sheet

    That stalls his thoughts and makes his drive retreat. 

    … okay, that wasn’t very good poetry. Perhaps it might not be too terrible an idea to actually read some before I attempt something like that again. 


    In everyday speak: chapter 55 isn’t out yet and I’m frustrated that it takes such a long time. And I worry about not getting the tone right. It’s not even like there’s going to be anything very important in it! 

    (there used to be, but then it would have been too long). 

    And of course, I have but the faintest notion of what happens next… 

  8. My Reborn story has a new chapter! We're temporarily letting go of all the action, and come back to good old self-reflection... and a mystery character shows an unexpected side. 



  9. My Reborn story has been updated! 

    For better or for worse, the Yureyu sequence is over...


    how safe is everyone? Read it to find out!



  10. I just realized that currently, the parts of my fanfiction that come easiest to write aren't the action parts, or the times when someone is having fun. It's more when everyone self-reflects (negatively) and when Breaking Speeches are delivered to my own protagonist (sometimes by himself). I know that happiness in stories is supposed to be boring, but I'm still pretty sure something isn't quite right.


    I mean, Gabriel was supposed to hate himself this much at some point, just some thirty chapters later

  11. Remember how everything was going... not very well in the past few episodes? Your anxiety can recede – it finally gets better. Or does it? 

    The Odd One Out has a new chapter. 




  12. After a little nap, the Yureyu rescue operation moves on! 

    The Odd One Out has a new chapter. 

    Someone you probably don't like very much gets a little comeuppance. One has to take one’s wins wherever one can.

  13. At this point, I think I'm just stupid. So I have this file somehow full of corrupt data that used to contain my chapter, right? 


    So, I overwrite the garbage incomprehensible data and start re-writing the chapter in this very file. Saving it several times, every couple of sentences. Perfect, right? Nothing can go wrong?  


    Well, turns out that the file was so broken that even saving the file with new data in it ended up corrupting that data.  


    What a shocking twist absolutely anybody could have predicted. 




    At least, little was lost this time. I made sure to delete that file and make a new one, and I ascertained that the save worked. 


    And tomorrow, I'll start again. 


    Hopefully I won’t merely fail better

    On a happier note, there are 40/65 legendaries done and Rejuv is 97 percent on dev blog. I know these figures are more like guidelines, but still – progress is helpful to see when one is lagging! 

    1. Candy


      Oof sorry to hear that. I'm always so bummed out when I lose data, especially when it's writing-related because I can't always find the best-fitting phrasing during the rewrite 😅

    2. Mindlack


      It's the first time I really lose so much writing-related data, but that is the feeling I have. Though I write a lot in a "whatever comes to mind" way, so my phrasing is probably pretty random each time. Since I hardly ever like it (although I don't usually know very well why), I guess it's a way to reroll the chapter.  

  14. My computer is getting old, I’m afraid. It has crashed a few times recently.
    But today, it apparently corrupted the entire text of a quite long chapter. 

    Fortunately, I remember what was there, but I won’t post chapter 51 (seemingly intact) until I’ve rewritten chapter 52 (which should be in a few days), and maybe 53 too, since I’m not sure exactly how the next plot events should happen. I can only ask for your patience. 

    Here’s hoping this isn’t going to happen again – but I’m afraid that’s wishful thinking. I will make backups, though. 

    I hope you’re doing well. 

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. RoySolare


      Don’t lose your hope, now. 😠

      Even if you have problems with that, you shouldn’t give up. I’m sure that everything will be OK. 🙂


    3. Mindlack


      Thank you @RoyChaos and @Evi Crystal for your kind words! 

      I’m ranting about this because I’m not too thrilled to write the chapter again (even though there’s advice somewhere on Writing.SE to write the second draft from memory only, as a way to at least sometimes improve on the first one). And because it will be somewhat long and a little stressful to replace this computer and set the new one up correctly. And because it’s related to how the story gets published. 

      But I’m not losing confidence (let alone hope) and I’m definitely not giving up because of this. One way or another, it will be sorted out. And there are still a few surprises I haven’t sprung on you yet^^


      It’s a funny thing about computer issues – you don’t realize how pervasive and annoying they are until you have some. Changing a saved file, wiping the data contained inside? No recovery possible? I know that if someone had told me a week ago that their computer did that, I would have been skeptical.

      Re writing and posting on smartphone: that’s a possibility I didn’t think of. But I’m not very comfortable with that, mostly because I don’t find it very convenient – how do you manage it, Evi? (also, I forgot – how are your computer issues now?) But it’s worth keeping in mind. 

    4. Evi Crystal

      Evi Crystal

      @Mindlack In my case that's the way around with yours. I'm more comfortable writing with my smartphone is because I could always do it in anytime, when I'm not at home and I'm used to this more than my computer. Also I'm using the Samsung Nots App for these drafts or writing them on paper for sure📝📲


      You can try this out; that's my recommendation for you🤗😁


      As for my issue with the latter, I have mentioned it before in a post: It still is functional, but I have to be more cautions now, because that's the 3 or 5 virus now (don't clearly remember sadly) and I have transferred most of my data in my USB stick. Looks like I have a sturdy one (pun here lol) due to still being functional for another 3-4 years.




  15. My story, The Odd One Out, has a new chapter! 

    Cain and Gabriel team up to retrieve the children abducted by Team Meteor, but... there's a little twist. Can you guess it? 

    This little story arc took me ages to manage, so I hope you'll like it! 

  16. As promised in a previous announcement, The Odd One Out has a new chapter, and that's the Aya battle! 


    Will Gabriel manage to get the Badge and hence the right to Strength? Or is Aya's self-deprecation a show? Did the author manage to lose to Fern? 


    You'll find all the answers there: 



  17. So, you may have been wondering why the latest chapter from my story dates back to over two weeks now, and why I have so shamelessly failed to keep my schedule. 


    I have two reasons (and yes, the fact that I'm speaking of it now means that there should be a chapter this week-end or early next week). 


    The first one is the Aya battle. Basically, I don't have too good an answer for it and I'm a little bit dreading it. I guess I want to keep my death count as is.  


    The second one is the Yureyu rescue. That thing was difficult to write and grew so massive that I'm unsure how that won't dwarf the next action sequences. But the first draft is over (although it will not be a cakewalk to think and write my way through the fallout). At least, I hope that you'll appreciate the spin I've chosen to put on it. What I'm going for should already be apparent in the upcoming chapter, but of course it'll get clearer afterwards.  

  18. Not sure how useful it is to point it out here a day after the update, but my Reborn story has a new chapter! 

    It's about garbage, metaphors, an imminent Gym battle, garbage, another round of metaphors and just a little more garbage!


    Chapter 48: Wastelands


    "Victory wasn't mine to decide. It never had been."

  19. There's a new chapter to my Reborn Story! 

    Gabriel's living nightmare goes on... why would I ever want to stop it?



  20. Quote

    so we shaved off 28.5k lines of code from the ai so far.

    we don't know if it works yet!

    but we hope it does.

    I think that I had to do some major debugging after each time I thought something like this (for far, far less elaborate programs than the Reborn AI). 

    So either I’m underestimating the devs’ coding skills by a lot – or they’re trying to punish themselves...


    You do know that you’re great persons and that nothing you ever did could make you deserve this Sisyphus-scaled punishment, right? 


    1. Dark Eclipse

      Dark Eclipse

      you know code? lucky. Ive been planning a pokemon game for a year now and then realized i didnt know how to code, lol

    2. Mindlack


      To be honest, I’m only comfortable with the “logic and only logic” part of code, and not that much advanced at that.

      The math curriculum in high school required a cursory introduction to code. I did a little bit of CS afterwards (not my main focus though), so I ended up doing stuff that was more involved logically speaking. 

      So yes, I know some code, but not as much or the right kind for a “real-world” project (say, a video game, or even some “presentable” software).

      I’m certain there are many online courses and tutorials to help you learn to code for a game. 

  21. My Reborn story, The Odd One Out, is back from a three-month hiatus! 


    Perhaps I should have waited a bit more, to get a better idea of what I'd be putting in Part 3. But I didn't want to. 


    Here's the link to the new chapter, the first one of Part Three (Mind Games): 


  22. Little Odd One Out update: the hiatus is extended. I probably won't publish any new chapter before mid-March.


    Study stuff is a bit tense now -- who would have guessed that procrastinating was only a temporary solution?


    Still, given the view counter of the thread, it seems that you (or some of you) are still reading the story, and that's great! 


    Anyway, I guess I also wanted to share that I've finished the first draft of the first chapter of Part Three. I'm not quite satisfied of it for now, but I'll let it rest for a while -- Gabriel's subconscious really, really disturbs me. 

  23. Small Odd One Out update: the hiatus is definitely going to be a long one. I don’t expect to update anything before a month at least, perhaps even two. There’s work I have to go on procrastinating actually do, that sort of thing.


    Also, I’m kind of stuck figuring out character motivations because at least a few points make very little sense. I’m not going to go into detail because spoilers. 

    Here I just want to share my frustration with a certain underground event which I can’t imagine consistently.


    The first point is that there’s a big plot hole I don’t know how to avoid.

    The second point is that if I ignore it (after all, there are plenty of characters who do weird stuff for unfathomable motives, right?), I only managed to make up a few scenarios, none of them satisfactory. 

    Scenario 1 is boring and also undoubtedly artificial.
    Scenario 2 is... rather gross and doesn’t really solve the conflict. 
    Scenario 3 is clever but somewhat naive, compared to what the parties involved are.
    Scenario 4 is more realistic than scenario 3 but much edgier, quite disturbing, and I’m not sure how the good guys get out.
    Scenario 5 is my only idea of resolution but feels completely like a deus ex machina and nullifies the conflict. 

    I’m trying to find scenario 6 which will solve this little riddle, because 6 is a perfect number, right? 

    1. Mindlack


      Right... I may have found a solution to that little problem. It’s disturbing, ludicrous, very stupid, and probably just a tiny bit of “informed brilliance”? I really, really hope it’ll actually make sense. Not that there aren’t going to be some serious issues before that scene... 

  24. The second part of The Odd One Out is now fully online. 


    There are many drawbacks to trying to be Sherlock Holmes. Some are obvious -- but one which isn't often thought of is that you need a very particular kind of enemy to pull it off. 

  25. They're outnumbered, outprepared, thoroughly outmatched. And yet they must not lose. 

    How can you fight so strong an enemy?


    The Odd One Out has a new chapter. 


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