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  1. Mystery egg Is decided at the beginning of the game you can get larvesta later tho
  2. All you have to do is rename the unbreakable.exe to game.exe and it works
  3. I found a softlock. When you go into the police station with Miles the officer jenny event works fine but whMiles tries to leave the building the game crashes
  4. Hello starry Here I am Lets see if Q-Jei will come here again
  5. I don't know if this was intentional or not but I asked the registration lady for a froakie and got a bulbasaur Okay it seems that you get bulbasaur if you ask for any starter
  6. Soft reset hit by hitting f12 and you should be good
  7. You have to get to Celia City before you can start the quest specifically Celia North
  8. I'm not ame Maybe starry knight will drop by
  9. There are 2 issues with us the player being the interceptor. First if we were controlling the characters that means at some point we would need to control adrest or axel because they were also interceptors The second issue with us being the interceptor is that when we the player inhabit the mind of another character there is a specific goal we are trying to reach in advance like trying to learn about the interceptor as melia or helping anastasia as ren. When we inhabit other minds we don't have as much control over there actions or how they behave like we do with the mc
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    Banned for using tiny font in your post
  11. I'm the space behind the kitten I want to see a zorua
  12. Display name


    Banned for NOT complaining about it
  13. Nope I'm not a mega Lets see a mega mew
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