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  1. "Protagonist can talk" for Pokemon Rejuvenation. Here's the scene during Blacksteeple Castle where Ren appears to join Team Xen and the new character :

    Madame X : Hmph, very well then. But know this, betray me and that marks the end of your pitiful existence.

    Or even worse...


    Someone's coming with Neved. (Playing music : One Piece - Katakuri Theme (HQ Cover))


    ??? : What do you desire for?

    Neved : What's the problem?

    Ren : Oh, god! Who's this guy?!

    Madame X : My faithful Team Xen second-in-command, Trezavo. He was the best solder in the military until he went far to brutalize over 413 people and murdering 114 of them, leading to his own arrest. He's the feral incarnate, enjoying beatdown with anyone who have failed me as I order to.

    Trezavo : Can you let me beat this wimp old jerk?! He has to feel the gruesome pain of his own failure!

    Neved : Ah! Madame X! Don't!

    Madame X : ...

    Do it what you care! He deserves it!

    Neved : No! Anything but that!

    Trezavo : It's "BLOODY TIME"!



    Trezavo is beating Neved mercilessly for 1 hour and half.


    Nastasia : Madame X! Are you serious?!

    Madame X : Make no mistake. Next time, failure will have bad consequences.

    I hope you understand the situation. That includes you, Nastasia.

    Ren : Don't worry, that won't happen.

    Nastasia : Great. If that's all, we'll begin our way to the Shadow HQ to retrieve the data we lost on Carotos.


    Note : There it is. During "Protagonist can talk" for Pokemon Rejuvenation, I can tell the characters I mentioned here. About Trezavo, his team has mono pseudo legendary Dragon team with his ace : Hisuian Goodra.

    As for Tenebris, she's an 14 year old girl who lives in darkness. Uses team of fast Dark types as being the Dark type Reserve Leader with her own ace Sharpedo. Her personality is timid as Shelly but she's quite dangerous as Elias during her battle.

    At last, ET2000B is Steel type Reserve Leader. It's a robot who has the highest IQ and being the sane one, unlike the human Saki. Its skills, strategies and intelligence exceeds Saki's, causing her to have sheer jealousy towards the robot. Yet, it has Steel type team that are blade based, instead of technology based, with its ace : Augmented Bisharp.

    That's all I have to tell you. See you tomorrow.

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