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  1. For the fan of water type, here’s the video :



  2. I did the quiz in Pokemon Reborn and here's the result of my type : Ice/Fire type.

    1. Oscarus


      Talk about contrasts. 

    2. SolareSupremo


      It's the same type as Zen Mode Galarian Darmanitan.

    3. Oscarus


      I know. But still contrasts 

  3. "Protagonist can talk" for Pokemon Desolation. Here's the scene, this time with Sienna, about the girl in a wheelchair :

    Sienna : Oh! Hello, little girl! What are you doing?!

    Little girl in wheelchair : Ahh! A trainer coming to talk to me?

    What a pleasant surprise.

    Would you be willing to hear a story?

    Sienna : If you say so, then go ahead.

    Little girl in wheelchair : Oh! You would?!

    Well here, let me get started.

    Once there was an old tribe. The tribe was powerful, and fought bravely with sword and shield in hand.

    But of course, as the world evolved and Pokemon came to be tamed, the tribe put down their sword and shield.

    Some could not follow this idea, and tried to find a way to continue using their sword and shield in battle.

    This group broke off from the original tribe, and hence called themselves the "Hand of Arceus".

    Sienna : Wow! Well, that's quite the strange story you're telling that up. Such relevance.

    Little girl in wheelchair : Strange story, huh?

    What relevance does this story have?

    Sienna : I have questions. Who are you and what are you doing here?

    Little girl in wheelchair : Well, by heritance, I am member of the Hand.

    And by tradition, I have a task to carry out.

    I must travel around Ayrith with a ceremonial dagger and record my travels.

    The dagger is one that has been handed down for many generations, sharing in the spirit of its owner's travels.

    Sienna : Are you sure you can complete the task by making your journey alone?

    Little girl in wheelchair : I want to make this journey so dearly... but...

    As you can see, I can't.

    Being stuck in wheelchair... I can't do a thing. I need someone who can.

    Sienna : Thought so.

    Little girl in wheelchair : I pulled you aside because you looked strong. You look like a traveller.

    Sienna : Honestly, I'm not so physically strong but you do have a point. I've been traveling along with my friends.

    Yet, that's really weird for you to ask someone new.

    Little girl in wheelchair : I know, to someone new, this must sound so bizzare...

    But please, give me a hand.

    You look like you can take the dagger and fulfill my duty in my stead.

    Will you, can you?

    Sienna : Count on me. I can help you since you're in poor state.

    Little girl in wheelchair : Amazing!

    Oh, trainer! I'm so happy! I hope we get along!

    Introductions, of course!

    My name is Serenity... and yours?

    Sienna : My name is Sienna.

    Serenity Sienna! What a lovely name!

    I hope it's fun working with you, Sienna!

    Sienna : Me, too!

    Serenity : Here, take the dagger!


    Serenity gave Ceremonial Dagger to Sienna.


    Serenity : I'll need to know that you really went to these locations, so here's a camera, too.


    Serenity gave Camera to Sienna.


    Serenity : This will allow you to take pictures at each landmark.

    Sienna : I get it.

    Serenity : Okay... we'll do this in parts.

    I'll write down the locations I need in my journal.

    Once you visit one of these locations, bring me the picture!

    I'll write about it in my journal!

    Good luck, friend!

    Sienna : I promise. I won't let you down.


    Sienna left.


    Sienna : Sorry, guys. You must continue your journey without me.


    Note : I wonder what kind of event that leads to. Maybe it foreshadows something. Well, see you next time.

  4. "Protagonist can talk" for Pokemon Rejuvenation. Here's the scene during Blacksteeple Castle where Ren appears to join Team Xen and the new character :

    Madame X : Hmph, very well then. But know this, betray me and that marks the end of your pitiful existence.

    Or even worse...


    Someone's coming with Neved. (Playing music : One Piece - Katakuri Theme (HQ Cover))


    ??? : What do you desire for?

    Neved : What's the problem?

    Ren : Oh, god! Who's this guy?!

    Madame X : My faithful Team Xen second-in-command, Trezavo. He was the best solder in the military until he went far to brutalize over 413 people and murdering 114 of them, leading to his own arrest. He's the feral incarnate, enjoying beatdown with anyone who have failed me as I order to.

    Trezavo : Can you let me beat this wimp old jerk?! He has to feel the gruesome pain of his own failure!

    Neved : Ah! Madame X! Don't!

    Madame X : ...

    Do it what you care! He deserves it!

    Neved : No! Anything but that!

    Trezavo : It's "BLOODY TIME"!



    Trezavo is beating Neved mercilessly for 1 hour and half.


    Nastasia : Madame X! Are you serious?!

    Madame X : Make no mistake. Next time, failure will have bad consequences.

    I hope you understand the situation. That includes you, Nastasia.

    Ren : Don't worry, that won't happen.

    Nastasia : Great. If that's all, we'll begin our way to the Shadow HQ to retrieve the data we lost on Carotos.


    Note : There it is. During "Protagonist can talk" for Pokemon Rejuvenation, I can tell the characters I mentioned here. About Trezavo, his team has mono pseudo legendary Dragon team with his ace : Hisuian Goodra.

    As for Tenebris, she's an 14 year old girl who lives in darkness. Uses team of fast Dark types as being the Dark type Reserve Leader with her own ace Sharpedo. Her personality is timid as Shelly but she's quite dangerous as Elias during her battle.

    At last, ET2000B is Steel type Reserve Leader. It's a robot who has the highest IQ and being the sane one, unlike the human Saki. Its skills, strategies and intelligence exceeds Saki's, causing her to have sheer jealousy towards the robot. Yet, it has Steel type team that are blade based, instead of technology based, with its ace : Augmented Bisharp.

    That's all I have to tell you. See you tomorrow.

  5. Hi, everyone. I want to tell you that I have to stop playing Pokemon Xenoverse. Why? Here :


    The moment when I tried to encounter the Vintage Pokemon in Mt. Starburst, the game crashed when the encounter activated, leading to have error message. Maybe it has something to do with Vintage Pokemon encounter (or I don't know) which that dissapoints me a lot. Well, that didn't happen in case of Bomseaker. But still, I feel like my pride got hurt. It's like being insulted about 1000 times. Well, I don't care about other errors because they don't interrupt my time of encountering any Pokemon. But this error message got my goal shattered. I'm sorry, everyone. I really wasted my time for nothing. Damn! Just my luck...! 😖


  6. If you want to be early for watching the direct video, here's the link :


  7. I have bad news and good news :



    Bad news is there's a change of plan of delay.

    Good news is that delayed only about 1 hour later.

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    2. Dark Warrior

      Dark Warrior

      Can't wait.

    3. SolareSupremo


      To be honest, I have both Vintage Dragonite and Vintage Tyranitar registered in my Vintagedex.

    4. Anime


      That's a lot of vintage

  8. "Protagonist can talk" for Pokemon Desolation. After Chad's Eevee, who evolved into Flareon, defeated Ambipom owned by the ghost that looks like Shiv (or so I think), it dissapeared and Chad moved forward. Then, for the first time, that's how he met Aipom :

    Chad : What in the world is Aipom doing here?

    Why it's alone here in this cave?


    Chad comes near Aipom.


    Chad Hey, little buddy. Do you have family?

    Aipom : Ai! Aipom! Aipom!


    Aipom charges at Chad with enjoyment.


    Chad : Oh! Hahahahahaha! You're tickling me!

    Aipom : Aipom! Aipom!


    Aipom moves out and wants to show all 4 moves.

    It uses Fake Out at first, then Agility.

    But at the moment, it used Rock Blast and Bullet Seed which it throws always 5 times in a row.


    Chad : Wow. You're not just an ordinary Pokemon. You can do the impossibility.

    Having used first Rock Blast and then Bullet Seed 5 times in a row, that really makes your ability be Skill Link.

    Aipom : Aipom! Aipom! Aipom!

    Chad : So you want to come with me.

    Come in!


    Chad throws a Pokeball to Aipom.


    Aipom : Aipom!!!


    Aipom jumps and enters inside the Pokeball, being caught easily.


    Chad : That's good to have you here!


    Chad releases Aipom.


    Aipom : AIPOM!

    Chad : By quite the chance, you look just like another Aipom owned by Shiv.


    Mentioning another Aipom causes this Aipom to be annoyed.


    Aipom : Ai! Ai!

    Chad : What? You don't like Shiv?

    Aipom : Aipom?

    Chad : Oh! It's because you and another Aipom were rivals before Shiv caught it.


    Aipom nods.


    Chad So you want me to train you. Is that right?


    Aipom nods again.


    Chad : Then how about learning Double Hit.

    Aipom : AIPOM?!


    Aipom looks determined after hearing that.


    Chad : So this is the path you choose. You want to be yourself, not following the same path like your rival.

    Then I guess I will teach Double Hit to you. Let's go!

    Aipom : Aipom! Aipom! Aipom! Aipom!


    Note : That's it for now. Now, I realize that I want for Pokemon Desolation the move Tail Slap being learnable via TM. See you next time.

  9. "Protagonist can talk" for Pokemon Rejuvenation. After Aevia defeats the Reserve Leader Aya in Neo East Gearen Gym for the badge, here's where Aya will tell about what happened to Reborn Region :

    Aya : Ah, well. You win some, you lose some. I'm okay with losing now.

    I know I've improved. Hardy would be here to encourage me not to give up.

    Aevia : I can feel he would be proud of you for your performance.

    Aya : Stop. You're embarassing me.

    I used to live off that reassurance, but I think I'm okay.

    Here. Take the badge and TM102 Poison Sweep.


    Aevia got PoisonHeart Badge and TM102 Poison Sweep.


    Aya So, um, thanks for all that. You can go now.

    Aevia : Sure. Thank you, too.


    Then Aevia left the arena but Aya forgot to say something so she wanted to appear.


    Aya : Wait, Aevia!

    Aevia : What is it?!

    Aya : I almost forgot to tell you something.

    The people down at the Parks and Recreation Center actually replied to us.

    Adrienn still finds the response very strange, though.

    According to xem, the response sounded like an automated message.

    Which, technically, by Gearen City law...

    That's not so allowed.

    Aevia : If Alain were in my place, they would say that the rules must be screwed.

    Aya : Given her reaction, that's not really surprising.

    What I'm trying to say is that we're planning on going there sometime soon.

    Aevia : When will you be ready?!

    Aya When? Dunno, you'll have to come back later and see how things go.

    Until then, thanks for everything.

    Aevia : You, too.

    Aya : ...

    I want to tell you about what happened to that boy.

    Aevia : What is it? Is there something so serious?

    Aya : I'll tell you but I won't repeat myself.

    It's about what happened in Reborn Region.

    Aevia : If you don't want to, then don't. I'm not going to force you.

    Aya : But I must.


    Aevis appeared.


    Aevis : Hi. I can tell that you really did battle Aya and got the badge.

    Aevia : Thanks. I did my best to defeat her.

    Aya : Aevis. Perfect timing.

    Since you're here, I'll tell you, too.

    Aevis : I heard that. But go on.

    Aya : Here's the moment about what happened :

    "It's about my old friend with Blaziken who became the champion of Reborn Region.

    He really was a man of justice, willing to risk his life for the future of the region. He really solved every problems about the tragedy that turned into madness, saved the life of the people and defeated the villains. But...

    I was told that during time he managed to defeat Arc-Pulse, when he really saved their loved ones, he paid a heavy price.

    He sacrificed his own personality for his own friends. His own self.

    The champion of Reborn Region currently became emotionless and mute. He doesn't react no matter what we do to cheer him up.

    We made some jokes on him but he didn't react.

    We wanted to say something humiliating to him but he didn't react.

    We yelled at him but he didn't react.

    We wanted to comfort him but didn't react.

    Even now, he doesn't feel any sadness, rage, hatred, happiness, cheerfulness and love.

    He acts like the fate of world is in his hands. He only obeys under his own will to protect the region and us, too.

    He doesn't think for himself. He acts like a robot.

    That's when his own Pokemons came to understand his order to battle without talk because they want to share the same pain as he did.

    That's was quite a shock but quite depressing to us. I didn't want for him to deserve to be this way. Everyone feels the same as I am, too.

    We were so helpless for him because many things won't make him come back to his senses.

    Still, he's determined to protect the people of the region, no matter what happens."

    That's all I have to...


    Then Aya realized that Aevia is crying because of the story.


    Aevia 😢

    Aevis : Oh, poor him.

    Aya : That's why it's up to you to make him return to his old self.

    Please. Promise me. We don't want to let him suffer any further because of his own guilty complex.

    If Ame were to be still here...

    Aevis : We'll find out. Don't worry.

    Aevia : *Sob* You can count on us.

    Aya : Thank you and I'm sorry.


    Then Aya left.


    Note : Sorry for being late. That was long. I hope you enjoyed reading. See you tomorrow.

    1. Oscarus


      Ay... I'd cry too, if my dear friend lost their emotions completely as well


  10. Happy birthday, Dark Warrior. Best friend of the day.

    1. Dark Warrior

      Dark Warrior


    2. SolareSupremo


      You're welcome.

  11. Happy birthday, Q-Jei! We can share joyness with you!

    1. Q-Jei


      Thank you SolarSupremo! I’ve recently taken some days off for the occasion. This will surely be a beautiful moment to share! I wish you the same ☺️

    2. SolareSupremo


      You’re welcome and thank you too so much!

  12. It depends on karma in our reality for any scripts.
  13. 1 Nice job, Amethyst the magnificent
  14. I drawed myself this for the first time. But I'm not proud of myself with the result. I'm not good. Here :
  15. Oscarus. You know why I'm not playing Pokemon Reborn E19 :


    I have unfinished business with Pokemon Xenoverse about catching Vintage Pokemons and Pass 4 will appear very soon. Good thing, other players can do the test about if there's many bugs and crashes in Pokemon Reborn because I don't want to be a victim of that case.


    1. Oscarus


      That makes sense. 

      But why are you saying this "specifically to me" and not overall?

    2. SolareSupremo


      Because you would be disappointed if you realized that I didn't restart because I never tried playing this version. Plus, I posted few weeks ago about this.

    3. Oscarus


      No, I wouldn't be. Unlike the rest of my family, I am actually more understanding, as I, myself, have a lot on my head and such. Plus I like to see both the sides of the argument, not just the one that I agree with. 

  16. For fans of Jessie and James, here's another one :



  17. I was thinking of a new move :


    Pendulum Action


    Category : Status


    Effect : Pendulum becomes only a different damaging move that depending on the learnable damaging moves that are stocked in this move. 

    For example :

    - When a Pokemon learn its move, the player can choose many damaging learnable moves but only one per type.

    - Choosing a move depends between user's attacks stats/opponent's defenses stats, high base power and type effectiveness :

    Like when the opponent is Pyschic/Dark type, this move becomes the chosen Bug type move if it has one. Otherwise, it's highest base power that matters. Yet, if every moves have the same base power, only base stats matters.

    - Status moves and priority moves can't be chosen to be used.

    - If Pokemon has Protean/Libero ability, the type defense has priorities over type offense :

    If the oppenent is Psychic/Fairy type, when choosing between the moves Iron Head or Gunk Shot, it's Iron Head who has the upper hand to Gunk Shot.

    - Pendulum Action has minimum of stocked 2 moves.


    Learnset : Only starters can learn this move by Move Tutor.

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    2. SolareSupremo


      But even so, I wish it was real. Besides, only starters can learn it.

    3. Dark Warrior

      Dark Warrior

      Sounds like a Z Move.

    4. SolareSupremo


      If they were to use Z-Move, Pendulum Action would act just like Metronome but using only chosen damaging Z-Moves.

  18. If Sakitron beats Amandabot, that scene in Eclysia Pyramid happens. If not, this chance is missed.
  19. "Protagonist can talk" for Pokemon Desolation. Here's the scene in Majira's rest where Sena is near the gate while Diego is reading the stone tablet :

    Diego : So here's the stone tablet. Maybe, I must read it.

    It says :

    "To enter, a ranger must gather five keys from places most dear to me.

    Hidden in the wild, or maybe at my very own dooestep?

    Only a true ranger can see."

    True ranger? What does that mean?




    Diego went to the door.


    Sena : Diego... this is it.

    This really is Majira's Rest.

    Diego : Wow. So, it is true. I had no idea why.

    Sena : Let me explain.

    Majira was the first Ranger. He was in charge of the Blackview Base, until it got overrun.

    Diego : Oh, man. What happened after this?

    Sena : Majira kept all his treasures stored inside the vault and told us that upon his death, it would be free for whoever could find it...

    Diego : What kind of these treasures are being held?

    Sena The treasures?

    Some speak of powerful objects, others say he stored powerful Pokemon here.

    But no one knows for sure.

    Diego : Why not?

    Sena : Because no one could find the vault...

    Diego : Oh, dear. That was unfortunate.

    Sena : But now... we've found it. We're the first.

    Diego : Good thing I helped you find it.

    Sena : No. It's not a big deal but thanks.

    We need to report this back to Elliot immediately. Get to the boat, quick.

    Diego : As you wish.


    Then they left quickly to the boat.


    Note : In next weekend, I need to rest. So, I won't do "Protagonist can talk". See you next time. And thank you for being patient during almost 2 weeks.

  20. Happy birthday, Angelkitsune. How are you? How do you feel?

    1. Angelkitsune


      Aye, feel very tired from a work and stress from the looming presence of my assignment deadline but I'm doing fine, thank you for asking :D hope you are doing well.

  21. "Protagonist can talk" for Pokemon Rejuvenation. Here's the scene in Zone Zero where Ren is feeling kinda weird :

    Ren : I feel... kinda weird.

    ¿Ustedes? Como si me sintiera extremadamente raro. No se. Qué pasa...

    Aelita : Um... What?

    Aevia : He said about how he feels extremely weird. He doesn't know how. And what about... Like that.

    Ren : ¿Qué quieres decir? Lo que sea, debemos continuar de todos modos.

    Aelita : Ren. We can't understand you...

    Aevia : He said : "What do you mean what? Whatever, we should continue anyway."

    Aelita : It sounds like you're speaking a different language or something! But how come do you understand, Aevia?

    Aevia : Aevis acted like a teacher to me. He taught me every languages while I had freetime.

    Aelita : Oh, nice anticipation! We should thank him when we find him!

    Ren : Oh, por el amor de... ¡Nim hizo que mi habla fallara! Estoy hablando Español?

    Aevia : He said : "Oh, for the love of... Nim caused my speech to malfunction! I'm talking Spanish?

    Aelita : Maybe we should turn back and go see Nastasia. She could probably repair you!

    Ren : ¡No tenemos ese tipo de tiempo! Está bien, puedo repararme solo si podemos encontrar un Centro Pokémon.

    Aevia : He said : "We don't have that kind of time! It's fine, I can repair myself if we can find a Pokémon Center."

    Aelita : Oh, of course! That's better idea. But how can we find Pokemon Center in this abandoned town covered by sand?

    Nevermind! Let's do that then! Find a PokeCenter for Ren!

    Aevia. You know what to do.

    Aevia : Understood!

    Aelita : Everyone, move out!


    As they move out, Ren stops and thanks Aevia.


    Ren : ¡Gracias, Aevia! ¡Realmente me ayudas mucho! ¡Espero poder pagarte por lo que hiciste! ¡Y Aevis también! (Translate : Thanks, Aevia! You really help me so much! I hope I can repay you for what you did! And Aevis, too!)

    Aevia : You're welcome, anytime!


    Note : I wanted this dialogue to be hilarious. Don't blame me for that. Good thing I put the way the protagonist translates. Otherwise, you wouldn't understand anything about what the dialogue says. See you tomorrow.

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