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  1. Here's the return of "What if" music for Pokemon Rejuvenation. After what I posted about protagonist dark self several weeks ago (I don't need to count how many weeks), it's decided what happens if they battle their dark selves. For administrators and moderators, if that concerns you, as I said a long time ago that it's hypothetical. Understand? Well, time for themes :


    Dark Aevia battle :



    Dark Axel battle :



    Dark Ariana battle :



    Dark Alain battle :



    Dark Ana battle :



    Dark Aero battle :



    Dark Aevis battle :



    Note : Enjoy the music. See you next time.

  2. Here's the second part of Ultra Ego. Before that, here's another explaination. Ultra Ego Pokemon can inherit Abilities depending from the same species of the family, even in regional forms (only not counting from Egg Group).

    -> About Ego type's battle properties :

    - Defense :

    Damaged normally by : None

    Weak to : Instinct, Ego

    Immune to : Normal, Psychic, Fighting, Ghost

    Resistant to : Other types


    - Offense :

    Effective : Other types

    Super effective : Normal, Ghost, Dragon, Ego, Instinct

    Less effective : None

    Ineffective : None


    -> About its effect :

    Gains highest base stats by three stages every time they get hit by a contact move. Has 30% chance to enter Hyper Mode (It won’t hurt the user, but forces the user to use a move different than those of trainer’s orders like a wild Pokemon). But Hyper Mode can be lifted by doing the same thing as before.


    Here comes the other ones :

    Ultra Ego Bouffalant


    Type : Normal/Ego


    Ability : As One (Reckless, Sap Sipper and Soundproof)


    Base stats :

    HP : 95

    Attack : 260

    Defense : 170

    Sp. Attack : 90

    Sp. Defense : 170

    Speed : 215

    Total : 1000


    Normal type signature move : Head Impact :

    Category : Physical

    PP : 5 (Max 8)

    Power : 180

    Accuracy : 80

    Effect : The user attacks the target with power of headbutt beyond limits. The user receives recoil damage equal to 1/2 of the damage done to the target but the user's Attack stat rises drastically each time the move KO the target.


    Pokedex entry : Once Bouffalants pass into this stage, there's no turning back to their old personality. They become less agressive but more arrogant. Nobody will know the reason of their behaviour. They get their afro grow bigger, covering their eyes as they can't see and ears as they can't hear anything. But they can sense the movements of their opponents only because they can only see their own energy of the potential. Being hit by Bouffalant's powerful headbutt is a death wish.



    Ultra Ego Swellow


    Type : Flying/Ego


    Ability : As One (Guts and Scrappy)


    Base stats :

    HP : 60

    Attack : 180

    Defense : 100

    Sp. Attack : 160

    Sp. Defense : 100

    Speed : 400

    Total : 1000


    Flying type signature move : Aerial Facade :

    Category : Physical

    PP : 10 (Max 16)

    Power : 90

    Accuracy : 100

    Effect : Its base power doubles if the user is poisoned, paralyzed, or burned.


    Pokedex entry : Due to Ultra Instinct and Ultra Ego, there was a fight between group of Staraptors and group of Swellows. They battled each other during 3 years without any victor. Comparing to Swellow's red aura and Staraptor's blue aura, Swellow can power up its body during its extreme condition to strike the opponents with its speed faster than light.



    Ultra Ego Tyrogue


    Type : Fighting/Ego


    Ability : As One (Guts, Steadfast, Vital Spirit, Limber, Reckless, Unburden, Keen Eye, Iron Fist, Inner Focus, Intimidate and Technician)


    Base stats :

    HP : 35

    Attack : 270

    Defense : 270

    Sp. Attack : 35

    Sp. Defense : 110

    Speed : 280

    Total : 1000


    Fighting type signature moves :

    Over Drain Punch :

    Category : Physical

    PP : 5 (Max 8)

    Power : 120

    Accuracy : 100

    Effect : A vicious energy-draining punch. The user's HP is restored by half the damage taken by the target.


    Over Jump Kick :

    Category : Physical

    PP : 5 (Max 8)

    Power : 160

    Accuracy : 90

    Effect : The target is attacked with a leg kick from a jump. If it misses, the user is hurt instead.


    Berserker Strike :

    Category : Physical

    PP : 5 (Max 8)

    Power : 30

    Accuracy : 90

    Effect : A consecutive three-strikes attack that doubles the power if the user is poisoned, paralyzed or burned.


    Pokedex entry : Tyrogue has found its own way to become stronger without relying in any evolutions. After several decades of training, it's able to master the arts of Hitmons. Therefore, it's now respected by Hitmons for acheiving a level that neither any of them couldn't perform such a feat. Ultra Ego Tyrogue's resolution is to protect the Hitmons, even if it costs its own life or lifespan.


    Note : Well, that's what it happens. I hope you liked it. I will be here also tomorrow to post something. See ya!

  3. The progress has leveled up. This is a big start for V13.5.
  4. About Hisuian forms and evolutions, I think they come from the very past. Maybe they can be caught or evolve only in the past. But I respect your decision. Ignoring the first one about what I said, about changes in Terajuma Island, they look quite stunning. I can't wait to see what happens next.
  5. RoySolare

    e19 when

    Very cool about Vero's design. I like it. I have faith for the future.
  6. Here's for 3 first Ultra Ego Pokemons :

    Ultra Ego Male Salandit


    Type : Fire/Ego


    Ability : As One (Corrosion and Oblivious)


    Base stats :

    HP : 48

    Attack : 240

    Defense : 116

    Sp. Attack : 240

    Sp. Defense : 116

    Speed : 240

    Total : 1000


    Fire type signature move : Venom Burn :

    Category : Depends between Atk stats and Sp. Attack stats.

    PP : 5 (Max 8)

    Power : 100

    Accuracy : 100

    Effect This move inflicts Attack or Sp. Atk damage, whichever stat is higher for the user. Has 50% chance to badly poison and 50% chance to burn the target.


    Pokedex entry : Due to their ego influence, many male Salandits have their body transform into the body of the real dragon, becoming so much powerful as hell. As a result, they passed to the stage of rebellion against the female ones who can't go Ultra Ego and even Salazzles, because of their jealousy towards superiority. When male Salandits gets charged with their purple flames, they can move into hyper speeds which can destroy even an entire region if they wanted or they can control those purple flames to hit the opponents without hesitation. That's why somewhere in region so far away, it's forbidden for trainers to enter without permission and female ones are more encounterable than male ones.



    Ultra Ego Wishiwashi


    Type : Water/Ego


    Ability : Schooling


    Base stats (Solo Form) :

    HP : 45

    Attack : 95

    Defense : 95

    Sp. Attack : 95

    Sp. Defense : 95

    Speed : 135

    Total : 560


    Base stats (School Form) :

    HP : 45

    Attack : 205

    Defense : 205

    Sp. Attack : 205

    Sp. Defense : 205

    Speed : 135

    Total : 1000


    Water type signature moves :

    Multi Water Pulse :

    Category : Special

    PP : 10 (Max 16)

    Power : 15

    Accuracy : 95

    Effect : The user hits the target with water pulses two to five times in a row when in Solo form, but six to ten in a row when in School form. This move has 10% chance of confusing the target.


    Hydro Impulse :

    Category : Physical

    PP : 5 (Max 8)

    Power : 100

    Accuracy : 100

    Effect : The user charges with a giant aura of water smashing to the target. Has 10% chance of flinching the target.


    Pokedex entry :

    Solo Form Its body and its eyes became crimson like Wishiwashi has mutated itself like to a demon fish. It's acting so strong like a regular rare Pokemon. It can call its friends for help to transform into a bigger form of abomination. Once Wishiwashi mutates, so its friends does.


    School Form : That's the true appearance of crimson demon fish. Its eyes looks more monstrous than its regular self has. Once the target is exposed, Wishiwashi will chase without stopping and will devour it.



    Ultra Ego Amoonguss


    Type : Grass/Ego


    Ability : As One (Effect Spore and Regenerator)


    Base stats :

    HP : 114

    Attack : 150

    Defense : 250

    Sp. Attack : 150

    Sp. Defense : 250

    Speed : 86

    Total : 1000


    Grass type signature move : Master Spore :

    Category : Status

    PP : 10 (Max 16)

    Power : -

    Accuracy : 100

    Effect : The user scatters bursts of spores that induce burn, freeze, paralysis, bad poison or sleep. It also has 10% chance to induce curse to the target. Then it switches with a party Pokemon.


    Pokedex entry : Its thanks to Ultra Ego that Amoonguss is able to fool people and Pokemons by using the mushroom that has the Master Ball design in its head. It causes every victims to be caught by status condition. Be careful not to mess with it! Otherwise its anger will cause to use a sinister spore to inflict curse as a punishment to them.


    Note : That's all I can do. How's your life? I have to tell you that this day is my brother's anniversary. See you tomorrow.

    1. Evi Crystal

      Evi Crystal

      I'm doing fine these days and to say, that are some neat concepts you made for these Pokemon💖👍🏼

    2. RoySolare


      Edit: I changed HP with other stats in order to have a fair balance.

  7. Hi! Tomorrow, there will be informations about Ultra Ego Pokemons for the upcoming Pokemon fan game Pokemon Revenge (From @Dark Eclipse). About that, it's opposite of Ultra Instinct. They will get one of the types replaced by Ego type. Every Pokemons won't need the level to fully master it and they will have their base stats becoming to kind of different with total of 1000 as always. They won't be able to use the Ego type signature moves, but their type of signature moves. Also, due to ego influence, they can learn every moves by Move Relearner. Well, not everything but from level up, TM, Egg Moves, Move Tutor and ancient generations which they are compatible with the Pokemon. They can also relearn from their evolved Pokemon moves too (like Salandit can learn Fire Lash without need to evolve which it can be learned only by its evolution). Because once Pokemons capable of evolving having attained Ultra Ego, they can no longer evolve. It also needs Move Tutor for only Pokemons that can attain Ultra Ego to learn Ego type moves. Their own abilities (including Hidden Abilitiy) will be combined and become this ability As One. That's all! See you tomorrow!

  8. Happy birthday, Chrixai. What does it feel for you? May the cake might be super delicious for you.

    1. Chrixai


      Thanks Roy! Feels younger lol

    2. RoySolare


      You're welcome!

  9. While it’s found in Rift Dex about being pure Water type, Rift Gyarados is technically a Water/Ghost type.
  10. Which game did you play?
  11. Torterra's Crest is better since more useful for Torterra to never have problem with Ice type moves.
  12. Look, Crystalrage! There's a bandit who's going to destroy your house!
  13. Here's the final part of Mastered Ultra Instinct Pokemon's Eyes :




  14. "Protagonist can talk" for Pokemon Reborn. Here's the scene after defeating ZEL and Taka (including PULSE Tangrowth) :

    Taka : Well, that's not good.

    zEl : The PULSE has been deactivated. There is no longer any purpose in defending this location.

    Vero : I hope this taught you a lesson. Your PULSE Tangrowth is finished for good.

    Then that means those vines shall dissapear soon.

    Taka : In that case, I'm just gonna make myself scarce. You coming?

    zeL : Um... I... I guess so...


    PULSE Tangrowth's vines have vanished as Taka and ZEL escaped quickly.


    ??? : Tch, and so they just run away.

    Crobat, return!


    Crobat returned to Pokeball. And then, member of Team Meteor left.


    Heather : Hey, wait! Where are you going!?

    Salamence, return!


    Salamence returned to Pokeball. And then, Heather left.


    Vero : Get back here!


    Vero followed their footsteps and then, here's the result :

    The member of Team Meteor is surrounded by the police officers, including Alice.


    Chief : There's nowhere to run. You're completely surrounded.

    ??? : Tch, an ambush?!

    Annoying... The grunts were supposed to detain the city officers.

    Alice : They did. Or so you thought.

    Chief : It was thanks to Alice's efforts that we were able to restore our force.

    Alice : But it's all thanks to your plan, Vero. You were so smart to figure out.


    Flashback in the beginning of Jasper Ward after accepting Chief's request...


    Vero : Alice. I need you to listen to me, carefully.

    Alice : What is it?

    Vero : I must go stop Team Meteor. You go save officers.

    Alice : Are you sure you'll be fine by yourself?

    Vero : Don't worry. You stay behind me. I'll take care of them in order to have your opportunity to save 5 officers.

    Even if it's hard to find them, don't give up.

    Once you save every officers, I'll will take the chance to strike back against Taka and ZEL, while you and the officers must stay somewhere for ambush.

    Tell them about my plan.

    Alice : Understood. I trust you on that. By any means, don't die soon.

    Vero : I'll do whatever I can.


    There's something suspiscious here...

    I can't tell but there's a traitor here...

    Alice : What?! Can you sense?! That's why you're planning for something.

    Vero : It's a matter of time before it's over.

    Alice : Then, good luck.


    Alice left.


    Vero : It's showtime!


    Back to the present...


    ??? : Vero? You?

    Chief : Now...

    Let's find out who you really are.

    ??? : ...!?


    Chief took out the cape, revealing the Team Meteor member to be familiar person.


    Heather : DAD?!

    Vero/Alice : That person is your father?!

    ??? : You just had to do this in front of her.

    Vero : I knew that you were a traitor. To think you were Heather's father. I suppose you should understand what you have done.

    Heather : I knew you were a jerk... But I didn't think you were evil...

    I--I can't...

    Salamence, let's go!


    Heather summoned Salamence in order to flee immediately.


    Vero : Heather? Wait?

    Alice : Poor her...

    ??? : Well then. This is easier if she isn't here.

    Chief : Corey, Leader of the Beryl Ward Gym, right?

    Alice : Huh?!

    Vero : I knew it.

    Chief I don't understand. The Gym Leaders are among Reborn's most trusted citizens-- why help Team Meteor?

    Alice : I can't understand either.

    Corey : Hah. Never put too much stock in authority.

    Welcome to reality. It's cold. It's cruel. It's life.

    Chief : You mean there are others?

    Corey : You'd be stupid to think otherwise.

    Not everything is so nice and simple.

    Your paradise-candyland is just a crack dream.

    Vero : You're a pointless and worthless jerk...

    Chief : Corey. Those are some big words for someone who's going to be facing the judge.

    Corey : Are they?

    You've done nothing here.

    You've unmasked a father before his daughter. You showed her what all girls eventually learn-- pain.

    And that's all.

    Vero : You and your stupid ego. You're naive if you'd think twice before what happened here.

    You're the one who made her learn pain.

    Corey : ...

    Alice : What kind of awful father are you? That's it. Your playtime is over.

    Corey : You want to apprehend me?

    I'll be waiting at my Gym.


    Corey escaped.


    Officer : Huh? He just... vanished.

    Chief : It's obliviously a trap, but... we know where he's going. Let's head out!

    Officers : Yes, sir!


    Chief and officers left.


    Alice : Vero, I...

    Vero : Don't say any words. What's done is done. Let's go to the gym.

    Alice : OK.


    Note : That's all. Well, next weekend, I don't wanna tell what's going to happen. See you next time.

  15. "Protagonist can talk" for Pokemon Rejuvenation. Here's the scene about High Top Strength Test :

    Axel : Hey! Take a look at this!

    Ariana : Don't tell me you want to test your Strength?

    Ana (HC) : I don't know what you're capable of.

    Erin : Seriously?

    Aelita : Wow. Impressive.

    Axel : Come on. I want to show how strong I am.

    Aero : Don't be naive, Axel. I'm stronger than you.

    Alain : Don't act like you're powerful, dummy. Everytime, you lose to Aero.

    Aevia : I wanna try, too.

    Ariana : You, too? Huh. Can't be helped.

    Everyone. We're going to compare our strength.

    Aevis : For real?


    Aevis looks annoyed.


    Axel : Excluding Erin and Aelita, we're going to play this thing.

    Aevis : Are you stupid? It's called High Top Strength Test.

    Aevia : Do you know about this?

    Aevis : I knew since I lived with Erin for a long time in Rose Theater.

    Erin : Yeah. Because I'm the one who invited you to stay with me.

    You lived alone in Grand Dream City without family and home.

    Aevia : Wait, Aevis. Is that true?

    Aevis : Yes. But it's because you FORCED me to go with you, Erin. I had no choice.

    Axel : My god! Don't tell me that you ar-

    Aevis : You will never find your body!

    Axel 😨

    Ariana : In any case, let's do this!

    Aevia/Ana (HC)/ Aero : Here we go!

    Aevis/Alain : *sigh* Whatever you say!


    They went to High Top Strength Test, asking its operator about the rewards.


    Operator : Try out our High Top Strength Test!

    Earn a "NICE" and we'll refund your money!

    If you earn a "POWERFUL" you'll get yourself a nice Pokedoll!

    If you hit the bell, you'll recieve a nice and fancy HM! Which one? You'll have to win to see!

    Aevis : (I knew already about HM.)


    Then they went to high striker machine and it's Axel's turn.


    Axel : Yeah. This is my lucky day. I'm the first to go.


    Axel tried to punch.

    And... WHAMMO!




    Axel : WHAT?! Does this machine play dumb with me?!

    Erin : That's because you're a weakling. This machine doesn't lie.

    Axel : You're not helping me!

    Aero : Loser!


    Ana (HC) tried to punch.

    And... WHAMMO!




    Ana (HC) : At least, I tried! 😜

    Alain : You're mocking us, aren't you?


    Aevia tried to punch.

    And... WHAMMO!




    Aelita : You're pretty good. I respect that.

    Aevia : Thank you.

    Operator : Did someone say refund?

    Aevia : Oh, thanks for refund!


    Alain tried to punch.

    And... WHAMMO!




    Alain : Damn! My strength isn't enough to reach higher than Aevia's level! No fair!

    Aevia : It's OK. You'll get another chance.

    Alain 😠


    Ariana tried to punch.

    And... WHAMMO!




    Ariana : Oh, well! But it doesn't matter since I got better than Axel!

    Axel : Shut up!


    Aero tried to punch.

    And... WHAMMO!




    Aelita : You reached the top but-

    Aero : I get it! It didn't touch the bell but this is the highest record!

    Erin : Very possible that you will lose to someone.

    Aero : What do you mean?

    Operator : Not bad! Congratulations!

    Aero : I guess I get the reward!

    Operator : For your prize, one of Agate Circus' very own Stufful Pokedolls!!

    And here you go!

    Stufful : Mwoow!

    Operator : What?? This isn't a Pokedoll?! This is a real Stufful? How did this happen a second time?

    ...Just get out of my sight.

    Aero : OK! Then it's mine! It's my lucky day! Right, Axel?

    Axel : I'm envious of you!


    It's Aevis' turn.


    Erin : Come on. I respect your attitude. But do it for me.

    Aevia : I will give you a kiss in your cheek if you punch as hard as you can!

    Aevis : Fine. Sucks to be me.


    Aevis tried to punch as hard as he can.

    And... WHAMMO!



    Aero : Oh, come on! There's no way he will stand a-


    ...OVER 9000!!!

    It causes the bell sent into the moon.



    Operator : WHAT?! The bell is sent into the space?!

    Ariana/Ana (HC)/Alain/Axel/Aelita 😱

    Aevia : WOW!! AWESOME!!

    Erin : This is... unbelievable...!


    Aevia gave a kiss to Aevis' cheek.


    Aevia : Here's as I promised.

    Aevis : Thanks, Aevia.

    Erin : That makes me want to cook for dinner with you when we get back to Rose Theater.

    Aevis : I understand. And for the prize?

    Operator : Oh, right! Here!


    Aevis got HM Dive.


    Aevis This should do it.

    I guess our time for that is done.

    Erin : Yeah. Back to our bussiness.


    Aevis and Erin left.


    Aevia : Hey! Wait for me!


    Aevia also left.


    Aero : I believe... we... underestimated... Aevis' strength... like... that...

    Axel : I don't want to remember that time when he did to me.

    Aelita : I'm out!


    Aelita left.


    Ariana/Ana (HC)/Alain : 😓 Why did we deserve this?!


    Note : That's all. About HC, it means Human Counterpart. If there's another Ana during Dylan's sidequest I would call Android Counterpart (AC). See you tomorrow.

  16. Happy birthday, andracass! What is your favorite wish?

  17. Here's the second part of Mastered Ultra Instinct Pokemon's Eyes :




  18. Well, I drew Pokemon's eyes when they go Mastered Ultra Instinct. Yet, I'm bad at drawing to perfection. Here's the first part :




  19. "Protagonist can talk" for Pokemon Reborn. Here's the scene after Devon Corp Arc :

    Alice : Did you see Vero?

    Adrienn : No. But we need you to help him.

    Alice : Why? What's going on?

    Adrienn : I didn't want to tell you but I have no choice.


    Adrienn tells everything about what happened during Devon Corp's infiltration.


    Alice : No way. Ame is...


    I have to go help him, no matter what. He mustn't leave us.

    He promised me that he'll become Reborn champion, even if someone stops him. But I think that wasn't the case.

    His motivation came from his desire to battle Ame or maybe it was her.

    Adrienn : Oh! Poor Vero! He must have is spirit broken like in hell.

    But promise me one thing. You must find a way to defeat Lin, once and for all.

    She's the reason that caused trauma on him.

    Alice : Understood.


    Alice tried to find everywhere but without success until in Water Treatment Center (where Taka asked if Vero wanted to battle him or not).


    Alice : Here you are.

    Vero : ...

    Alice : Are you alright? You look down.

    Vero. I heard what happened. So the Reborn champion left us.

    Vero : ...

    Alice : No answer.

    Hey, answer me when I ask. That Vero we knew wouldn't give up so easily.

    Maybe is because you only wanted to battle Ame or it's because of her. Isn't that right?

    Vero : ...

    Alice Ame is the only one who motivated you...

    Vero : You're wrong!

    Alice : !!!

    Vero : I didn't lost my will to continue. I feel guilty for letting her die.

    If I was faster than her to reach Lin, I would have battled her.

    Alice : And you would have been killed, of course. No wonder why!

    Vero : Listen. I knew it was a trap but we really fell for it because I didn't warn them.

    Letting our guard down is the reason we lost something important.

    Our weakness never fades even if we become stronger. That's reality we'll never overcome.

    We won the battle but lost the war. And that's the problem.

    The reality will still continue and will always do.

    *Snif* *Snif* *Snif* Ame. She was like my big sister. She was kind to us. And yet, I took off her pride away.

    *Snif* It's not fair!


    Alice : Vero.


    After Alice saw Vero crying out of guilt, she...


    Vero : Huh? Alice. Why? Why?

    Alice : It's OK. I'm here for you.

    Vero : Why are you hugging me? You still forgive me after that?

    Alice : Shshshshshshshshshshsh! It's Ok. Everything will be alright.

    Vero 😭

    Alice : Vero. You're the only one I will always forgive you. If you give up, I give up, too.

    Vero : ...

    Alice : I will still be staying with you. Following you. Helping you. I want you to have a happy life.

    But in order to do that, you must fight back.

    You must avenge Ame in order to destroy all of your guilt you have created.

    If you want to kill Lin, well, it's your only choice.

    Even so, she can't avoid her fate, too.

    Stand up. Let your feelings resonate. And move on.

    Vero : ...

    I understand. I'm not alone. Everyone feels the same guilt they had but they move on like nothing happened.

    I'll never forgive Lin for killing Ame. And also for Arclight's eye.

    I swear. I must have 18 badges to rival Lin's Pokemons. She doesn't deserve to steal them like that.

    Alice : I'll never forgive her, too. She made you cry. That's it!

    She crossed the line!


    Vero : Maybe... I... shouldn't... have cried...

    Alice : No. You had your reasons and I respect that.

    Vero : ...


    Alice : Yes?

    Vero : Thank you so much.

    Alice : 😳 Yeah! You're welcome!


    Note : That's all I can do for now. Yet, I miss @Dark Eclipse. See you later.

  20. "Protagonist can talk" for Pokemon Rejuvenation. And trust me. That scenario might be more different than the game. Here's the scene during the fierce battle between Aevia and Angie in Battlefield of the Gods :

    Aevia : Argh!

    Venam : Aevia!

    Angie : See, now? This is your last moment. I hope you enjoyed suffering more. Because you're about to die by cold.

    Once your last remaining Pokemon is down, all of you will be frozen by my Cold Truth.

    Aevia : ...


    Suddenly, a voice appears inside her head.


    ??? : What a piece of junk you are...

    Aevia : Huh?

    ??? : Do you know what kind of position you're that for?

    You always stay weak because of Crescent.

    And yet, you only you wanted to help your friends, just to let them die.

    Aevia : No! That's not true!

    ??? : Then why your mother had to die like this? Maybe...

    It's because you let her die by Madame X.

    And now you want to live for yourself?

    Aevia : No! I just...

    ??? : You're a hypocrite... An existence born from boredom...

    You shouldn't have been involved with Team Xen, so your mother wouldn't die if it weren't for your actions.

    Oh, no! I'm scared! I don't know what to do! I just wanted to be with my mom! Boohoo! Talk about sarcasm.

    Aevia : No! That... isn't... quite... right...!


    You're in the world you don't care about. So why do you stay and be reckless? This world doesn't need you.

    You have motivation, only because of Aevis. He's the one who stopped Yveltal.

    For a good tranier, you sure are really dumb. You followed Aevis because you're a coward of getting hurt by an enemy.

    What's good about doing only by yourself?

    Aevia : No. I'm trying to be the strongest trainer, to surpass Aevis. That's why I'm going to move forward.

    ??? : And yet, without Aevis, you're scared. Moving forward? That's what everyone would say.

    It's better if you didn't exist in case of your cowardice, while I should be in your place.

    You know why?


    The person appears in front of Aevia, revealing to be a dark version of Aevia : with black and red eyes, gray skin, dark gray hair and dark colored clothes.


    Dark Aevia : Because I am you. And you're me.


    Aevia : STOP! NO!


    A dark aura surrounds Aevia, transforming her into Dark Aevia.


    Venam : Aevia?

    Angie : What the- What is this?

    Venam : Her look suddenly changed but I'm getting a vicious feeling about this.

    Angie : Aevia? What have you done?

    Dark Aevia : Aevia? Who? What are you talking about? You're mistaken with someone alse.

    Angie : Don't play dumb with me.

    Dark Aevia : Am I or are you?

    Venam : Aevia! What's wrong with you? You aren't yourself.

    Dark Aevia : Back off before I hurt you, Veronica!

    Venam : Don't call me Veronica!

    Wait! Aevia wouldn't call me by my real name. Don't tell me...

    Dark Aevia : The one you see me is the darkness that took over Aevia's soul. The darkness created by her guilty.

    So, stay out of my way.

    And as for you Angie. Maybe I could call you Anju.

    Angie : You... How did you know my name? I no longer go with that.

    Her existence is just a full of failures. Don't mention that past.

    No matter. Your fate is still the same as before.

    Dark Aevia : Then shall we continue? I don't care about what will happen next.

    We'll strike again, again and then again until there's no Pokemons who are capable of moving.

    I will torture your existence.


    Note : It's different so don't mind about that. That won't appear in game. See you next day.

  21. I’m gonna ask question. What’s gonna happen about the consequence of loading the game with Intense Mode in V13.5? And if that’s very bad, I believe players should change the difficulty in previous version before loading in V13.5 after the release. But everyone can take their time playing Intense Mode before that. It’s for the sake of the game you’re playing.
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