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  1. There's many intro quotes for the team protagonists of Pokemon Rejuvenation :


    -> Team Confidence :

    First quote :

    Ren : Aevis. It's been a while since we haven't battled together as a team.

    Aevis : Now that you mention it, it's much like we can win this because we have faith in our pokemons.

    Erin : You guys...


    Second quote :

    Ren : Let's team up and win this match.

    Aevis : Yeah. You can say that again.

    Erin : Oh dear. I must have faith in myself to not hold them back. Do any of you hear me? We won't lose.


    -> Team Elegance :

    First quote :

    Aevia : Aelita, let's do this. For our friendship.

    Aelita : Sure. Why not? After all, we are destined to move forward to the victory.

    Alice : Hey. Don't forget about me.


    Second quote :

    Aevia : I don't know what will happen but I won't let anyone hurt my friends.

    Aelita : That's right. Together. You and me. I have no fear.

    Alice : Why do you ignore me? I'm here to support both of you.


    -> Team Bad Boy :

    First quote :

    Huey : Hey. Come on. Bring it.

    *Smack* Ouch.

    Axel : Don't be rash, you idiot.

    Allen : Seems like we have prepared for this.


    Second quote :

    Huey : Yay. That's it. Time for the offensive.

    *Smack* Ouch.

    Axel : You should watch your back. Do you want to be beaten so badly?

    Allen : No time to waste the moment.


    -> Team Girly Alpha :

    First quote :

    Saki : I never thought I would team up with a meanie like you. Yeah, I'm talking about you, Amber.

    Amber : What was that? Don't you dare to call me with that word!

    Ariana : Please! Stop! Why does this keep happening to me?! SUCH MISFORTUNE...


    Second quote :

    Saki : To think you would appear here, Amber. Once we're done with it, I'm gonna kill you.

    Amber : Hey, girl! Watch your mouth!

    Ariana : Calm down! We're about to start pokemon battle! Damn, my rotten luck!


    -> Team Analytic :

    First quote :

    Melia : Venam. Do you need a hand?

    Venam : No, but thanks. I'm already fine.

    Aero : No time left to lose. We must survive this battle, no matter what.


    Second quote :

    Melia : Come on. We're got a lot of things to do.

    Venam : I know. I know. Maybe we can go shopping together.

    Aero : You can, but after the pokemon battle. That's our top priority.


    -> Team High Five :

    First quote :

    Reina : Oh yeah. I'm starting to motivate not only myself, but also my team.

    Alain : Huh... I'm bored. I want to go home.

    Erick : I know that. But we can't back down.


    Second quote :

    Reina : Easy as done. Wanna team up together?

    Alain : Oh, fine. I don't want to miss the opportunity to ruin the fun.

    Erick : Haha... It's hard to think but it's how the world goes. You can't avoid the fate.


    That's all for now. Interesting, isn't it?

    1. Evi Crystal

      Evi Crystal

      This would be kinda hilarious to play, if it were a game like that. I would definitely buy that.


      Also I'm hoping we will say Saki in V13 and how the story between her, Amber and Venam will be going further.

    2. RoyChaos


      I kinda agree, regardless of the outcome.

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