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  1. the sprites are actually still in the files, you would just have to rename one of the older legacy sprite files with the names of the newer ones. you can find the sprite you're looking for in the rejuv file > graphics > characters > boy_run_2 . the other sprites for that legacy character are in there too, you just have to look around a bit
  2. i think to go back to the older legacy sprites youd have to mess with the files, since the box in gdc just changes into one of the two newer outfits
  3. ^ this is right. once you get magma drift and reenter valor thru crawlis gym the scene with venam will start
  4. youre given fly by damien sometime after defeating rift gardevoir, yeah. if youve already gone to the past though I don't think theres a way to change difficulty settings
  5. first off, you need to go into your rejuv files and replace your current rx.data with the debug rx.data that you downloaded. once youve replaced it debug should be working ingame. then you need to go to the menus, the scroll down to debug, and then find the warp to map selection. from there scroll down until you find the map you want to warp to. (tip: try only to warp into buildings, since warping anywhere outside will usually get you somewhere out of bounds)
  6. you should try using debug and warping back to the place where you beat adam. unfortunately if you dont have any relatively new backups I think thats the only way to fix your save. remember to turn on backups if you manage to fix it!
  7. you can go into the game files and rename a backup save to game.rxdata to go back a save. I did the same thing you did and got softlocked myself haha
  8. nope! the dialogue changes slightly but I dont think it affects any relationship points
  9. since Im pretty sure youre able to leave the mansion at that point, you should go pick up a solrock in amethyst cave. its got some pretty good use on the field if you bulk it up with cosmic power. it helped me a lot in that fight
  10. Ive personally never had a problem with debug (I used the v11 debug through the entirety of v12) so I guess the experience differs for people? or theres 2 different versions of debug, idk. either way, if youre still at the beginning of the game it might be worth it just to try and see if it works, because if your save file gets messed up it wouldnt be that big of a deal haha
  11. you could use debug, but if youre playing rejuv for the first time it would probably be better to do it without. if you really wanted both starters though, I'd restart and pick torchic because popplio is available later, whereas you can only get torchic as a starter right now
  12. I don't think ribombee is available at that point, but you can find cutiefly in pom pom meadow (that place in the west side of amethyst cave) provided you have both rock smash and cut
  13. I haven't tried it for v12.1 before, but the v11 debug script works with the entirety of v12. maybe it'll work with v12.1? heres where I got it if you aren't sure where to look
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