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  1. Anyone got any tips? 


    I think I've almost perfected my strategy against Doctor Geezer. It's the oddest combo: Destiny Bond Carvahna, super duper Fast so it gets to use DB before Musharna uses Dazzling Gleam, so Musharna is down for the count. Then I switch into Liepard, who uses Shadow Claw until Rotom is down as well. Next up comes Drampa, at which point I use Liepard's Play Rough. She usually faints at this point, so I switch into Meganium, who is holding a Black Belt, so that he can Rock Smash through the remainder of Drampa's HP. Next comes Alolan Raichu; I switch into Rapidash for High Horsepower, which, when boosted by a Ground Gem, OHKOs the Raichu. The problem, then, is the remaining two Pokemon. When I get lucky with the RNG, Charizard can do a bit of damage to Hypno by way of Crunch before it defeats me. Then, I switch into Linoone so I can use Shadow Claw, but, for some reason, Hypno seems to quickly overtake Linoone. Therefore, I switch into my only remaining Pokemon, Rapidash. Rapidash takes way more damage from Hypno than he should by my calculations? But, then again, I've never been that good with damage calc. Anyway, Electivire then finishes off the weakened Rapidash with Thunder Punch. 


    Once again, any tips? 

    1. Monochrome_Complex


      OOh first congrats on beating serra, sometimes she can be tough, othertimes she's manageable. It helps if you break her mirrors I feel, and can kO sandslash quickly enough. But yeah the good doctor...


      I think you should keep Meganium alive though since it should have enough bulk to deal damage to hypno, problem is electivire, that thing is easily one of the doc's most dangerous pokemon due to its coverage and raw power. It has ice punch to handle meganium and ground types, thunder punch for char/rapid/linoone/liepard who it'll likely 2-shot if not insta kill.  Admittedly linoone without belly drum is underwhelming offensively, and hypno has enough bulk to overwhelm him.


      I think a flaw with your team is that you have too many fragile mons, yes they're fast but most go down pretty quickly and i feel you might be overemphasizing offense.  You won't be able to outmuscle electivire with anyone, though I wonder if rapidash used horsepower on it instead of raichu would it work?  Of course that would require you to change up your plan and find an alternative to raichu.


      what moves does meganium have? Rock smash being your best option against drampa sounds a bit miserable and drampa can deal a lot of damage with repeated  hyper voice. Movesets for every would be nice actually.


    2. firey




      Apricot (Meganium)

      Ability: Overgrow

      Magical Leaf

      Rock Smash

      Nature Power



      Renee (Linoone)

      Ability: Pickup

      Shadow Claw

      Pin Missile


      Charge Beam


      Jackie (Carvahna)

      Ability: Speed Boost


      Ice Fang

      Scary Face

      Destiny Bond


      Grill (Charizard)

      Ability: Blaze


      Flame Burst

      Dragon Dance

      Wing Attack


      Linus (Liepard)

      Ability: Unburden


      Shadow Claw

      Sucker Punch

      Play Rough


      Rays (Rapidash)

      Ability: Run Away


      High Horsepower


      Fire Spin




      In addition, I also have an Arcanine with Close Combat that might be useful against Drampa? Thoughts? Here's its moveset: 


      Gilly (Arcanine)

      Ability: Justified

      Close Combat




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