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  1. After all, I never promised to listen...


    Going back to playing Pokemon Reborn I realize something that catches my attention...


    Amaria, the eighteenth leader specialized in the type of water, a character when much manipulative, but with good intentions. I see her for the first time almost at the beginning of the game, worried about a Popplio, which is saved and obtained by Cain, our rival.

    After several events she helps us to frustrate the plans of Team Meteor, one could say that our relationship with her is good, I mean ... we fight side by side to achieve our ideals.

    However, I am currently in a part of the game which has left me TOO QUESTIONS!!


    Before fighting with her, she tells me that "she" left because of me (I suppose she will refer to Titania) and acts as if she were to blame for her misfortune, it is as if all the moments we had passed had forgotten them :c


    Obviously I know about the choice of routes and I know that every choice in the game can radically change the story. In this case, the Zekrom route or the Reshiram route will depend on the treatment she will give us when battling with her. I'm surprised how fighting with someone or just not doing it can cause such a stir between 2 characters.


    I guess you will know what I mean, but plots and plots like these leave me confused. Would someone be so kind as to explain all this to me !?

    1. Mindlack


      There are spoilers below, so to prevent them from showing up on the forum main page I’ll just spout generalities for a couple of sentences. 

      That choice works, story-wise, as a sort of butterfly effect, even though you can predict the existence (if not the nature) of far-reaching consequences. The following interpretation is mine, but I think it’s roughly enough the intended one. 

      If you don’t fight, Taka’s position becomes impossible and he has to flee Meteor. He can’t (or won’t) join the good guys. We can assume Lin/Sirius want their “traitor” dead, so he flees to the desert, where he thinks he’ll be obscure and safe.

      Except that Lin shows up, sets he up to be killed, shatters Titania, and demonstrates her utter invulnerability. 

      Then, what happens? Amaria and Titania’s relationship (I really wanted to write “ship”) was pretty insecure, the former is waiting for the latter (not knowing that Titania wanted to give Taka a decent funeral), she waits, she waits... and she sees you instead. You, whom she only remembers as a bearer of bad news. 

      So she jumps to conclusions, assumes the relationship is over, and that it’s your fault. So she decides to take revenge. Hence the assassination attempt and the petty trickery. 

  2. Spanish alert!


    This publication is made for work purposes. / Esta publicación se realiza con fines de trabajo.


    Busco personas de habla hispana las cuales estén dispuestas a apoyar con un proyecto que quiero llevar a cabo.

    Se trata, ni más ni menos, de la traducción del juego "Pokemon Reborn" al idioma español como se podrá suponer.

    Para ello he creado un club especialmente para personas de habla hispana, en él...se podrán compartir ideas con respecto al proyecto, las herramientas necesarias para hacerlo, etc.

    Les animo, y no solo a los que hablan español, si no también a los otros miembros de distintos clubs, recuerden que todo tipo ayuda será agradecida. 


    1. Espeon


      Hi! Translating Pokémon Reborn into Spanish sounds like a splendid idea to me. My mother tongue is Dutch, but I'm studying Translation (with languages English and Spanish), so if my level of Spanish is sufficient, I would love to help you translate. I don't know how you're planning on organising this whole thing, but just send me a message when you have gathered enough people and are ready to start.

    2. Fernan100tifiko


      Of course, I am delighted with the idea that you support the translation, the club I showed on the screen is the official Spanish group, everything possible will be coordinated there.


    In the Explorer Kit, how can I switch to the hammer?

    1. Autumn Zephyr

      Autumn Zephyr

      Hitting the space bar should do the trick.

    2. Fernan100tifiko
    3. Autumn Zephyr

      Autumn Zephyr

      No problem at all~

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