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Status Updates posted by Zarc

  1. someone here already managed to play Sword/Shield on pc emulator ?

  2. Random hi from Zarcy Hi reborn community 

    1. Q-Jei


      Hello from Alsace, Zarc 🙂

    2. Zarc


      Hello from south Jei :)

    3. Dark Champion

      Dark Champion

      Hello from boring Indiana both of you :):):D



  3. Started playing Genshin Impact yesterday , i like it. Less raging than LoL.

    1. Abyssreaper99


      And gachas have now claimed another soul

  4. Happy New Year everyone ! Wish you the best to all of you and your family ! :D 

  5. Merry Christmas everyone ! Stay safe and have great moments :) 

    1. Starry Knight

      Starry Knight

      Merry Christmas
      Hope you have a wonderful one

  6. Zarc

    Happy birthday my dear friend ! :3

    1. Sayia


      Thank you cutie <3 

  7. My mother : " i will come to visit you today in your appartment to say hi and see how are you ! " 


    Also my mother when she arrives



  8. Let's go for another Desolation run ( fire mono type ) , been a while i didn't touched the game. I'm going full dark side mod , gonna take every worst decisions ever. That's been said , it's a very good idea they added multi save files , so one run i'm going full nice guy and the other i'm going public ennemi number 1.

  9. Little Yone signature i did on PS , don't hesitate to tell me what you think and what i need to improve :D Been 4 months now since i started to practice , but i think i'm improving ! 



  10. I will rule the universe ~



  11. What the hell is this kitty youtube chain xD



  12. Another great Two Steps from Hell song



    1. Commander


      Been a long while since I've listened to one of their songs. I want to say like 8 years ago...did I date myself again?

    2. Zarc


      Been a while too , forgot how their songs were so entertaining. It make BOT5A a bit better xD


      I mean movie was nice but long version is ruining it lel 

  13. Hey guys , how do you like thoses Ice type mons cards ? I recently started to make somes so i would like to hear your opinions ( it's for a club on MyAnime.list ). If it work well , i will do every types ^^


    ( i selected somes of my fav ice mons ) 















  14. Just finished Pokemon Desolation , god , what a " perfection " game. It's imbelievable how many choices we can make and at the end i guess it will be so much differents ending possibilities. Gratz to all the team for their work ! 

  15. Caz released Desolation just when MyAnime went on maintenance , i love this guy !

  16. So , thesis is gonna be soon. With my previous teacher. Like the old days.



  17. Desolation is coming very soon then. So hyped ! 

  18. New appartment on 1st July yay ! 

  19. Someone remember this gold song from O-Zone group ? Jesus was ( still ) so good to hear



  20. So this is it : next year will be the year of the thesis

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Zarc


      I don't know yet , but i'm passionated about WW2 history so any subject about it would be awesome

    3. Mindlack


      It's bound to be harder looking for advisors, since the universities are still closed, isn't it?

    4. Zarc


      I have good relationships ^^

  21. To celebrate the futures updates of our favorites fangames , here is an awesome Clone Wars but with an epic music 



    1. Ojama Yellow

      Ojama Yellow

      i was expecting john williams, why are you here?


      still good though

    2. Zarc


      John Williams is afk since new Disney trashlogy

  22. Hair finally cut after 4 months... never been so happy to go to the hairdresser ! 

    1. Candy


      lucky you, I can't wait for the stay-at-home order to be lifted up so I can run to a hair salon. I think seeing myself in the mirror is contributing to my "depression" 😅

  23. It's decided : i will finally try Pokemon Uranium while i cannot stand fakemons. I heard it's one of the best fangame ever so.

  24. Seems like numeron cards are going to be official

    1. Raion


      For real? Will they get huge nerfs?

    2. Zarc
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