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  1. I don’t get why people call Demon Slayer overrated just because it became too popular? It’s an amazing show period. It deserves Anime of the Year.


    And Vinland Saga ain’t even that good. Mob Psycho still outsold tho.

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    2. Maqqy


      @Candy And that's a valid opinion. Obviously, the anime is not going to be everyone's cup of tea and that's okay. The main problem lies on people discrediting it's worth just because of it's popularity. Sure, the story isn't something new but anime is more than just the plot, to me at least. I have never, ever seen something like Episode 19 in all my years of watching anime and that episode alone deserves the accolades that it has achieved. It's just saddening for it be branded as "overrated" when it had done so much good to deserve the praise. Ufotable's effort in this show is to not be wasted upon.

    3. Candy


      the reason why I want to keep watching it when I get my ass to do it is ep 19 xD I heard the ending song "Tanjiro's song" and I really really love it, and want to know in what circumstances a sad but hopeful song like that played in the anime 😛

    4. SilverAngelus


      @Candy I couldn't agree more with Maqqy. When you mentioned Demon Slayer being overrated, I had flashbacks to to that one scene from ep 19 and thought how paradoxical it was for you to call the show overrated. Now I realize you didn't actually see that part, my apologies. My advice for you is to get off your lazy toosh and watch the rest of what you haven't and fully formulate your opinion on the animated series.


      Also, may I just say @Maqqy that budew visited your profile. xD

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