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  1. i really like the idea i can see Saphira doing something like this to get revenge
  2. dont be rude Al i hate Lin because we still barely know anything about her, her characterization wasnt done too well
  3. Boat usually tries to meet post requirements so im a bit sus of him currently Congratulations Astra! your Night Action was successful, you cant be trapper or jihad since i lived, but this makes me more sus of you
  4. all these votes on kiet... Astra, you did see that others voted kiet right? that means you intentionally voted him, yet you stated no reason for lynching him pressure vote [vote] Astra
  5. CG its been far too long, do you remember me?

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Hanyū


      Amine/another retired shipper/ mc kapper are names i ussed on reborn, though Amine is my real name

    3. Cool Girl

      Cool Girl

      Ahh yes I remember you now yes! It has been far too long! How have you been? I've been doing a lot of things.

    4. Hanyū


      ive been quite well!

      i am sorry my internet keeps dying these days, ill have to contact them and sort it out 😞

  6. ..please stay on topic AL anyway, im unsure what AL is trying to say, he is a bit random i learned that Nicki was silenced because of my role by visiting her, i feel that i said too much about my role so i cant elaborate more @LykosHand @Astra125
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