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  1. Yeooo wassup man hey can you help me out I’m looking for a few Pokémon with certain items ... I can trade you a shiny Steelix for a calm togekiss (65 -70 , nasty plot, thunder wave, air cutter, aura sphere with leftovers) and I’ll also trade a shiny snover for a hippowdon (impish, lv 65-70, yawn, stockpile, crunch, earthquake, rocky helmet) ... hmu!!! 

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    2. liltrizzy724


      togekiss hippowdon and gyarados

    3. Crystalrage


      No problem

      Give me 20 mins to get everything ready

      Also PM me if you need those with specific moves

    4. liltrizzy724


      1. well scratch gyarados , i want a politoed .... do u want me to tell u want to put on these mons?
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