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Status Updates posted by CrossImpact

  1. Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick
    lovely fella
    but don't worry, average Americans!

    what is going on in these heads, man xd

  2. #corona crisis


  3. everything the "Sequel trilogy" *snorts* was not. 
    oh... positivity! everything Rogue One is!!!


  4. Trump trying to "buy" a German company working on a vaccine
    ahh, never change USA

    1. Edo


      No way Germany will just watch that happen. Also seems like the old CEO of that company came back because of this to stop that from happening, thankfully. Else they might have patented and sold it for absurd prices to the people, I really hope that doesn't happen.

  5. why discord why

  6. Yuri's English translation is so bad, omg
    let's just change words to also make things extra obvious

  7. me: "Edelgard won't use her combat art on the first guy I put in range, riiight?"

    "an enemy is legendary"

  8. dubstep Edelgard

  9. happy birthday Wolfox, stay healthy!!!

  10. Since it's May 4th, I wondered, what if an Episode of Reborn started like an Episode of Star Wars?
    result (spoilers!): https://brorlandi.github.io/StarWarsIntroCreator/#!/AKjJjahzGcQ44-z5EyJX

  11. May the Fourth be with you all!

  12. ohhh I'm not used to getting up this early anymore
    the agony

  13. happy easter to you, happy easter to y- oh. wrong song.

    happy easter to y'all!

  14. holy crap KT is dismantling Samsung

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Zarc


      Who ? Deft ? Samsung is a great team but damn i really miss samsung white :/

    3. CrossImpact


      if there is one Jinx that can randomly show up at the highest level of competitive, it is Deft's. my god the perfect AAing.

      Samsung White... now that is a name I haven't heard in a long time... S+ team
      I wonder how they'd fare if you gave them half a year together again.

    4. Zarc


      kt is similar to samsung white today ( 2 ex players SSW ) , but they need time to practice together , i think they will be ready for the worlds.


      yeah SSW best team i ever seen along with SKT season 4. 

  15. 10 bucks for the 1:x.xxx.xxx chance to visit Skywalker Ranch? I hate lottery

    1. Animefan666


      Which is why big rewards often require big risk. A better alternative would be to just stay away from lottery.

    2. CrossImpact


      that advice in everybody's ears
      I mean they even donate it to charity but I can't bring myself to do it
      '-' Skywalker Ranch tho

  16. throwback wednesday, Cenwen's song from Spellforce: The Breath of Winter



  17. do you know that feeling when a loose eyelash is poking your eye?
    imagine it now.
    and again.
    and again.

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    2. HongaarseBeer


      @The Caveman do you know that feeling when a loose Sandslash is poking your eye?


      That must hurt...

    3. Wolfox


      bibs. *facepalm*

    4. CrossImpact


      @The Caveman cuz u a dirty Pokemon nerd

  18. are there any Go/Baduk/Weiqi players around here? ~~

  19. a public meeting in the rain: wet moot

    1. doombotmecha


      when you're building your castle and then the housing crisis occurs, you've got a debt moat.

  20. those 10 hours of epic sax guy were dope

  21. Happy new year everybody! 

  22. someone do a Mister Torgue x Julia thingy...

    also, merry christmas everyone! ^-^

    1. Maelstrom


      I approve of this crossover.

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