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About Me


Hey guys, the name is Cool Girl and I’m a student/journalist/actress/voice actress!^^


I have been a member since November 2015. You can mostly find me on Discord, the forums, and Twitter.



  • I’m 20 years old
  • She/her/hers (I’m straight)
  • My birthday is on June 19th, so I’m a gemini
  • Right now, I am a pre-communication major, with an emphasis in media. I am a junior transfer university student.



  • Watching anime/reading manga
  • Playing video games (Pokémon, Yugioh, and many more!)
  • Journalism (I specialize in investigative journalism)
  • Writing (I love to write about whatever comes to mind; may write a book)
  • Voice Acting and Acting


Things I’m currently working on:

  • Medium: I am a freelance journalist. I specialize in investigative journalism and am currently following the Vic Mignogna Case. I also write about other things and want to continue writing as I really enjoy it quite a lot! If you want to read my articles, be sure you guys give me a follow on Medium!
  • Voice Acting: I do voice acting. You can find my voice acting stuff on my Twitter and other things too! For voice acting inquiries, e-mail me: sarahhamidiva@gmail.com


There are many other projects that I hope to get going and start working on! I started doing voice acting and I’m currently working on a voice demo reel! I’ve also been doing acting for stage and hope to start soon into film and TV show.


Me and my friend also hope to launch a podcast called Off Screen soon, where we talk about general entertainment.


That’s it for me and I hope to see you guys around~!

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