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Status Updates posted by Dylanrockin

  1. Anyone else watch the Moomins?

    1. Seal


      I did. That purple thing scared the shit out of me.

  2. I don't know if it's just me getting older, but when did the term "vibrating" become slang to say "I enjoy doing a thing?" Specifically "vibrating" and not "vibing."
    Double points goes to the person who explains why on God's green Earth we say "vibrating" in a sentence that has nothing to do with repetitive motion.
  3. So, I went to an open mic night, last night, with some friends and there was a guy who was so awful, the only thing I could think of was the end of this laugh track:





    Spoiler warning: I was the guy who coughed, during the awkward, dead silence.

  4. Found this and it made my day:



  5. I am probs one of those people who thinks Blade Runner is "just okay," alongside the Matrix. Change my view.

  6. Update:


    Good news: Not cancer. Bad news: I have to get surgery on my mouth and excise it, because it's really freaking huge.

    1. Candy


      oof, but I'm glad it's something with a comparatively easy fix. take care 🙂

    2. Masquerain


      Well that's some poop...glad it's not something serious even if you will need a surgery. Godspeed to you lad, swift recovery!

  7. Going to be getting a dental checkup to see if this lump that's been in my mouth for the past 2 months is cancerous or not. Actually quite worried. Wish me luck.

    1. Gastronely


      Damn... I hope everyting turns out OK for you...

  8. If the thought ever crossed your mind that Dylan wears clothes similar to my profile picture, the answer to that is: yes. I do wear a sports coat very similar to that and I am always seen wearing a turtleneck, no matter what season.


    These are the kind of things Dylan rambles about, before bedtime.

  9. It's been awhile, so I've decided to make an important announcement: I now work for the Department of Defense and am now making a healthy salary, which has put me in a much better spot than I was last year. Most of what I make will be put towards bills, savings, etc, while the rest will be put towards my game's annual budget. I will be getting back in touch with my artists and crew, to put something amazing together for all ya'll to see!


    Also, I have a corgi and his name's Pepin:



    1. Xtrack


      Congrats on the job man good to know that life is going well for you. 

  10. Would you rather:


    Give up drinking healthy for the rest of your life, or be wrong in every argument you have?

  11. An RPG suggestion to everyone here: Skies of Arcadia: Legends. It's actually quite good - better than I thought it would be. 8 hours in and I've enjoyed what I've played so far.

  12. As is tradition, I make a pilgrimage to watch this every year:



  13. First thing I did post-graduation: watch The X-Files and be reminded of why this show disturbed me and gave me nightmares.

  14. On this day, I have successfully graduated from Midland University with a degree in Computer Science and Arts Management. Despite the extra year to complete my degree, I am now graduated and will be moving on with my career in information technology. As of now, I am currently employed full-time and working on my Master's in Cyber Security and Information Assurance. It's been a long time coming, but there's a lot more for me to look forward to, with my path towards my Master's degree and my current career.


    What does this mean for my video game? Well, nothing actually, because I will be continuing my work on my game in secrecy, due to the nature of my work. I will also be rewriting the entire game, since on a recent playthrough of my game, I was largely displeased with my old writing and decided to forego the old story and improve upon it, in many ways to avoid, what I consider, poor directing decisions, tropey-cliche-bullshit and way too much talking without gameplay for upwards to half an hour.

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    2. Mindlack


      Congratulations indeed! 

    3. Dylanrockin


      Oh this freedom won't last very long, haha - especially since I start my Master's in July.

    4. Masquerain


      Congrats lad, very proud of everything you've accomplished despite all that you've been put through. I know you'll continue going even further forward, I believe in your strength and perseverance. Keep going strong!

  15. Does anyone else think that gothic cathedrals are freaking awesome to look at?

  16. Hot-take: Pokemon Sun, Moon and beyond are not that good. Change my mind.

    1. Masquerain


      I don't disagree though, what now?

  17. Hey, you guys want to sleep with one-eye open tonight? Go watch John Carpenter's: The Thing.


    That's my post for today.

    Dylan out.

  18. Dylan's two-cents on Final Fantasy 7 Remake: well, I beat it and I was thoroughly satisfied. Enemies have too much super-armor sometimes and some bosses are just damage-sponges. Also the ending and last two chapters are freaking dumb, but whaddya gonna do? Wall Market was awesome, mostly because of how tasteful it was in its progressiveness than just being forcefully thrown in your face like some modern games have been lately. Also, the characterization of everybody has been improved times a thousand - much better than the original and I respect that.


    Overall 8.6/10 - better than the original, by a freaking mile. However, even then I should hold off on judgements until Part 3 in 2030, haha.

  19. So, I'm gonna say this one thing about the Final Fantasy 7 "Re:Make." The ending. I saw online and all I have to say about it is: fuck you Nomura. Keep your cryptic and pretentious Kingdom Hearts out of my Final Fantasy. And just to clarify, no there isn't any KH characters or anything, what I mean is: he essentially decided to go hog-wild with the ending and have his usual Kingdom Hearts story-telling "style" to it, and... just what the hell man? I saw someone streaming the game not too long ago and the game looked and played just as good as I had hoped, but the last two chapters are seriously gonna make you questions literally everything about it.


    Without giving anything away spoiler-wise, it basically is this: it's not a "Remake" but a "Re:Make" if that makes sense.


    A reimagining with alternate timelines, for some freaking reason, and certain characters meet different fates.


    I'm mixed on the game from what I saw. I like it because it's a remake of FF7, but some of the... liberties, let's say, were fucking stupid - all because Nomura had to come in and do his usual stupid dance on it. But, that's not to say the game is bad, because literally 90% of the game that I saw was awesome and some of the other liberties it took were actually really nice. But the others were just... just no, Nomura.


    If you're curious about the ending, you can google it and there is a Reddit post and a link to it, with someone who previously streamed the game.

  20. I just watched this for the first time and WELCOME TO YOUR NIGHTMARES!



    1. Dylanrockin


      I'm just gonna add to this, one more time: 


    2. Ojama Yellow

      Ojama Yellow

      to be fair this entire movie is about an lsd trip.

  21. I just watched Down the Rabbit Hole for the Final Fantasy House, and oh my God! I never vomited more at a story than that one.


    A genuine question to anyone and everyone here: at what point is it EXTREMELY unhealthy to associate yourself with a character so much, that you lose all sense of yourself as a person?

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    2. Dylanrockin


      That was a very detailed explanation and was exactly what I was looking for. Kudos to you for giving such a great explanation to that! I was really pondering this one day and really needed to dive more into it, because after watching that video it made me really question a lot of things I've experienced or indulged in myself and thought "how far is TOO far?" Thank you for clarifying that for me, that was an excellent response.

    3. AenaonDusky


      There's a big body of evidence piling up when it comes to internet, and especially explicit material addiction, with people abstaining from it reporting the resurfacing of emotions, feelings of well-being, sharp senses, reduced or inexistent brain fog, lessening and in some cases lifting of depressive symptoms, reduction of OCD symptoms, preexisting or otherwise, (re)manifestation of empathy, and even removal of social awkwardness. Seeing as this is in line with the addiction model (by the book), and that the "addiction pathways" (oversimplified) in the brain respond in the same way for every addictive behavior, external substances or not, all the aforementioned factors and early exposure might as well be a huge contributing factor to the problem you mentioned and the multitude of accompanying psychological problems that are associated with this kind of attachment.

      There's even evidence for the re-shaping of "strange" preferences, even...you know, of that kind. The plasticity of the brain seems to adapt to what is perceived as a potential partner, but enforced by the addictive nature of the behavior and the hyperstimulation caused by the material's novelty (or perceived novelty) and exaggerated, accentuating features. This essentially reshapes your brain into recognizing something that literally isn't human (even if the depiction of that is of a human on camera) as ...a partner you're "bonding" with.
      However, during actions that elevate pleasure, the dopamine response may be high, but oxytocin (loosely, a human bonding hormone) is not released as it happens in a true bonding case. This leaves the addict in a state of "self-love but with an object that mimics a human through exaggeration", causes or reinforces asociality, and strips the person of their potential for love for others . (Even worse, because of that exact attachment to the self-loved object, the person will defend their behavior or "subject" (well, object) of their behavior as if they're defending...a real person they love).

      If this behavior is reinforced, especially if someone has been exposed to it young, the result is: numb dopamine receptors, which means: lack of motivation, depression, inability to feel pleasure from daily activities, "emptiness", and a pseudo-stoic, rationalized attitude (the addict compensates for their numbed emotions through rational brain activity, which, however, cannot rescue them from their robot-limbo state, making them even more miserable and, as is self reported, "cynic").

      The good news is that brain plasticity is a real thing, and total abstinence (or at least attempts at it) from the behavior, especially after a 3months to 2years period (depending on intensity of exposure, length of exposure, and starting age) can actually "format" the brain and bring back the emotions, physical and mental strength, and vigor that had always been there. Of course, engagement with "hard" and out-of-the-comfort-zone activities are necessary in order to speedup this process. Some people might feel increased anxiety after being sober, but that's more due to the "new" emotions resurfacing and the person not having learned how to deal with these for years, rather than the anxiety itself. Although general sensitivity to both bad and good things is elevated too.

      It's really exciting from a humanistic point of view to see so many people reporting that they can finally feel pleasure from just being with others, from enjoying the morning sky, from achieving something! From a scientific perspective, we're constantly discovering that we know too little about biology, neurochemistry and human psychology, but what we do know, seems to suggest that while the human being is an incredibly complex one, the simplicity of some of the old ways and societal customs seem to hold the wisdom we've managed to re-discover for after hundreds of years of research. In a nutshell: overindulgence is bad for most, indulgence is generally not that good, joy from achieving (or even aiming for) a long-term goal lasts for a very long time and makes one whole, egocentrism is the root of personal problems, delayed gratification provides contentment in life (and not simply pleasure), discomfort must be pursued, and a fake world will always be a fake world, no matter how many attempts at rationalization the "denizen" of that world makes.

      When it comes to the influence of fictional characters, in animation and games especially, on people with either pre-existing conditions or much sensitivity, or too much imagination, or perhaps, a creative spirit, and reward system that would otherwise compensate them really well for being productive, the pleasure-seeking behavior that accompanies the young-age, or novel excitement of watching or playing during the first few times, grasps them much more firmly than others, and is difficult to throw off. Years pass, and the response to these activities is far lower. To compensate for this...the person indulges even more in these activities, just to feel that they can feel a bit more.


    4. Dylanrockin


      Holy toledo! You should make a video essay on this subject, like... for real! I bet you could do a damn good job on discussing it and making really good content out of it. Give this person an award for the best explanation that I never expected on the planet - like seriously! You quite literally covered all your bases and explained it all so well and answered any and all questions I could have.

  22. What acronyms annoy you/piss you off the most in conversation? For me it has to go to "smh." Something about that three-lettered acronym really gets me seething.

    1. Commander
    2. Dylanrockin


      Agreed, but for me more specifically "Mkay"

  23. So, I bought a PS4 specifically for Final Fantasy 7 Remake. What are some games people can recommend to me, besides KH3, which I am holding off on buying until there is more to it.

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    2. LemonJones


      God of War is very cool. It has changed from beat 'em up to Dark Souls that also tells an absorbing story. Combat feels very satisfying.

      Devil May Cry 5!

    3. Gentleman Jaggi

      Gentleman Jaggi

      Odin Sphere Leifthrasir is a really pretty game.


      I think there's still a big sale on Japanese games going on in the PS shop so definitely check there too.

    4. Maqqy


      NieR: Automata, Spiderman and Red Dead Redemption 2.

  24. As a post from me, to say "Hey guys what's up?" I wanted to say that my final musical that I will ever be in is the Drowsy Chaperone and I play the Underling. Which means I get spat on a lot:




    As a disclaimer, once I graduate I will SO MUCH free time to work on my game, once again, so I'm right now just waiting out this last musical (that I have to be in) and I will get back to dev work. I have so many ideas that I accumulated over the past couple of years!

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