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  1. @LKyuusei I did have that but whenever i pressed select nothing would happen. However, @SilverAngelus method worked like a charm!!! Thank you to the both of you for helping I truly appreciate it :)))
  2. Hello. I recently got softlocked in Rejuvenation v13 with 12 badges and I'm trying to find a previous save file to get myself out of there. I've looked at a bunch of forums with similar inquiries but none of the solutions seem to help as I cannot find my game.rxdata file (am on mac) anywhere in the folder. I have tried using Wine but it wouldn't open so I tried using Wineskin Winery and got to Step 7 of this: However, it would not allow me to move the folder inside for whatever reason. My folder looks like this: https://imgur.com/a/W7hYfLU Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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