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Pokemon Reborn Development Blog

Pokemon Rejuvenation Development Blog

Status Updates posted by Amethyst

  1. streaming more omori! we're hoping to finish today~


  2. we're streaming more omori today! come chill~ 


  3. we are live with the new game, hot off the presses, Osteoblasts! we are playing as a SKELETON who has a BONE to PICK with a pack of DOGGOs.
    we'll also be giving out one free copy of the game during the steam so if you'd like a chance to win, come visit!


  4. streaming Pizza Game tonight !!!!!!!!!!11111111!!!111111


  5. it's christmas and romance is in the air! tonight we're streaming the cutue otome dating sim, Pizza Game! come have a spuuuuer romantic night with us !


  6. well my ant friends, seems like like it's time for me to hit the ol' dusty phermone trail....

    1. Seal


      Yooo hol up is thi a mfing p h e r m o n e t r a i l lemme get a whif of that shit that good ahit aight imma follo it hope i dont get snatched by a bird or sum anteater bs fuck those anteaters they be eating ants and shit fuck em shits wack but that ant life

    2. Cerise


      The w h a t now???

  7. our animator robin is having a 12 hour productivity stream today! come join them and watch them put the moves on here!


  8. my favorite anime is oarenting high school host club

  9. The Starlight community open beta will begin Monday. Some details on the game here--


  10. streaming Pocket Mirror tonight! come join the evening halloween stream!


  11. streaming Hades! https://www.twitch.tv/AmethystBlack

    come with us; we will escape from Hell.

  12. hey folks, bored and looking for games to play? my friend @Lisax has been working on a cute little rpg and would like some more players and feedback! you can grab her demo here: 


    1. Dante52


      I will accept this call to adventure!

    2. Dreamy



      a cute little rpg


      filled with terrible monsters, horrible people

      RNG will hate you, monsters will attempt to brutalize you, and you may die, alot


    3. Amethyst


      so kawaii.... 😳 ✨

  13. we've added a randomizer mode to reborn and will be previewing some wacky testplay adventures with it on stream! join us in our ultimate calamity 


  14. hey virgo vs the zodiac is good please play it thanks details in video

  15. this is an actual test post if you are seeing this you are on the new database wowie

  16. hi someone asked me for a video on storytelling. that was their mistake.


    1. Evi Crystal

      Evi Crystal

      I have also a problem with making stories or creating OC's, because last years I did some pretty huge mistakes, that got me into trouble due to my self absorbed and made lots of plain stuff with a shady community. For weeks, I recieved some shady comments on Tumblr, Devianart and Wattpad and had to delete my accounts. Now I made new accounts and try to not make the same mistakes.


      But it really hard to create something very new, if you have insecurities about that and being afraid of criticism. Well Wattpad is known for it's weird stuff and pretty messed up stories mostly.


      I started to make my OC, Selene and gave her into a new look, because it firstly didn't fit her personality, so I give more lively light. For fanfics, the only concern I have is the demonizing and banned because of mature themes (not to extrem, but I'm a fan of those, but people made it much worse in Wattpad). Or didn't have the time because of Real Life...

  17. i want everyone to know that, no matter how silly my site maintenance messages may be, the actual process contains nothing for me but pure, unbridled despair.

    not even the fun DR kind either.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Amethyst


      its ok im just complaining, this is how i get by
      welcome, btw!

    3. Q-Jei


      Don't give up Amethyst! There are more than 40k members on this forum who love what you do and are ready to support you till the end! I'm one of them! Reborn is more than a game to me. And there's something really positive that comes from the community too! This had to be said! You transformed the last two years of my existence and changed them into something more beautiful among all the other years I've experienced in my life! I wouldn't have been the same person as I am today if all your hard work wouldn't have existed! I'm glad to be a member of Reborn Evolved, and I'm glad to be still here two years after I registered on your website! You deserve great esteem and appreciation, you and all those who work by your side! ❤️


      Please, never change ❤️

    4. Amethyst


      okay that is very sweet of you and genuinely appreciated in this trying time
      but also site hosting stuff is dumb and i hate it
      anyway like thank you and stuff

  18. streaming Bendy and the Ink Machine, starting in 15 minutes! 


  19. hello i am video :


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    2. Dreamy


      oh! I actually saw this in my youtube subs before here lol

    3. Maqqy


      Alistasia suddenly rose from the dead omg

    4. Amethyst


      is sudden name reveal yes

      and the radio star is SO dead

  20. happy birthday jan! can't believe you just turned 24 today!

    1. Jan


      I just turned 35

  21. okay we'll celebrate huey's seven and a halfth birthday on the weekend instead! he's off school now so it's better to do it today anyway! 

  22. we pick up with rejuv in the past again! let's take out worst gardevoir! how is it even possible for such a good pokemon to be so bad??

  23. rejuv v11! for real this time. no sidequests. well, idk about that. but less? sidequests?

  24. rejuvenation's back with souta! and you know what? souta's a punk-ass bitch. time to step on him.



  25. Pokemon Rejuvenation! Grand Dream City part 2, of like, idk, a gabillion probably.

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