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Fishing animation bug

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I know this is just a minor bug, but i noticed that the fishing animation is not working properly for some trainer characters. For those where it's not working they are just standing next to the water and dont play any animation while the fishing textbox is doing its thing.


Here are 2 screenshots for comparison

944751170_Fishing1.jpg.eda389c0c647988d5adb9825ef6644d3.jpg 734086944_Fishing2.jpg.2265289d768471cc315f61901cd08f1c.jpg


The male trainer does clearly use his fishing animation, while the female trainer does not. I have confirmed this bug by trying to fish in different locations with both characters. The male character did always use the animation, the female character didn't. I can't say if any of the other playable characters are affected as well, but i just wanted to share this piece of information.

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