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Enemy Gem Duplication.

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Kiki has a Hitmonlee that carries fake out/normal gem + unburden + High jump kick. This poses a serious threat to my ice mono with the speed boost. So my strategy was to throw in a fodder mon carrying a red card while Hitmonlee clicked fake out. I was given the prompt that normal gem strengthened fake out's power, then her Hitmonlee was promptly withdrawn. I was almost through with my sweep when Hitmonlee came back out and clicked fake out again. As if just to undermine my effort, I was given the prompt that a normal gem strengthened fake out's power again. Switched to a clean copy of the game without Waynolt's, though I doubted that had anything to do with it. And I was indeed able to duplicate this. 


foe clicks normal gem fake-out on a switched in mon carrying a red card, causing them to be withdrawn but allowing them to keep the normal gem, despite the prompt telling me it had already been used. 

Hope this helps, thanks dev team for this awesome fan game. 

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