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Shade Solar

Pokemon Reborn: A Phoenix's Journey

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Even though I just got to Malchous Forest, I will update the story as I go. Also, major spoilers as I continue my journey, so either turn away now for face the consequences of spoilers. Without further ado, lets start the story of my character, Phoenix


Chapter 1: Prologue 



Once upon a time in the Reborn Region, there was peace and prosperity, the people of Reborn were happy. I find that hard to believe now after the Crisis, during the Crisis, the environment of the region was devastated. As massive earthquakes left cities in ruins, an once cerulean colored lake tainted by pollution and poison, flora and forests growing out of control. To top it off, someone was pulling the strings of these disasters, no one knew who it was. Someone had one intention, destroy Reborn and it looks like they think they are successful. All that remains of Reborn, is the people. But they are wrong


My story begins on a train heading to Reborn, all I see out of the window are hills and destroyed houses, even a graveyard at one point. I was sent to Reborn by someone named Amethyst or Ame for short, she was talking to other trainers on the train, I bet they didn't know what they got themselves into. But first let me describe myself, I have dark greyish-blue hair with blue eyes on pale tan skin. I guess the word that describes me is neutral, as I usually stay out of other conflicts, but that would all change. Finally, Ame talks to me that we were going to arrive shortly. But she shorty paused and looked behind my back, I felt something cold and demonic behind me, as I turn around, all I saw was a figure, that was one second away from disappearing. It send chills behind my back, all I described the figure was that it was wearing a fedora hat and coat and has some type of mist around it, yet again I though it was my brain playing tricks on me. Ame than talks to me about how Reborn is different from other regions, then it happened. She makes me jump out the window, screaming that something was wrong with the train, I'd admit, if it wasn't for her, I'd probably be in a coffin right now. Then...




The train has exploded, causing everyone left on it to perish, how unfortunate. I was left with glass shards in my hair, but had no cuts or bruises some how. Apparently , the train exploded when it came into the station, it was strange but not the strangest thing to happen in Reborn. Firstly, Ame accuses Julia for the explosion cause of her fondness to bombs, but she was in her gym in the Lower Peridot Ward. "Thanks Ame, I owe you one" I said in a peaceful tone, she then replied back with a thanks, then Julia enters the scene. Julia, I describe as hyperactive and energetic, she has green hair and always wears yellow clothes. She then says that she is the Electric type gym leader of Reborn, and Ame says that the bombing of Grandview Station was intentional and was one of several terrorist attacks across Reborn. She then suggests that I go to Grand Hall to became a challenger for the Reborn League, while she conducts an investigation of the bombing.



I make my way to Grand Hall, preparing for a journey that I didn't prepare for. But one thing still bugged me, who was that figure on the train before it exploded, a ghost or a demon. I didn't know, but as I make my way to Grand Hall, I see shady characters all around me, with one person giving me an evil glare. Thanks a lot guys for the introduction, as I walk up the concrete stairs to Grand Hall, I take one more deep breath as I enter the journey that would change me and Reborn, forever.

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