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League of Legends: Reborn Rivals

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Been a very long time since I posted anything on these forums but I'm breaking the streak today. Recently I watched Twitch Rivals and it sparked the idea to have a similar event here. Honestly I don't know if enough of you will want to or even see this but I'm gonna try anyway.


The basic idea is to have a best of 5 series between two teams consisting of Reborn members. As for incentive I will personally gift every member of the winning team a skin of their choice. However, there will be some restrictions to that. To preserve my bank account I'm gonna have to not allow Ultimate and Legendary tier skins. If a skin is not your preference I can gift you a champion you do not own if that's what you prefer. It goes without saying I have to actually be able to obtain the skin in order to gift it to you.


As for the requirements. There are none other than you must be in on the North American server. You can be Grandmaster or Iron 4 or even Unranked. It's all for fun. We'll need at least 9 sign ups. I say 9 since I intend on participating. But if there's enough interest we can see about subs as well. I also ask that anyone that signs up be open to voice chat via Discord as it helps communication in game but it's not really a requirement if you're uncomfortable with that. As for the time. Ideally I'd like it to take place on a weekend. So Saturday or Sunday. If this generates enough interest I'll think of a more precise date and update everyone to see if what works. But as a placeholder I'll say this Saturday at 6pm EST.


Lastly, I ask that you share your summoner name as well as your preferred role and secondary role like so:


Summoner name: 



I'll start:


Summoner name: Mic Hauk

Primary/Secondary: ADC/Mid


Btw make sure you add me that way I can actually gift you and if you have any other questions feel free to ask them either here or where you'll be more likely to reach me Discord(Joker#5508)!

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That's a cool idea ! Unfortunately, i am on EUW, so i won't be a part of this, but i hope you'll get to have good matches !

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I'll hop in on this.


Summoner Name: Circumambient

Primary: Support

Secondary: Top/ADC

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