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"One Decade ago, Kyogre and Groudon awoke from their slumber. Hoenn became torn between two Natural Disasters: Severe Drought and Torrential Floods. A courageous few fought the Pokemon, trying to stop the destruction they caused. Maxie realized his mistakes, and tried to return Groudon to the Seafloor Cavern, but Archie stole the red orb, overtaken by Kyogre. In a last ditch attempt, Zinnia, the Draconid Lorekeeper, climbed the Sky Pillar, and captured Rayquaza, and silenced Kyogre and Groudon, and the two Pokemon returned to their slumber once more...."
-Excerpt from the Prologue.

One Decade after Kyogre and Groudon awoke, you, the player, arrive in Hoenn, which has changed drastically in the aftermath. New Cites are built, old ones are gone. What starts as out as a simple thievery opens up an entire new world, one that is not for the better. This world is corrupted by a evil that is made up of trainers from all over the universe, twisted and changed until they are nothing like their counterparts, seeking to create the ultimate Pokemon. All that they need are two Orbs that lie at the top of Mount Pyre.

And they got them thousands of times, but someone, chosen my Celebri, reverses time before they can do so, creating singularities that change the course of events, and lead to you being trapped, faraway from home.

Pokemon Worlds Apart is a fan game that has almost nothing to do with hoenn, and is mainly an anchor for events.

Development Progress:
Currently beginning work on Chapter 1

  • Once you enter the Fallen Realm, your will choose a side and whichever you choose will change the story
  • Unlike most games, this one is story based and it is impossible to complete all the gyms.
  • New Moves, New Corrupted and Light variants of many Pokemon
  • Cutscenes


  • PATCH 1.0.1!
    Game will need to be redownloaded.
    Fixed Mr.Briney's house causing the player to be stuck.
    Removed Rustboro Autorun.
    Choosing Treecko no longer crashes the game.
    New Additions:
    Buffed Natalie.
    Changed Natalie's text and battle themes.
    Added male player sprite.
    Changed Mount Pyre's first overworld theme.

    PATCH 1.1!
    Changes So far:
    Changed Lith's level to 20
    Changed Some Dialogue
    Added Intro Cutscene
    Now using Zeus Video Player
    Fixed Bug causing the interior tileset to be deleted.
    Using New overworld tileset, revamped some areas.
    Beat some bugs to death regarding the players being teleported into walls.

    Chapter One - Into the Dark, is being Developed.

    Download: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1McXuIUnbC2Q4wCCwRJlmM-qDRyN2Dfmu?usp=sharing


You are on an old version if:
A. Your Character is Ethan, and is not re-colored.
B. The game ends at Mount. Pyre.

How to Patch your game. (This is for those on older versions)
1. First, download the most recent Patch for the game. (The date will tell you. Make sure that you are on the correct version for the patch. The current patch is for all versions)
2. Extract the ZIP file.
3. Open the unzipped file, and go into the folder where the Game.exe file is located.
4. Press Control (Ctrl) + A and then Control + C
5. Open up the current version of Pokemon Worlds Apart
6. Press Control + V
7. Make sure to Merge all the folders and Copy and replace all the files.
8. Load the Game, and play.



Video Player by Zeus

Rips & Sound Effects, ripped from DS ROM, Gym Leader Remix by Jace

Aqualeaf Sequences by

Leu Sequences by

Noba Sequences by

Requests and tagging help by VGMusic.com forums

Hosting by Cat333Pokémon of VGMusic
---Transitions, Battles, and Overworlds---
Ravenide - Temp Dawn Mugshot
Hoenn Mugshots-Littlemetaldrop
Tons of trainer V3
Neo Spriteman's recource pack.
Zinnia Overworld By MegamanOmega
Tilesets from Zeak6464 region map pack
Possibly Some over worlds from Pokemon Insurgence
---Essentials and EBS---
Luka S.J, Marin and Maruno
If I missed any, please tell me!


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On 9/12/2019 at 8:28 PM, Gentleman Jaggi said:

Do you have any screenshots to show off?

Oh, yes I do. Quite a few, actualy. I'll try to upload them at some point this weekend.


On 9/13/2019 at 6:13 AM, Anaconda92230 said:

hi everyone how long this game? HOW MANY HOURS? HOW MANY BADGES SORRY FOR THE ENGLISH 

There is one badge- but thats not important in this game.

In total, the prolouge is about 2.5 hours long, working on chapter one now.

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