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Maxing IVs

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Hello anyone reading! I was wondering if the lady who can max out  IVs in the Dream District is working again/will be later in the story/will be in a later version. I was very excited by the prospect, I foolishly just went with the first Froakie I picked, and it's HP, Sp. Attack and Speed IV are either 0 or close to zero. So I saved up enough to boost all those stats (just constantly had the amulet coin on a pokemon) only to find when I finally arrived at the Dream District the feature had been removed! If anyone could help me get my Greninja to it's full potential, that would be amazing, even through illegitimate means, it is currently arguably the worst pokemon on my team, even with Protean! I'll leave the save file incase anyone feels kind enough to do so tinkering. 


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