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Lord Chespin

Pokemon Reborn Cool Funky Mode (Mechanics Change Mod- EPISODES 1-4 RELEASED)

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Once upon a time, there was a simple fan of Pokemon Reborn named Lord Chespin. One day, he discovered that another fan, named Commander, had created a mod of Pokemon Reborn called Pokemon Reborn Redux, which made the game harder and added additional subplots. Amazed by the effort, Lord Chespin decided he wanted to give back to the community in the same way. Around the same time, Lord Chespin discovered a mod for Pokemon Showdown called Cool Funky Mode, which changed several mechanics, rebalanced several Pokemon, and made the game more interesting in general. With these two mods fresh in his mind, Lord Chespin knew what he had to do.


And so, after two years of on-again off-again work, I, Lord Chespin, introduce you to...

Cool Funky Mode



So, what does this mod entail?

This mod is a mechanics overhaul mod. If you've ever played a Drayano hack like Pokemon Volt White / Blaze Black or Pokemon Sacred Gold / Storm Silver, you know what to expect. If not, let me break down some of the changes:

Buffing Underwhelming Pokemon! Pokemon like Castform, Silvally, Luvdisc, and Kricketune are actually useful now!

Buffing Underwhelming Moves! Multi-hit Poison Sting? Dual Chop never misses? 10,000,000-Volt Thunderbolt and Catastropika are regular moves and not Z-Moves? All this and more!

Buffing Underwhelming Abilities! Ice Body works like Flame Body but with Freezing! Clear Body prevents self-inflicted stat drops as well! Rock Head additionally boosts the critical-hit ratio of all recoil moves! Why the heck not?!

Buffing Underwhelming Mechanics in General! Paralysis is returned to its pre-Gen 7 speed reduction! Hail additionally weakens Water- and Fire-type moves! Regular Poison is actually viable, as Toxic Spikes isn't a thing anymore!

Restricting Common Polarizing Moves! Tired of Toxic, Scald, and Stealth Rock being spammed everywhere? Then look no further!

INTRINSIC LEVITATION! This is the big one! If a Pokemon is physically shown to be levitating or flying, it doesn't need Levitate to avoid Ground-type moves! While some Ground-type moves like Drill Run can still hit levitating Pokemon, they can only hit for Neutral damage or less!


About 99% of the changes can be found here: http://cancerfairy.weebly.com/

(Yes I am aware of the website's title, it's named after the mod's creator, Papa Cancer; he didn't mean to be offensive)


Additionally, we've got some other stuff, too!

A New Subplot! Join the CFM League, an offshoot of the Reborn League, and work with its quirky staff to unravel the new mechanics!

- New Events! Wynaut with an exclusive move before the first Gym? Chinchou before Shelly? Sure, why not!

New Sidequests! Recruit every single member of Corey's team, for example!

Gym Leader Rematches! Track down special CDs to take another swing at Gym Leaders!

- Three Different Possible Battles per Leader! Ripped straight from Inspired by Pokemon Reborn Redux! Choose from a Singles, Doubles, or Masters battle, and get special rewards for beating the Masters battle!




I forgot to take them while Beta-testing, so they're coming soonTM, I guess


Download Link:


And One Last Thing:


So, uh, this project was mainly to cut my teeth with RPGMaker, so I could eventually move onto my dream: my own fully-fledged original fangame, designed with these mechanics from the ground up. Unfortunately, I cannot draw sprites for the life of me. While I can do literally everything else, and I can probably do enough to finish the mod, I need some help if I ever want to finish a full fangame. So, if you enjoy the mod and want to help design sprites for both this and the original fangame I'm making, just hit me up; I need all the help I can get!


And, uh, that's all, I guess. If you enjoyed the mod, just comment below, and thank you for taking time out of your day to humor me!

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The guide says that greninja gets battle bond. Is that a thing in this mod?

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26 minutes ago, !!yxnT said:

The guide says that greninja gets battle bond. Is that a thing in this mod?


Yup! I coded it and everything!


You probably won't get to test it in the current release, though; I've removed Froakie, Chikorita and Torchic from the starter pool because Battle Bond, Grassy Surge, and Torchic's overall power kinda break the early-game. Don't worry, though; they'll be obtainable eventually!

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Hello! So far, I've had a lot of fun with your mod! I just beat LC with the Stakataka, and one of the trainers wanted to give me something as a reward. However, as he's about to, this happens:




Unfortunately, I'm stuck in this position forever. I've attached my save file to this post. If you could take a look at it, I'd appreciate it. Thanks!



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im having a lot of fun enjoying this also same thing happen to me with filthy after beating LC i was going to get the reward but game suddenly freeze.

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