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When we got inside of the mansion, we were astounded at how great the place looked. We knew it was gonna look good but not that good.



Venam: Good grief… Would you take a look at this place?

Matthew: This place is… awesome.

Luca: This place is very fancy… Maybe we can find something here.

Matthew: Are you still on that Luca? Sheesh.

Lenny: We’re not gonna loot the place Luca.

Luca: But why not? They’re the ones who came here into our turf. It’s only fair if we collect rent.

Matthew: I’m pretty sure stealing isn’t the same as collecting rent.

Lenny: Plus we don’t even know who lives here! This could be the home of some terrorist organization or something!

Matthew: Dude, I get that you’re worried and that’s fine but now you’re going overboard. Calm yourself.

Venam: Seriously! You’re starting to annoy the hell out of me! Stop complaining or go home by yourself!

Lenny: Ugh! Alright. Fine. I’ll go along with this but don’t come crying to me when-

???: Who’s there?!


All of us heard someone shout that. We looked around the room but couldn’t see anyone. Then the door closest to us started to shake and the door handle turned. A man came out of it looking severely pissed off. He was dressed all in proper clothing and had brown hair.



???: You insolent pests! And just what exactly are you 4 doing in my mansion?

Matthew: We were just uhh-

Lenny: E-Excuse me sir. We got lost trying to get home and… stumbled across this place?

???: Stumbled upon? No. You hooligans deliberately passed through both LOCKED gates and broke into my home! That is far from stumbling upon. You 4 came here for a reason.

Luca: Alright. Listen up dude. We’re here to collect rent bub. You can’t just move into our turf without telling us and without payin’. How’d you build this place in the sewers without anyone noticing?

???: Sewer? Rent? What are you going on about you blathering idiot?

Matthew: I’m telling you all that this isn’t the sewers. I mean hell. You could see the sky outside!

???: I have no idea why you 4 are here but I’m ordering all of you to leave now. You should all be grateful that I am feeling extraordinarily merciful today.

Venam: We’re not leaving. You’re on my property and I demand to be paid for it.

Matthew: Are… Are none of you listening to me?!

???: So be it. The consequences are on you.

Venam: Hmph… What’s your name anyway?

Indriad: My name is Indriad. Indriad Theolia. And I guarantee that none of you will forget that name.

Lenny: W-Why’d he say it like that?

Venam: Quiet down Lenny. So Mr. Theolia, we have a lot of things to discuss.

Indriad: We do. We certainly do. Tell me. Have any of you heard of the Dual Prophecies?

Matthew: Wait… The Dual Prophecies? You don’t mean the Light and Dark-

Indriad: Ahh. So you do. That’s… a little odd though.

Venam: Why’s that?

Indriad: They’re written in an ancient language that almost no 1 should be able to read. Even though you seem to know them, I shall explain anyways. They both go hand in hand. In the prophecy of light, the world is in paradise. In the prophecy of darkness, the world is in utter despair.

Luca: Ok? What’s the point of telling us this? Sounds like a bunch of rubbish?

Matthew: Luca… Quiet.

Venam: Matt?

Indraid:… In the prophecies, there is mention of 8 people. 4 Lights, 4 Darknesses.

Venam: That’s pretty cliche. So lemme guess. They’re chosen heroes and villains?

Indriad: Not chosen. Only ones that fir the description. It does not necessarily mean 1 individual.

Luca: And that description is?

Indriad: Irrelevant. That’s all I have to tell you 4 for now.

Matthew: No! Tell us the descriptions!

Indriad: Quiet! You may learn… But for now, since you all refuse to leave, I’m afraid that I’ve taken drastic measures to see that you all do not escape.

Venam: Escape? The hell do you mean?

Indriad: As this conversation went on, my lovely servants have locked both gates and blocked all passageways in between.

Lenny: Y-You’re trapping us here?

Indriad: Trap? No. I gave you a choice to leave and you decided to not listen to me. I said the consequences were on you.

Matthew: So then you talking about all of that prophecy stuff was just a distraction.

Indriad: Indeed.

Venam: Whatever man. You think we’re just gonna give up because you locked up some gates? If we have to resort to violence, the violence there shall be.

Matthew: Venam! Watch what you’re saying will ya?! This isn’t the time to be threatening someone!

Indriad: Do you think I’m ignorant? Fine. If that’s the way you want to play the game, then I’ll cheat.

Luca: Cheat? What do you mean ch-

Indriad: Maids!


Instantly, maids were teleported next to each of us.



We had no idea how they did that or where they came from. Indriad instructed them to take us away somewhere and that we’d be needed for some kind of ceremony. 1 by 1, Venam, Luca and Lenny were taken away. But when it was my turn, he stopped the maid. It seemed as though he was going to tell me something but decided not to and had the made teleport me somewhere. I had no idea where I was. Everything was just pure darkness. I couldn’t move. I couldn’t make a noise, I couldn’t even really breath but I was still alive. Suddenly, I felt myself move super fast and in an instant, I was standing in a room. I had no clue where I was now. When I looked in front of me, I saw a little girl standing there looking at me. I yelped a bit and jumped back. I wasn’t expecting someone to be there. I didn’t know who this could be.



???: H-Hey. Are you feeling ok?

Matthew: W-W-What happened? Where am I?

???: Well you’re talking so I assume you’re fine. You’re still in the mansion.

Matthew: So I’m still in danger then…

???: Listen to me. I’ve completed your trial and freed you.

Matthew: Trial? Freed me?

???: There’s no time to explain! If you’re smart, you’d leave now!

Matthew: What? But… I can’t.

???: You have to! I don’t know why you even came here in the 1st place!

Matthew: Well I mean my friends made me.

???: Ohh boy. If father found out that I rescued you… He would do terrible things. Now just get out of here ok? I’m going back to my room.

Matthew: Wha- Wait!


The little girl was already out of the room though. I felt like I could trust this girl because she was adamant about me leaving this place. But I knew that I couldn’t. I had to somehow save Venam, Luca and Lenny from this place. I went to the door and slowly opened it. I checked to make sure there weren’t any maids or that Indriad guy out in the halls. I checked all the rooms that were unlocked to see if I could find anyone. Unfortunately, most of them were locked. I finally found a door unlocked and sneakily went in. But luckily, it was that little girl’s room. She turned around when she heard me close her door.


???: What?! Why are you in my room?

Matthew: I’m sorry. I was just trying to find my friends. I’m trying to rescue them.

???: Your friends huh? Unfortunately, I don’t know what I can do about them… They’re not anywhere inside the mansion. They’re probably located somewhere in the crypts.

Matthew: The crypts? Sweet.

???: No. Not sweet.

Matthew: Why not?

???: Going there would basically blow your cover…

Matthew: Maybe so but I need to save them.

???: No. It’s a stupid idea. Just take the chance and get out of here!

Matthew: That’s… That’s insane. I could never abandon my friends. If I were in their situation, they’d do anything to save me. I’m not giving up on them.

???: I… I see… I suppose… it would be better to confront my father rather than sneaking around under his nose.

Matthew: Confront him? Are you serious?

???: Hmm… It’s decided! I’ll help you get your friends back ok?

Matthew: You will? But what about your father? Won’t you get in trouble for helping me?

???: Probably but there’s also no way you can get around the manor by yourself anyways… Even I wouldn’t be able to do this by myself. So we’ll team up, find all your friends and get out of here!

Matthew: Great! Thanks little girl. Err… What’s your name?

Marianette: Huh? Ohh! How silly of me! I apologize. My name is Maria… nette. Marianette.

Matthew: Ok Marianette. Are you sure you can help me though?

Marianette: Hey! I may only be 10 years old but I can get things done if I have help!

Matthew: I wasn’t implying anything but ok. I believe you.

Marianette: So if we’re gonna go to my father, we have to go to his room. It’s the very top floor of this mansion.

Matthew: Alright. Let’s go then. I have some things I wanna-

Marianette: Uhh… I think it’d be better if I do the speaking ok?

Matthew: But… Well I suppose I’ll let you do it.

Marianette: Good! Don’t worry. I’ll figure something out. EEEEEE YAY! Matthew and Matthew! Teaming up to take down the forces of evil! Hehe…

Matthew: Shh! You don’t want to alert your father or maids before we make it up there do you?

Marianette: Ohh! Whoops… Sorry.


This girl might have been a handful but I somehow felt safer with her around. That felt awkward though. I felt safer in a house with a 10 year old girl joining me. We exited her room and made our way upstairs. When we were gonna go into her fathers room though, a maid was there. She wouldn’t allow us to proceed through.


Marianette: Excuse me but I would like to speak to my father.

Maid: Your father isn’t seeing guests at the moment.

Matthew: Guests? This is his damn daughter. What do you mean guests?

Maid: Sorry but that even goes for you too Marianette.

Marianette: Isn’t there anything we can do to let you allow us through?

Maid: Well… I suppose there’s 1 thing you can do.

Matthew: Yea? And what’s that?

Maid: Complete my trail and I’ll let you through.

Marianette: Ugh. I should have known. You maids are all the same. Well let’s hear it then. What’s your trial?

Maid: I would like the both of you to find another maid somewhere in the mansion. She’s been slacking off recently and it’s time for her to fix up her act. If she doesn’t… Well, let’s just say she won’t be around much longer. Master Indriad would not be pleased.

Marianette: Fine. We’ll find this maid for you.


Marianette pushed me down away from the maid as if she wanted to talk to me alone. I could see the fear in her eyes.


Matthew: Hey. What’s wrong?

Marianette: Matt… I don’t know how to explain this exactly but… the maids here in the mansion seem to have some similarities with my father… My father… He loves to put me through these trails as if they were mini-games.

Matthew: Are you serious?! That’s fucked up. Why does he do that to you? You’re his daughter?

Marianette: I’m not sure… Some of these trials I’ve went on got incredibly… dangerous.

Matthew: So we have to be careful.

Marianette: Yes. Also, if we want any kind of help from these maids, they’ll probably ask us to complete a trial 1st.

Matthew: I’m really sorry that things are that bad for you here.

Marianette: It’s ok. T-That’s just the way things are around here… A world full of neverending games…

Matthew: Marianette…


I could see the sadness in the little girls eyes. She couldn’t stay here. I wouldn’t allow it. But I couldn’t say anything now. I kept it to myself for the time being. The 2 of us began our search for this maid. Luckily for us, it didn’t take too long to find her. She was sitting on a couch.



Maid: What’s this now?

Marianette: Hey… Do you happen to know the maid guarding my father’s room?

Maid: Perhaps…

Matthew: Well it’s time for you to stop slouching or else you ain’t gonna be here long… apparently.

Maid: Is that so? But why does that concern you 2?

Marianette: She won’t let us through unless we get you to return to your post.

Maid: Ohh… I see… A trial then is it?

Matthew: Yes. Why? You going to give us 1 too?

Maid: As a matter of fact, yes.

Matthew: What? But I was just joking.

Marianette: Like I said Matthew, they all do this. So what is your trial?

Maid: Teehee. Smart girl. I lost something somewhere out on the courtyard… If you can find it for me, I’ll mark my trial as complete. Thus I shall return back to my post and you’ll be able to talk to Indriad…

Matthew: Fine. What did you lose?

Maid: I lost my precious bracelet that Indriad gave me a long time ago… It’s so important to me… So important that I haven’t been able to complete anything.

Marianette: Then I suppose we’ll have a look then…


We left the room and entered the courtyard area to search for the bracelet. I was getting annoyed with all of these stupid trials. They were getting annoying. We eventually found the bracelet and returned back to the maid.


Matthew: Here’s your bracelet back?

Maid: Ohh dear… Oh my… Could it be? Yes. This is indeed the bracelet I lost.

Matthew: Alright. Good. Trial complete. Let’s go upstairs Ma-

Maid: Actually, I have 1 more trial for the 2 of you.

Marianette: What?! But you already gave us a trial!

Maid: Sorry, not sorry. But this is more of a solo trial. Your name. It’s Matthew right?

Matthew: Yea? Why?

Maid: I sense a great power emanating from you. You’re absolutely glowing. I wonder. Could this just be inner potential? Or perhaps it’s something much deeper than that? Either way, I’m curious…

Matthew: Ok… You’re kind of creeping me out her. What is it already?

Maid: A battle.

Matthew: Wait. Really?

Maid: Mhm.

Matthew: Well would you look at that. A trial I can actually get behind. Fine. Let’s do this. I need to release some pent up frustration anyways.


The battle between us started. I was into the battle more than usual because it was helping me stress out. When the match came to an end, I stood there the victor. The maid seemed really impressed.


Maid: Oh dear… That power is quite remarkable.

Matthew: Well I mean I guess but-

Maid: But that’s not what I saw before. No. What I saw… was something with even more untapped potential.

Matthew: What do you mean?

Maid: I can’t tell you. You’ll find out on your own. But a deal’s a deal. Even though I hate it. I will return to my post and continue working. That should fulfill your trial with the maid upstairs right?

Marianette: Yes. Thank you.

Maid: Well have fun I guess. Don’t die to Indriad. -leaves the room-

Matthew: Don’t die to Indriad? Would he really kill you?

Marianette: I wouldn’t put it past him.

Matthew: I can’t believe he would do that to his own daughter.

Marianette: Yea… It’s horrible… But come on. We should get to his room. Now remember. Let me do most of the talking when we get there.

Matthew: Alright. I trust you.


The 2 of us started to make our way upstairs. The maid we saw before blocking the way to Indriad’s room was no longer there. We went through the door and continued to follow the hallways until we were outside of his room. But as soon as we were about to go inside, Marianette backed away slowly. I didn’t know what was going on with her.


Matthew: Marianette?

Marianette: I’m sorry Matthew. I’m just… scared.

Matthew: Hey hey. It’s ok. I’ll be there with you.

Marianette: I know but… is this such a good idea.

Matthew: What’s wrong?

Marianette: I’m just afraid of the consequences. Of what could happen if this doesn’t go as planned. I’m overthinking I suppose… I just…

Matthew: It’s ok to be scared. I get it. I would be too if he was my father.

Marianette: I remember the 1 time I did this. I spoke up to him once and that… It…

Matthew: What? What happened?

Marianette: It left me with a bruise on my arm.

Matthew: He did that to you?

Marianette: Yea… I’m alright now though.

Matthew: I’m not sure if I should let you in now Marianette.

Marianette: No no! I’m good now! Plus, I have you with me Matthew. You’re strong and you can protect me… Not to sound like I’m using you for defense…

Matthew: It’s fine really. If you feel scared though, you can hide behind me.

Marianette: You sure?

Matthew: Mhm. We’re friends after all.

Marianette: Thanks Matt… I really shouldn’t think about this too much though. Let’s go in… together.


The 2 of us entered Indriad’s room. He was just standing there with his back turned towards us. Marianette stood beside me but her fear must have gotten the better of her because she hid behind me as soon as she heard her father grunt.



Indriad: Honestly Marianette? You come this far just to hide behind a lowly prisoner? Even you cannot be that horribly distasteful.

Matthew: For 1, I am no one’s prisoner. And 2, I don’t blame her for being scared. You treat her horribly and-

Marianette: N-No… I can do this Matthew. -walks up beside him- Father, we wish to speak to you on the status of Guzma’s companions.

Indriad: Well that’s obvious. What other reason would you have to come here and bore me? Matthew, You have no 1 to blame but yourself.

Matthew: What do you mean?

Indriad: I gave you and your friends a chance to leave my house voluntarily but you chose the stubborn route. Or rather, you had that route chosen for you… Isn’t that more accurate?

Matthew: While that maybe true, I don’t care. What I care about is how you’re treating your daughter and-

Indriad: You’re no father. You have no right to tell me how to raise my child.

Matthew: Why you-

Marianette: Matthew… Please…

Matthew:… Fine.

Marianette: We want you to free the other 3 father.

Indriad: And why in the world would I do such a thing?They’re my property now and that’s just how it’s going to be. You freed Matthew from their prison. Is that not enough for you? You selfish girl. Leave Matthew. Or are you going to choose the stubborn road again?

Matthew: Leave them? I’d never leave them. I-

Marianette:… Fine. If that’s how you want to be father. I can choose myself too. How about we play a little game?

Matthew: A… game?

Indriad: A game you say? Hmm. Interesting. And what would this game entail?

Marianette: If Matthew and I can find and free the others, you’ll let us go.

Indriad: And what do you mean by “us”?

Marianette: Us as in I am including myself in this game. I no longer wish to stay here at the mansion.

Indriad: Ok. And what happens if you 2 are to lose this game?

Marianette:… You can do whatever you wish. You get to choose what you get.


I couldn’t believe what she just said. That if we lost that this man could do anything he wants to not only her but me and my friends as well. At the same time though, I knew that this was probably our only best shot at escaping this place.


Matthew:… Not that you care what I say most likely but I agree to the terms as well.

Indriad: Ahh. I was not expecting you to agree. Fascinating. And you Marianette. Your determination is quite impressive. It… reminds me of your mother. But unfortunately for both of us, we had her snatched away from us. Which 2 people in this room have witnessed…

Matthew: So… do you accept?

Indriad: Fine. I accept your terms. If you 2 are to successfully win this game, you will all leave… together. And, being the gracious man that I am, I’ll leave you with a hint. In all 3 corners of this mansion, I have hidden 3 souls in plain sight. Only with the completion of these trials will they emerge from their slumber.

Marianette:… Thank you father. We’ll be going now.


The 2 of us exited his room. I felt a bit calmer now that we had a chance at saving Venam and the others. But when I looked at Marianette, she seemed troubled.


Matthew: Marianette?

Marianette: No… But why?

Matthew: What is it?

Marianette: Matthew, I know my father… That was way too easy… Just way too easy…

Matthew: So what are you saying? That he’s not gonna let us go then?

Marianette: I don’t know… Maybe I’m just overthinking it. It could have been because I gave him freedom to choose his reward if he won, but… No… No, something abut that conversation just gives me the absolute chills… I can’t… Listen to me Matthew. Even if we win, he’ll never let us go.

Matthew: So then what was the point of that whole conversation with him for?

Marianette: I-I’ll think of something… But we have to win this game no matter what Matthew.

Matthew: Well at the very least, it seems we have free roam of the mansion and I don’t have to worry about being captured again. What do we do 1st?

Marianette: Hmm… Well father said that he hid your friends within the 3 corners of the mansion. To the left, there’s a hedge garden. To the right, there’s a poolside. And to the south, there’s the gates and statue with the Dual Prophecies. We’ll need to investigate all 3 of these places. But don’t worry. I’m not afraid anymore!

Matthew: Hmm. I’m glad you’re not anymore. We’ll win no matter what.

Marianette: Yea! I’m gonna help you win! I mean, I have to… If we don’t win, we’ll… we’ll…

Matthew: Hey. Let’s not focus on the not winning part because we’re gonna win this. Right?

Marianette: Uhh yes. Yes! Let’s just focus on your friends. Lead the way Matthew.





Gabite (Taka)/Male/Level 27

Nature: Adamant/Ability: Rough Skin

Held Item: None

Moveset: Dual Chop/Slash/Sand Tomb/Dragon Rage



Duskull (Krep)/Male/Level 27

Nature: Careful/Ability: Levitate

Held Item: None

Moveset: Night Shade/Will-O-Wisp/Shadow Sneak/Destiny Bond



Monferno (Rousey)/Female/Level 27

Nature: Adamant/Ability: Iron Fist

Held Item: None

Moveset: Flame Wheel/Mach Punch/Flame Charge/Rock Smash



Ducklett (Darlin')/Female/Level 27

Nature: Timid/Ability: Keen Eye

Held Item: None

Moveset: Water Pulse/Bubble Beam/Air Slash/Feather Dance



Aipom (Handy Manny)/Male/Level 27

Nature: Adamant/Ability: Run Away

Held Item: None

Moveset: Covet/Scratch/Fake Out/Tickle



Seviper (Venamica)/Female/Level 27

Nature: Adamant/Ability: Infiltrator

Held Item: Poison Barb

Moveset: Poison Sweep/Night Slash/Poison Fang/Glare




Nature: Timid/Ability: Lightningrod

Held Item: None

Moveset: Electro Ball/Swift/Nuzzle/Charm



Tangela (Tangy)/Male/Level 27

Nature: Relaxed/Ability: Regenerator

Held Item: None

Moveset: Mega Drain/Knock Off/Extreme Speed/Growth




Indriad: +0 (0/10) - This dude is out of his mind. 1st, he captures me and all of my friends. Then I learn that he doesn't treat his kid right? What is wrong with this dude?


Marianette: +10 (10/10) - I can't believe that this little girl lives with her psycho dad. When we win this "game", I'm getting her the hell out of her.




1 Week & 4 Days




Question Of The Thread #21 - What are your thought on Indriad and Marianette?

My Answer - I like Marianette and I feel bad that she has to live with her crazy father. Now Indriad… While I do dislike him, I like how he hints at something that won't happen til later in the game. If you don't know what I mean, when he talks about Anathea being taken away, he says that 2 people in the room witnessed it. We see it later on in the game. That's just really awesome. So glad I caught onto that.


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The 2 of us went running down to the ground floor and we were just about to go outside to find these crypts but a maid standing by the table spotted us and called us over.


Maid: Why it’s you 2. What are you both doing around the manor? It’s very unusual for Indriad to have… guests.

Matthew: Again with that? Anyways, Indriad gave us a trial and we’re trying to complete it so we can save my 3 friends. So if you don’t mind-

Maid: Wait. 3? Only 3?

Matthew: Yea? I had 3 other people here with me.

Maid: Ohoho… Interesting… Very interesting indeed.

Matthew: What is she going on about?

Marianette: I’m not entirely sure.

Maid: This is perfect. I’ll give you my own trial as well.

Marianette: But we’re already-

Maid: This 1 is entirely up to you whether you want to complete it or not though.

Matthew: Well… Alright. What is it?

Marianette: Really?

Matthew: Yea. It might be useful and maybe we can find out more stuff.

Marianette: True… So what’s the trial?

Maid: 3 maids have been scattered across the area. Find them and defeat them in battle. When all 3 maids are defeated in battle, your trial will be complete. Your reward will be made clear after it is complete.

Matthew: Another trial I don’t mind doing. Fine. We accept.

Marianette: Yea! That’ll be easy to do I think…


We figured that the maids had to be in the same areas where my friends were at. We 1st decided to check the courtyard. As we started to check the courtyard, we heard a Pokemon cry. As we got closer to a bunch of tree, the cries got louder and louder. We soon saw who the Pokemon was. It was a Liepard. It seemed to be trying to hide from something or someone. Most likely the maids.



Marianette: Ohh this poor Liepard…

Matthew: What’s wrong with it?

Marianette: My father and the maids have tried to sacrifice this Liepard many times before.

Matthew: Sacrifice it?!

Marianette: Mhm. Luckily though, it’s been able to get away every time. But I think it’s really afraid of them.


Marianette cautiously went over to the Pokemon. Liepard tried to back up more but it couldn’t. Marianette reached out her hand to pet it. The Pokemon clenched its eyes shut, fearing that it was going to be harmed in some way. But when it felt her just petting it, it slowly opened its eyes. When it realized it wasn’t going to be harmed, it relaxed a bit. It seemed happy now. I wanted to pet it too so I walked over and started to pet its head. It seemed like it hadn’t been happy in forever. I was glad I was able to make this Pokemon happy. Suddenly, the 3 of us could hear noises coming from behind us. I turned around and right there, standing in front of me, was a maid.


Maid: Ahh. Liepard. It’s time to be sacrificed once and for all.

Liepard: Lie! Liepard!

Matthew: Hold on there… Are you 1 of the maids then maid in the house said I’d have to battle?

Maid: Yes I am.

Matthew: Good. I’ll make you a deal.

Maid: A deal you say…? Alright. I’m listening.

Matthew: We’ll battle. If I win, you leave the Liepard alone. If you win, you can take both the Liepard and me to be sacrificed.

Marianette: Matthew?! What are you doing?!

Maid: Interesting… I accept.

Matthew: Good. And don’t worry Marianette. I got this.


The battle between me and the maid started. She actually had some pretty good Pokemon and for a second, I thought I would lose. Thankfully, I was able to come out victorious. I had not only beaten 1 of the maids but also saved this Liepard.


Maid: Fine. I shall leave it alone. -leaves the area-

Matthew: Well you’re safe for now Liepard.

Liepard: Pard Liepard. -rubs its head up against me-

Marianette: They may leave it alone for a while but they will eventually try getting it again.

Matthew: Hmm… Lieaprd? Do you wanna come with me?

Marianette: That’s a great idea Matt! So do you wanna go with him?


The Liepard looked at me, seemingly shocked that I wanted to take it with me to be a part of my team. Its eyes glistened and a smile formed on its face. It jumped up onto me and started licking my face. I took that as a yes. I reached into my bag and pulled out a Fast Ball. I held it out in front of the Pokemon. The Liepard bumped it with its face and went inside. The ball jiggled for a bit and then stopped. Liepard was officially my Pokemon.


Marianette: Congratulations on catching a new friend Matt!

Matthew: Thanks. Hopefully, it’ll be start to feel more relaxed when we get out of here.

Marianette: Come on. We gotta find your friends.


Once again, we searched the courtyard for any trace of where my friends could be. When we got to the Absol statue though, there appeared to be a hole there. We went inside. There wasn’t really anything in here except for some lit candles and a mirror. I went up to the mirror but surprisingly, I couldn’t see my reflection.


Matthew: What’s up with this mirror? I can’t see my reflection.

Marianette: Is this really the only thing in the room though?

Matthew: It seems like it.


Just then, fog started to come into the area. Marianette and I were both shocked but this sudden fog. We tunred around and were about to head out when we heard a voice.


???: What reflects in a mirror?

Matthew: The hell?

Marianette: Who said that?

???: What reflects can only be the truth. Let us see if that can be said the same about you. Do you know the truth? Do you want to know? Are you afraid to know? Let us see…


Just then, 4 Venams appeared in the room. None of us knew what the heck was going on. They were just standing there though. They didn’t try to attack us or even move. They just stood there. Watching us.



Marianette: W-Who is this?

Matthew: It’s my friend Venam but… there’s not 4 of them.

Top Left Venam: Who cares about anyone. I only care about myself. Everyone else who gets in my way should just disappear!

Top Right Venam: If Matthew would’ve been a better trainer, we could’ve done something at Amethyst Cave. But they weren’t… It’s their fault that Melia is gone now. It’s their fault that everything in my life has gone to shit. I can never forgive him for what they’ve done.

Bottom Left Venam: We all did our best to save our friend but in the end, it wasn’t enough. We were all too weak to do anything… We were all at fault. There was nothing we could do.

Bottom Right Venam: Who cares what Matthew thinks. I let him beat me because it was for Melia’s sake. If I didn’t hold back, we’d lose her… and we did. Ren and I should’ve just left to find her the moment we knew she was in trouble. Now it’s too late.

Matthew: What the hell was that about? Is that what she really thinks…? No… No it can’t be.

Marianette: Ohh! I think I get what we have to do!

Matthew: Alright. So what do we do?

Marianette: That voice before said the mirror can only reflect the truth. Whether that means that it can show 1 truth or many truths is another story… I think what you have to do is pick the 1 you believe is true.

Matthew: Pick the 1 I believe is true huh? That doesn’t sound hard.

Marianette: But that also doesn’t mean there’s no wrong answer… You need to pick the real truth that’s hidden behind lies.

Matthew: Alright. Let me think.


I had to think about this really carefully. I knew the Top Left Venam was lying because I knew how much she cared for Melia and Ren when we were hanging out. The Top Right Venam was lying because she defended me back in Amethsyt Cave when Zetta blamed me for what possibly happened to Melia. The Bottom Right Venam was lying because she really wanted my help. I could tell by the way she was talking to me when everything was happening. The Bottom Left Venam was the 1 telling the truth. She was upset that we weren’t strong enough to do anything but she wasn’t blaming any of us.


Matthew: Alright. The 1 that’s telling the truth is the 1 at the bottom left.

Bottom Left Venam: Heh… That’s correct.


A bright light filled the room. When I regained my vision, I saw 4 Rens in the room. Marianette didn’t seemed to shock by this.


Matthew: What’s going on? I thought I got it right?

Marianette: You did but I figured this would happen. We’d be tested more than once. Don’t worry. It’s the same as the previous 1.

Matthew: Ok.

Top Left Ren: I couldn’t care less about the people who think of me as their “friend.” Friendship is wasted on me. I don’t feel the same way back. I have my own agenda.

Top Right Ren: I was sort of happy to know that Melia was on the run. I was sick of her weakness. It only brought me down. Everything that happened to her was absolutely deserved.

Bottom Left Ren: What am I doing anything for? Just to waste my time, that’s what. Gearen City is just a hole of nothing of interest. It was a waste of time to even think about moving there.

Bottom Right Ren: I care about my friends a whole lot. I was devastated to hear about Melia’s situation. I always have the best intentions, even if the result is skewed. I just want to be there for everyone. The opposite of what my town has done.


Again, I thought about this carefully. The Top Left Ren was lying because I could tell he valued all of the friends he had made. The Top Right Ren was lying because he would never be that way towards her. He was really close to her. The Bottom Left Ren was lying because I knew he didn’t think of Gearen City like that. The 1 that was telling the truth was the Bottom Right Ren. I knew he was sad when he heard about Melia. And I could see how he wants to be there for people whenever I was around him.


Matthew: Alright. This time… it’s the bottom right.

Bottom Right Ren: I’m glad… that you saw the real me.


Again, a bright light flashed the room. When my vision got back to normal, there were 4 Aelitas this time.


Marianette: This should be the last 1.

Matthew: I hope so. Hearing all of this stuff is kind of making me feel a little down.

Top Left Aelita: No 1 ever tells me anything…! I feel like I’m absolutely powerless most of the time… I just want to help everyone, ok? That’s my ambition.

Top Right Aelita: I feel like my father never loved me… I know he just wanted me gone from the moment I was born. He didn’t do anything to protect me! To protect anyone!

Bottom Left Aelita: Sheridan Village is nothing without Sensei. We should all just give up and go our separate ways. In fact… that’s why I was so eager to leave with Matthew. This place was just… a lost cause.

Bottom Right Aelita: I found it really helpful that Matthew fought for us at Carotos Mountain. I can just use his power to get things done from now on. I’m sure they won’t mind? Maybe I can convince them to live in Sheridan.


This 1 was too easy to see the truth. The Top Left Aelita was the 1 telling the truth. The Eldest was keeping some things from here and probably still is. She tried her damnedest to help out when we were inside of Carotos Mountain. All the other ones just sounded the total exact opposite of her.


Matthew: Easy. The 1 telling the truth here is the Top Left 1.

Top Left Aelita: A sad truth… But perhaps you can help me overcome it?


The 4 Aelitas disappeared. Marianette and I went over to the mirror to see if anything changed. It didn’t look like it did but when I went to touch the mirror, it disappeared, revealing another room. We went inside and in there, we could see a white box of sorts there. It looked like the same 1 I saw when Marianette rescued me. We touched the box. A purple orb floated up above us. When the orb crashed down to the ground, Venam popped up. I was so excited to see her again.



Matthew: Venam!

Venam: Matthew? What? Where the hell am I?

Marianette: Well your soul was trapped by my father. So…

Venam: So you and Matthew saved me. Why am I not surprised…

Matthew: You could be a little more grateful.

Venam: I am grateful Matt. Trust me. I just… I always seem to be getting saved by someone.

Marianette: But that’s not a bad thing right? That means other people genuinely care for you.

Venam: Yea… but it’s not fair for them. This is my fault anyways. I went too far… again. I always do shit like this. I think about myself all the time without thinking of the consequences.

Matthew: Venam… It’s ok. You’re safe now.

Marianette: Plus, you can use this as a learning experience… Don’t be so rash and think about things.

Venam: I guess you’re right… So where are the others?

Matthew: That Indriad dude captured them just like he did to you.

Marianette: We’re trying-

Venam: Is there any way I can help?

Marianette: The best thing you can do right now is to wait in the mansion until Matthew and I are finished.

Matthew: And don’t worry about a thing Venam. Me and Marianette got this. You worry about yourself for right now.

Venam: I see… Well I’m just going to listen to you this time. I’ll go back and behave until things are settled. Please… stay safe you 2. -leaves the room-

Marianette: She’s a sweet girl isn’t she?

Matthew: Yea. That’s the 1st time I seen her like that.

Marianette: She probably just has a hard time showing that side of her.

Matthew: Yea… Maybe… Come on though. We gotta save the other 2.

Marianette: Right!


We got out of the room and back into the mansion. We headed to the left towards the hedge garden. But while we were about to go more into it, Marianette stopped and just stared at the hedges.


Matthew: Marianette?

Marianette: Hmm? Ohh. Sorry. Just… this is the hedge maze… Often, my father would hide things here for me to find.

Matthew: Like what?

Marianette: Toys or anything for me to play with. He never was the type to hand me anything directly. It always had to be through some sort of weird trial. I’m so sick of that word now… “trial.” It implies something that can be overcome.

Matthew: I think I’m starting to get sick of that word now too.

Marianette: But then again, it’s been like this for so long now. Ever since… that time…

Matthew: What are you talking about?

Marianette: I’m sorry Matthew… I just can’t talk about it right now. Maybe some other time. I’m sorry for distracting you. We should really go save your friends now.


I was worried for Marianette. Whatever happened was really affecting her. We started to try to find our way through the hedge maze. While going through it, we eventually found the 2nd maid I was supposed to face in battle. Just like the previous maid, I came out the winner. We continued our way through the hedge maze until we came across a weird looking door. We opened it and went inside. It looked very similar to where we had freed Venam except this time, there was no fog. The 2 of us touched the box and out came Lenny. He was obviously shaken up and confused.



Lenny: Wh-Where am I?

Matthew: Calm down Lenny. We saved you.

Marianette: Yes. Your soul was trapped by my father… Matthew and I rescued you.

Lenny: Th-Thank you! Thank you both so much! I’m going to leave this place immediately.

Matthew: Er… Well, about that…

Marianette: Unfortunately, you’re not able to leave until we’ve saved everyone. We’re not exactly out of the woods yet.

Lenny: W-What?! Well then where do I go?! I can’t stay here!

Marianette: You can go stay in the mansion.

Matthew: Venam’s already there. We just need to save Luca.

Lenny: Alright. I’ll go back to the mansion. Please though… Hurry up. -leaves the room-

Matthew: Well that 1 was easier than I thought it’d be.

Marianette: Yea. At this rate, we’ll win this game for sure. But we gotta keep on our toes.

Matthew: Right! Let’s go!


The 2 of us left the building and went back through the hedge maze. We got back inside the mansion and this time went to the right. When we made it outside though, she stopped again and seemed like she was spacing out or something.


Matthew: Marianette?

Marianette: Huh?

Matthew: Are you sure you’re ok? You’ve been like spacing out or whatever.

Marianette: Ohh! I’m sorry Matt. Just… I don’t know. A pool area is a place where fun memories should be created. I always read about people having fun with their families. A place where they could be happy. But that wasn’t my reality…

Matthew: Well… I’m sorry Marianette. I wish you did have fun family times here. But we can’t stop here. We gotta keep going.

Marianette: You’re right. I’m sorry.


The 2 of us started to look around the pool area. We found a maid hiding in some bushes. This was the last maid I needed to battle in order to win that other maids trial. We battled and I came out on top yet again.


Marianette: Yay! You did it! Should we go back and tell the maid you beat the other 3?

Matthew: Umm… We should save Luca 1st and then do that.

Marianette: Ok. Hey. I see a building up there.


I looked in the direction she was pointing and could see the building she was talking about. We went there and went inside. There was some kind of weird machine. There was a flashing red button on a keyboard. I pressed it to see if anything would happen. A couple of seconds went by but nothing happened. Suddenly, the ground started to shake and we could hear something move outside. We went outside to see what happened. Out on the pool, we could see a platform had emerged going down to a room. We went in but this time, we only found a little hole in the wall.



Matthew: What the hell is this?

Marianette: A hole? What nonsense is this now?

Matthew: Are you telling me that Luca is at the other end of this hole?

Marianette: Seems that way.

Matthew: Well what now? I can’t go through that. I’m too big.

Matthew: Whoa whoa whoa. I don’t know about that.

Marianette: How else are we supposed to save her?

Matthew: I… I don’t know but this isn’t the best option either.

Marianette: If I don’t do this, we’ll lose the game!

Matthew: I… Err… -sighs- You’re right. Just be careful ok?

Marianette: I will be. Alright. Here I go.


Marianette got on her hands and knees and started to crawl through the small hole. I watched her until I couldn’t see her no more. I stood in the room waiting. I was worried about her. What if her father were to try something to hurt her? To even kill her? I didn’t like the thought of that. 10 minutes had gone by and I was getting worried. Suddenly, out of thin air, Marianette and Luca were teleported right in front of me.



Marianette: Ohh! Looks like we’re out here now.

Matthew: Marianette! Luca! Ohh thank Arceus you’re both safe!

Luca: Whaaat just happened?

Marianette: I guess father made it so we could get back here… Clearly this girl here wouldn’t fit through the wall.

Luca: Urgh! I’m tired of being pulled around like a rag doll! I’m leaving! -leaves the area-

Matthew: Well… that was unexpected.

Marianette: Yay! We rescued all 3!

Matthew: Yea… Yea we did! This is great! We should go back to your dad’s room.

Marianette: Yea! Wait. Before you go, I wanna tell you something. This may not make sense but I want you to remember this.

Matthew: Ok?

Marianette: Password 1 is 7896. Password 2 is 3135. Password 3 is 8187.

Matthew: Passwords?

Marianette: Mhm. I saw them written on stuff while we were searching for your friends. I memorized it and thought you should know them as well.

Matthew: Huh. Thanks. I’ll try to keep them in mind. Let’s go!


I went outside and so did Marianette but before we went anywhere, she called out to me. I turned back to her and could see that she seemed guilty about something.


Matthew: You ok? Seems like something’s wrong?

Marianette: I have something I need to talk to you about.

Matthew: Alrighty then. What is it?

Marianette: I… I don’t know how to say this without you getting mad at me.

Matthew: Marianette, I’m not gonna get mad at you.

Marianette:… You promise?

Matthew: I double promise. Now what do you need to talk about?

Marianette: Well… everything that’s happened is my fault.

Matthew: Your fault? How?

Marianette: You see… I was the 1 who created those pathways around the fence.

Matthew: Hmm…

Marianette: You used those holes to get here right? That was my doing. I-If I had never created those ways to escape myself…

Matthew: Hey hey. Don’t blame yourself. You didn’t know we’d be stupid enough to try to get here. This is our fault. Not yours.

Marianette: But-

Matthew: No buts. It’s really not your fault. I promise. And I can understand why you’d try to escape this place. It’s a living hell.

Marianette: I’ve tried many times to escape this place and many time I’ve come close. But everytime I almost got away, it was like this force was holding me back. As if I wasn’t meant to leave, despite everything…

Matthew: That’s odd. That must be hard for you.

Marianette: Yes. And… I have to be honest with you about something else…

Matthew: Yes?

Marianette: I’ve… I’ve been-

Matthew: Using me?

Marianette: Usin- What?!

Matthew: You’ve been using me right?

Marianette: H-How did you know?!

Matthew: Well your talk with your dad earlier kind of tipped that off since you included yourself into this trial. But I’m fine with it.

Marianette: You are?

Matthew: Mhm. I was planning on taking you out of here to begin with.

Marianette: Matthew!


The little girl ran up to me and gave me a hug. I returned it to her. I didn’t want her to feel bad with what she was doing. We looked at each other with big smiles on our faces. We were about to go off to see her dad when 2 maids teleported in next to Marianette.



It seemed that Indriad wanted to see Marianette now for 1 final trial. Before she vanished, she told me to go to the maid who gave us the battling trial. The 2 other maids then told me that I too had 1 final trial as well. The white doors that had been locked this whole time on the 1st floor were now unlocked and I could go inside. The 2 maids then vanished. I went inside the mansion and decided to talk to the trial given maid as Marianette told me to do before she disappeared.


Maid: Ahh. It seems you’ve beaten my well trained maids. Very well then. A deals a deal.

Matthew: So what’s my reward?

Maid: I will open up all the locked doors in the mansion for you. Ahh. Almost forgot.

Matthew: Forgot what?

Maid: Concerning the door located in your temporary room… You will require more info to progress.

Matthew: Ok? And what exactly do you mean by that?

Maid: Hehe. You’ll just have to see for yourself.


I went back into the room I awoken in and was finally able to go out the door that was locked. It lead outside. There seemed to be some kind of metal door closed shut. No matter how hard I tried to open it, it wouldn’t budge. I looked over and saw a password computer. I remembered what Marianette told me and wrote down the passwords in order she told me. Each time I put a password in correctly though, it would end with a word. When I put all the passwords in, I had the words ICE GUARDIAN ANGEL. I didn’t know what that meant. The door though started to open. But when it did, a rush of cold air came out of it and hit my entire body. Needless to say, I was really damn cold. I carefully went down the steps and started to walk the cold hallway. Once in a while, I could hear a voice. That freaked me out but I pressed on. I made it to the next room and could see a woman with long blue hair standing there.


???: H-How long has it been? A couple of years?

Matthew: Wh-What?

???: How is the world now…? Are any of my friends even alive? My precious friends… Vivian… Nymeira… Will I ever know the truth about them? Is that what you enjoy? Seeing me suffer as the thought of the unknown cuts me to pieces? Well?


I didn’t say anything. I couldn’t say anything. Mostly because her words were sending chills down my back and I also had no idea what she was talking about. Her tone changed when I didn’t give her any answer.


???: Heh… I see. No answer then… That’s suitable… for you at least. Because once I’m through with you… You will never have to speak again! Indriad!


The woman turned around with absolute rage in her face. From out of nowhere, a big thing of ice came crashing right beside me. I was barely able to move out of the way. When the woman saw that I wasn’t Indriad though, she seemed regretful for what she did.



???: Wh-What’s this…?

Matthew: Geez lady! What was that for?!

???: I’m so sorry! I thought you were Indriad!

Matthew: Well… I can’t blame you for trying to kill him. Even though I wasn’t him.

???: Your face though… It seems familiar… Have I seen you somewhere before? I-I can’t remember… I just can’t… It’s far too cold…

Matthew: It really is. So…

???: Come forth. Do not be afraid. I will not harm you.

Matthew: -cautiously walks up to her- So… what’s your name?

Anju: M-My name? I believe it’s… it’s… Anju.

Matthew: You believe it is?

Anju: Apologies but I’m having trouble remembering things clearly.

Matthew: Well… that’s alright I guess.

Anju: Listen, I know we just met but I need to ask you some questions. So please… please just answer them honestly and quickly.

Matthew: Uhh… Ok.

Anju: How is the world now? Has it been destroyed?

Matthew: The world destroyed? No. It’s still intact.

Anju: Oh thank Arceus… The world is alright… The world is alright… I thank Arceus for this blessing… for this good news. And what about Sheridan Village?

Matthew: Sheridan Village is fine. In fact, I came from there not too long ago.

Anju: That’s great news… I am happy. Sheridan would be the 1 place that would survive… I knew it. 1 more question and I beg you to be honest with me on this 1.

Matthew: Ok. What is it?

Anju: What is the current state of Hiyoshi City?


Hiyoshi City? I had never been to that place before nor have I ever heard of such a place. She seemed to think that something was going to happen to it eventually though. I went with my gut feeling and said my answer.


Matthew: It’s… been… destroyed…

Anju: That’s… Ahh… As I thought. There was no saving that city. There was nothing we could do… We tried our hardest. We tried… But I appreciate you answering my questions truthfully.

Matthew: I-It’s no problem.

Anju: However, I cannot leave this place yet.

Matthew: Why not?

Anju:… As much as it pains me and as much as I want to see my son… my friends… my loved ones… I must… stay in order to protect someone.

Matthew: I see… I think I understand.

Anju: Thank you. But do not leave without taking this.


She reached into her pocket and pulled out a pendant and handed it to me. It looked very nice but I didn’t know why she was giving it to me. She asked me if I ever had the chance to show that to her loved ones. They would know that she was alive. Apparently, this was passed down from generation to generation and a symbol for their loyalty and well being. She thanked me. I went to leave her room but stopped before leaving and looked back at her. She gave me a smile and nodded her head yes. I headed out of the area and back into the mansion. I stood in front of the door that I was supposed to go through. I didn’t know what Indriad had planned but I was determined to get passed this “trial” no matter what.





Gabite (Taka)/Male/Level 28

Nature: Adamant/Ability: Rough Skin

Held Item: None

Moveset: Dual Chop/Slash/Sand Tomb/Dragon Rage



Duskull (Krep)/Male/Level 28

Nature: Careful/Ability: Levitate

Held Item: None

Moveset: Night Shade/Will-O-Wisp/Shadow Sneak/Destiny Bond



Monferno (Rousey)/Female/Level 28

Nature: Adamant/Ability: Iron Fist

Held Item: None

Moveset: Flame Wheel/Mach Punch/Flame Charge/Rock Smash



Ducklett (Darlin')/Female/Level 28

Nature: Timid/Ability: Keen Eye

Held Item: None

Moveset: Water Pulse/Bubble Beam/Air Slash/Feather Dance



Aipom (Handy Manny)/Male/Level 28

Nature: Adamant/Ability: Run Away

Held Item: None

Moveset: Covet/Scratch/Fake Out/Tickle



Seviper (Venamica)/Female/Level 28

Nature: Adamant/Ability: Infiltrator

Held Item: Poison Barb

Moveset: Poison Sweep/Night Slash/Poison Fang/Glare




Nature: Timid/Ability: Lightningrod

Held Item: None

Moveset: Electro Ball/Swift/Nuzzle/Charm



Tangela (Tangy)/Male/Level 28

Nature: Relaxed/Ability: Regenerator

Held Item: None

Moveset: Mega Drain/Knock Off/Extreme Speed/Growth



Liepard (Katrina)/Female/Level 25

Nature: Modest/Ability: Prankster

Held Item: None

Moveset: Snarl/Fake Out/Pursuit/Yawn




Anju: +5 (5/10) - I don't know what's going on with this woman but she's being held prisoner for some reason. That's not alright. But even though she's not really a bad person, she tried to kill me! Even though she thought I was Indriad but still!




1 Week & 4 Days




Question Of The Thread #22 - What are your thoughts on the "trials?"

My Answer - They're alright I guess. Venam's kind of makes sense. Lenny is ok. I mean it's just a hedge maze. But then Luca apparenty gets the special treatment. 1st, the way to even get to her room is locked. Then even when you find the place, you have to crawl through a small room. Then after THAT, you have to jump over fucking lava to save her soul! Like what the fuck?!


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I opened the door and could see a hallway lit by some lit candles. I didn’t feel safe walking down this way but I had no where else to go. I had to go this way. There was another entrance way at the end of the hallway. When I went into the next room, my heart was pounding out of my chest. There was a walkway over a huge chasm. Half way over, I peeked over the edge. I couldn’t see the bottom of the pit. It was just pitch black. I was definitely starting to feel sick so I hurried it up to get to the other side. Again, there was another entrance way. This room was a little more peaceful but I was still uneasy of this place. There were mini waterfalls and grassy areas. There was a maid over to the side. She motioned for me to come over there. I didn’t want to but I had no idea what was about to happen.



Matthew: What… is all of this?

Maid: Master Indriad has compiled 1 final trial for you.

Matthew: Would you mind telling me what that is? I have no clue where I am now and… gah!

Maid: Please calm down. Your final trial is a battle.

Matthew: Another battle trial?

Maid: But not just any battle. This battle will be between you and… Marianette.


It felt like someone had just punched me in the guy and then elbowed me in the back. Marianette? Why would her dad want the both of us to battle each other. This didn’t feel right at all.


Matthew: B-Battle…? Against Marianette?

Maid: That is correct.

Matthew: I don’t… I don’t understand.

Maid: Master Indriad has also instructed me to give you specific details about Marianette.

Matthew: Specific details about her? What are you talking about?

Maid: For example, Marianette’s ace Pokemon is Bewear. A Pokemon that found her at a younger age. It wasn’t a direct gift by our Master but it’s allowed for some ungodly reason. Marianette was blessed by Arceus with the move Multipulse. This move’s type is changed by the plate held. Glorious! She has been given the Blessed Field for her match with you. Normal moves hit Ghost and Dark Pokemon with super effective damage. Fairy and Normal moves also have increased power. In addition, Dragon and psychic moves also increase but not as much as the previously mentioned types.

Matthew: Wait… The way you’re talking, you make it sound like she’s a… a…

Maid: A what?


I didn’t answer the maid. I walked up onto the podium. I could see Venam, Lenny and Luca on the left side with Indriad on the right but he looked different. He was wearing weird clothing. It was almost as if he was part of a cult or something. That wouldn’t have shocked me though. He definitely fit the part. Ahead of me was an empty podium but not for long. Marianette came walking down the steps and onto it. She clearly did not seem happy about this.



Marianette: …Welcome Matthew…

Matthew: Marianette… is he making you do this?

Marianette: I… I… After everything we’ve been through, I’ve been instructed that I am to be your final trial.

Matthew: No… No! Damn you bastard! Don’t you see she doesn’t want to do this?! Don’t you care at all?!

Indriad: Hmph. Of course I do. It’s for that exact reason that I am having her do this.

Matthew: Ugh!

Marianette: Something that I’ve failed… to mention was that I am an incredibly skilled battler…

Venam: A skilled battler?

Lenny: Venam, maybe you shouldn’t-

Venam: Lenny, shut up! And you! Don’t you dare fuckin’ lie to me! We’re not some objects that are passed around like… well, objects!

Marianette: I’m… I’m sorry… I truly am… -sniffs-

Indriad: I am tired of hearing your voice girl. You 4 were the ones that put yourselves through all of this. Walking into strangers’ homes can lead to dire consequences, no? I will hear no more from you.

Venam: Urgh! You’ve absolutely lost your mind, you… you psychopath!

Indriad: Silence. Marianette.

Marianette: Yes father…

Matthew: Marianette… I just want you to know that… I don’t blame you for this… But I won’t hold back!

Marianette: Please don’t Matthew. I won’t… I won’t let this end badly.




The match started, albeit a bit slow. We each sent out a Pokemon but we didn’t order an attack. We stood there for about a minute, not saying a thing. Indriad gave Marianette a severe dirty look and she finally called out an order as did I. The battle then truly started. She wasn’t lying when she told me that she was a skilled battler. She was putting up a tough fight. In the end though, I came out winning the battle. The 2 of us returned our Pokemon back to our PokeBalls. We stood there in silence. And then we both started to laugh. I couldn’t tell you why either of us were laughing but we just were.


Marianette: … Heh… I’m… happy.

Matthew: Heh. Yea… Me too.

Marianette: You fought with such strength… such confidence.

Matthew: You did as well.

Marianette: Well Matthew, you deserve this.


Marianette reached into her pocket and pulled out a badge. She whipped it across the room to me and I caught it. Venam was really shocked that she had a badge on her because she didn’t know she was a Gym Leader.


Venam: That’s… a badge? Wait. So you’re a-

Matthew: Yep. She is Venam.

Marianette: That is a symbol of not only my defeat but my gratitude also.

Indriad: Well… that certainly was a battle to end all for sure. You have successfully completed my trial. And as such, I’ll allow all 4 of you to leave.


Suddenly, the lights went off. I could hear Venam freaking out about the lights. I couldn’t blame her though. I was close to freaking out too. When the lights finally came back on, all 5 of us were on the battlefield.



Luca: How the hell did we get here?!

Venam: What are we doing on the battlefield?!

Matthew: Indriad! What are you doing?!

Marianette: Yes father! What is the meaning of this?!

Indriad: What? I’m doing what I said I would. I would allow all 4 of you to leave if you were to successfully complete my trial. However, I did not state how exactly you 4 were going to leave. Whether it be to leave this mansion alive or leave this realm entirely… It’s 1 and the same to me.

Lenny: So what are you saying!?

Marianette: Y-You’re going to sacrifice us?!

Luca: Sacrifice?! What do you mean?!

Matthew: Damn it Indriad! Stop this right now!

Marianette: Hold on… This battlefield… is just 1 giant alter…

Matthew: What?!

Indriad: Ohh? So you just noticed? Well, I shouldn’t be surprised. You weren’t 1 to notice such obvious things anyway. Not that it will matter anyway.

Marianette: You always… do this to me… No matter what I do… It always ends up like this in 1 way or another…

Matthew: Are you for real right now Indriad?! You’re going to sacrifice your daughter?!

Indriad: She failed her trial. This is her punishment.

Venam: Fuck you and fuck your trials! Get us out of here!

Marianette: What… did I just remember…?

Indriad: Enough of this. You’ve all suffered enough. Let’s get on with this, shall we?

Lenny: No no no! I don’t wanna die!

Venam: Damnit! What do we do?!

Marianette: …Maria. I remember!

Matthew: Huh? Remember what?

Indriad: Marianette, what are you going on about?! Even in your final moments you continue to annoy me! Shut your mouth and die with dignity!

Marianette: You shut YOUR mouth!


The sudden outburst from Marianette towards her father shocked everyone but most likely more to me and Indriad. I had never seen her yell at him like that before. She usually would try to be calm and collected but now, she seemed more brave.


Indriad: Y-You terrible child! Is that how you speak to your superiors!?

Marianette: It’s all clear to me now… I remember who I was… Who I am!

Indriad: You… remember…? No… No! Impossible!

Venam: Marianette, I don’t know what’s going on but you have him totally freaked out.

Marianette: I’m sorry everyone… Especially to you Matthew but I’m going to have to go back on my deal. I won’t be going with you 4. I still have many things I have to do here.

Luca: But if you don’t come with us, you’ll be trapped here with this horrible man…

Marianette: I know… but it’s something I have to do… I wouldn’t worry about him anymore though. Plus, I’ll feel better knowing that you all are free.

Matthew: Well… I guess this is good bye then Marianette.

Marianette: Yes… I know this is all very sudden but… Matt… As cruel as the context was, I really enjoyed our time together… We’ve been through a lot and even though it wasn’t for a long period of time… It feels like we’ve been friends for an eternity. And who knows… perhaps that was the case. I won’t forget you. Not again.

Matthew: -thinking to myself- Not again? -talking out loud- Before you help us leave, I need to tell you something Marianette.

Marianette: Huh?

Matthew: Thanks for being a really good friend to me. To us.

Marianette: -chuckles- You’re the best Matt.

Matthew: Now… kick this guys ass for me while we’re gone will ya?

Marianette: You got it! I shall now set you all free!


Marianette raised her hands and we were all turned into orbs.



The next thing I knew, I was waking up in a place I didn’t recognize before. It looked really similar to the Abandoned Sewers though. I opened the door in front of me and could smell that foul stench. I was definitely back in the sewers. I could hear yelling though so I went downwards to see what the commotion was about.



Lenny: I’m sorry Venam but I think it’s time we take a break from each other.

Venam: Ohh. So what? You’re just going to walk away after all that?

Luca: What just happened in there was just so not cool. In fact, I think I might actually be scarred for life. You put us in a real bad spot there Venam.

Venam: Are you seriously talking right now Luca? You’re just as guilty as I am!

Luca: Don’t try to put the blame on me Venam! It was your idea in the 1st place. Maybe if you learned to think about your friends, rather than yourself, you’d be a better person. Lenny and I are out.


Luca and Lenny exited the area. I could hear Venam starting to sob. I felt bad for here. She kicked a machine next to the wall in anger. She was definitely upset.


Matthew: You ok Venam?

Venam: Ergh! Ohh… It’s you Matt. You’re awake. Did you see all that?

Matthew: Yea I did.

Venam: They’re just so dumb! Luca and Lenny just left me after all we’ve been through. I thought they were supposed to be my friends but they left the moment things got rough.

Matthew: You know Venam… While you did make us go through the gates, trespass into someone’s yard and then break into a crazy person’s mansion-

Venam: Ohh! Now you’re agreeing with them too?! This is just so fucking typical! You should-

Matthew: Would you be quiet! I wasn’t finished. Even though you did all of that, I don’t think of you any less. You’re not a bad person. Yea you think before you act or speak but I’ve seen you really care for your friends. So don’t listen to what those 2 say. You are a good person Venam.

Venam: Matthew… Thank you.

Matthew: No problem. And I mean it.

Venam: And I also wanna thank you for saving us back there Matthew.

Matthew: It’s really no big deal.

Venam: No big deal?! If it weren’t for you and Marianette, I don’t know where I’d be right now!

Matthew: I just did what was right. That’s all.

Venam: Heh… But that place… Where is it?

Matthew: I told you before that we definitely weren’t in the sewers. I don’t know where that place was.

Venam: Well I believe you now. The 4 of us were unconscious in that back room.

Matthew: Well whatever that place was, it’s gone… for now.

Venam: By the way, you never told me what brought you to the sewers again. Was it really because of the rumors about a new area?

Matthew: Hmm? Why I came down here…? Ahh! That’s right! With everything that was going on, I totally forgot the reason why I came here!

Venam: Well spit it out already!

Matthew: Before I came here, Ren was at Goldenleaf Town. But when I was about to enter, he put up a gate because he said that I was gonna change the town or something like that. And he wants to be the 1 to do it. So I need your help to get rid of that gate.

Venam: So let me get this straight. Ren’s being a piece of work and you need my help?

Matthew: Yes. Will you please help me?

Venam: Are you kidding me? After what you did for me back there? Hell yes. We’re friends for life now.


The 2 of us got out of the sewers and went to the guy with the truck and got a ride back to Sheridan Village. From there we went to Route 3 and started to walk to where the gate was.


Venam: So what are you going to be doing in Goldenleaf Town?

Matthew: I’m meeting a friend there and plan on taking on the Gym Leader there.

Venam: Ahh. I see. That person wouldn’t happen to be Aelita would it?

Matthew: Yes it would. How do you- Ohh yea! I almost forgot that she told me she met you yesterday. What happened?

Venam: She went into a dock shed. Rumors had it that the shed there had a bunch of stolen cargo. I was going there to take care of it myself when I saw her just casually walk in there by herself. I ran in there and made it just in time. We battled off the bad guys and they ran away. She then told me about a person named Matthew and how he helped her save Sheridan Village. I knew she had to be talking about you. So I told her the next time you see him to say that.

Matthew: Heh. Yea. Doesn’t surprise me that she just walked in there with no concern. But she’s just trying to help people out. I can’t fault her for that.

Venam: Sooo… You 2 dating?~

Matthew: What?! No! We’re just friends!

Venam: Mhm.~ -laughs-

Matthew: Knock it off Venam. We’re almost there.


We finally got to the gate. Venam assessed the situation. She then called out her Grimer and had it use Venam’s Kiss on the gate. In a matter of seconds the gate was melted. Venam returned her Grimer back to her PokeBall and looked at me with a smile.



Matthew: This is great! Thanks Venam.

Venam: It was easy. But I really don’t see the point of blocking off this way anyway?

Matthew: Me neither. Ren’s been acting weird since Melia’s disappearance.

Venam: But on the other hand, I’m kind of glad he did do it. If you hadn’t come looking for me, I might not be here right now.

Matthew: I guess… everything happens for a reason.

Venam: Well I’m off. I don’t know what your plan is but you sure seem set on it.

Matthew: Ohh. I guess I didn’t tell you. Well long story short, my Snag Machine isn’t working and I’m looking for Saki Blakeory in Akuwa City so she can fix it.

Venam: Did… Did you just say Saki Blakeory?

Matthew: Yea. Why?

Venam: …Just hearing that name makes me want to barf.

Matthew: Uhh…

Venam: Don’t mind me. I’m just being annoying. See you around Matt.

Matthew: Later Venam. Try not to get into more trouble!

Venam: Shut up!


Venam went back up Route 3. I went inside the resting building between Route 3 and Goldenleaf Town. It was finally time to meet up with Aelita and to find the Gym Leader of this place.








Gabite (Taka)/Male/Level 29

Nature: Adamant/Ability: Rough Skin

Held Item: None

Moveset: Dual Chop/Slash/Sand Tomb/Dragon Rage



Duskull (Krep)/Male/Level 28

Nature: Careful/Ability: Levitate

Held Item: None

Moveset: Night Shade/Will-O-Wisp/Shadow Sneak/Destiny Bond



Monferno (Rousey)/Female/Level 29

Nature: Adamant/Ability: Iron Fist

Held Item: None

Moveset: Flame Wheel/Mach Punch/Flame Charge/Rock Smash



Ducklett (Darlin')/Female/Level 28

Nature: Timid/Ability: Keen Eye

Held Item: None

Moveset: Water Pulse/Bubble Beam/Air Slash/Feather Dance



Aipom (Handy Manny)/Male/Level 28

Nature: Adamant/Ability: Run Away

Held Item: None

Moveset: Covet/Scratch/Fake Out/Tickle



Seviper (Venamica)/Female/Level 28

Nature: Adamant/Ability: Infiltrator

Held Item: Poison Barb

Moveset: Poison Sweep/Night Slash/Poison Fang/Glare




Nature: Timid/Ability: Lightningrod

Held Item: None

Moveset: Electro Ball/Swift/Nuzzle/Charm



Tangela (Tangy)/Male/Level 28

Nature: Relaxed/Ability: Regenerator

Held Item: None

Moveset: Mega Drain/Knock Off/Extreme Speed/Growth



Liepard (Katrina)/Female/Level 25

Nature: Modest/Ability: Prankster

Held Item: None

Moveset: Snarl/Fake Out/Pursuit/Yawn




Marianette: (10/10 NO CHANGE!) - I had no idea she was a Gym Leader. She's a pretty good 1 actually. I'm not sure what she remembered but I hope she's able to deal with her father now. I hope to see her someday.


Indriad: (0/10 NO CHANGE!) - This man is a psycho. He was planning on sacrificing me, my friends and even his own daughter! Whatever Marianette is doing to him right now... He deserves it.


Venam: (10/10 NO CHANGE!) - She may have been reckless but nobody can say she doesn't care about her friends. I'm glad I went back though. Arceus only knows what would have happened if I didn't. Now that she's helped me, I can continue my adventure.




1 Week & 4 Days




Question Of The Thread #23 - Did you expect to battle Marianette?

My Answer - Not really. I thought it was gonna be more of a "I have Marianette and your 3 other friends here. Now choose which 1 lives and which 1 dies." kind of thing.


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I walked into the rest area before Goldenleaf Town. I don’t know why but I felt very anxious. With what everyone was telling me, it sounded like this place hated outsiders a lot. The greeter in the rest area building even wanted there to be a tunnel in Route 3 to get to Route 4 in order to completely not travel through this place. I finally went into the town. I could see why it was called Goldenleaf Town though. A lot of the trees and even the grass was all a golden color. Just as I was enjoying the view though, I could hear someone screaming. I ran to the the sound of the voice. By a Giratina statue, there were 4 people. Seemed like 3 of them were ganging up on a kid though. I looked up at the statue and I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. A noose was hanging off of it.


Matthew: Whoa! What the hell are you 3 trying to do to this girl?!

???: Hmm… Excuse me. Is there a problem?

Matthew: Uhh yea! You’re trying to hang a little girl! Why!?

???: Hmph! Listen up outsider! I don’t really care what you’re saying! I don’t have the time to deal with you right now! I have an annoying pest that I must eliminate once and for all!

Matthew: Eliminate?! Look, I know kids can be annoying sometimes but I’m pretty sure whatever she did doesn’t call for hanging her.

???: I take it from your constant talking that you’re not gonna leave?

Matthew: Damn right! Now let her go!

???: No! She must be killed for being here! And if you keep pushing me, you’ll be next!

Matthew: Ohh yea?! Come on out Venamica!


Seviper came out of its PokeBall and stared down the girl who was trying to do harm to the little girl.



She didn’t seem intimidated at all by it though. She just stood there, looking annoyed. At that time, the little girl kicked the other girl in the back, causing her to fly forward and land on the ground.



Matthew: Well at least she’s gone from your grasp.

???: Urgh! I’m so sick of you outsiders! That’s it! Hang his Seviper up on the noose by the tail!


The 2 people listened to her orders and wrestled Seviper into submission. I tried to come to its aid but the girl wouldn’t move and I couldn’t hit a girl, no matter how annoying she was. I watched as the 2 picked up the snake Pokemon and wrapped the noose around the end of its tail. Seviper was wriggling around, trying to free itself but it only made the noose tighter around its tail.



Matthew: Hey! My Seviper didn’t do anything to you!

???: It belongs to you. That’s enough for us. We’re gonna make an example of you outsiders with this Pokemon of yours.

Matthew: Just leave it alone!

???: You know, I’m so sick of you outsiders thinking you can come into our town and do whatever you want!

Seviper: Seviper Sevi!

Matthew: Urgh! Venamica!


Just then, 1 of my Pokemon came out of its PokeBall. It was my Aipom. My Aipom and Seviper were really close best friends. It must have heard Seviper’s cries for help while it was still inside its ball. Aipom looked up at Seviper, who was swinging around by now, frantically trying to get free. It then looked at the girl in front of it.


???: Ohh great. MORE nuisances! You wanna join your friend up there, you stupid monkey Pokemon?!

Aipom: Ai!!! Aipom!


Aipom ran towards the girl and jumped up in the air and then landed on her. It seemed as if it were trying to rip her face off or something.



Then, it jumped off her head, fell back down towards her and smack her in the face twice with its hand like tail. I was shocked. I never saw it this angry before. The girl was obviously upset with this.


???: Why you- This is exactly what outsiders do! And their Pokemon! How DARE you smack me in the face like that!

Matthew: Handy Manny… Wait a minute… You slapped her in the face twice… That’s… That’s Double Hit! Doesn’t that mean-


Before I could even finish my sentence, Aipom started to glow a light blue color. I watched as I started to see it sprout out another tail hand and get bigger and taller. Soon, the glow faded away and standing in front of me was my newly evolved Ambipom.



I was so amazed that it evolved basically for its friend. The girl in front of me didn’t care though. She grabbed her PokeBall and threw it. A Trevenant came out facing my Ambipom.



???: Alright you! Your Ambipom seems to really care for this stupid snake! So I’ll make you a deal! Your Ambipom VS my Trevenant! You win, you get to save your Pokemon here!

Matthew: Heh… I get it. You want me to use Ambipom because it’s a Normal Type and Normal Types can’t hit Ghost Types. Thus, you think I already lose. -takes out my Pokedex and scans my newly evolved Ambipom-

???: Well at least you’re not stupid. But yes. That’s precisely the reason. Either way, you lose. So why don’t you go back to wherever you came from and-

Matthew: I accept.

???: Yea! You bet you qu- Wait… You accept?

Matthew: Yea. Do you have a problem with that?

???: No but you’re incredibly more stupid than you look.

Matthew: We’ll just see about that! Don’t worry Venamica! You’ll be down from there soon!

Seviper: Seviper!

Matthew: You ready Handy Manny?

Ambipom: Ambi Ambipom!

???: Whatever. Let’s make quick work of them Trevenant!


The battle started. She instructed her Trevenant to use Will-O-Wisp. It did as it was told but my Ambipom was too quick for it and dodged it. It didn’t let up on its attack though and kept trying to get the burn on my Ambipom. The girl was getting frustrated that I was just dodging and not doing anything in retaliation.


Matthew: Alright! Just remember! You asked for it! Let’s show ‘em your new move Handy Manny! Use Dual Chop!

???: Ha- What?! Dual Chop!?


Ambipom jumped up into the air. Its 2 hand like tails started to glow blue. It came down and hit the Trevenant with its newly acquired move. Ambipom landed back down on the ground ready to do more battle. However, kit didn’t have to worry about that. The Trevenant fell down to the ground, fainted. The girl was in total shock at her defeat.


???: B-But how-

Matthew: It learned it when it evolved. At least, that’s the only explanation I could come up with.

???: Urgh! Damn you! Damn all of you outsiders! -returns her Pokemon back to her PokeBall- We’ll see you again and soon! We’re out of here!


The girl and her friends left the area. Ambipom and I ran over to Seviper and helped it down off of the statue. Ambipom used Dual Chop to break the noose from its tail. The Seviper was relieved that it was freed and saved by its best friend. Ambipom tried to stand on top of Sevipers head but Seviper wasn’t able to keep its head up thanks to Ambipom’s evolution.


Matthew: -chuckles- I don’t think you can do that anymore Handy Manny. You’re too big for Venamica’s head now.

Ambipom: Ambipom…

Seviper: Sevi Seviper!

Ambipom: Ambi?


Seviper notioned its friend towards his back. Ambipom stood there for a couple of seconds wondering what its friend was trying to suggest and then it smiled. It got onto Seviper’s back. Seviper went around in a circle carrying its friend. The 2 were definitely inseparable. I knew though that I had stuff to do. So I returned the 2 of them back to their PokeBalls. I started to look around the town. Barely any of the townsfolk really wanted to see me. That changed though when I went into 1 house.


???: Ren?! Reina?! Is that you?!


A door swung open and a somewhat older woman came rushing out and down the steps. When she saw that it was me and not Ren or this Reina person, she was visibly upset.



???: Ohh… No. You’re not either of them.

Matthew: Sorry…

???: Not your fault. -sighs- I knew this day would come. But I didn’t think it’d happen like this. I-I’m sorry… I’m sure you have no idea what I’m talking about.

Matthew: If I’m being honest, you’re absolutely right.

???: Well you see, my son Ren ran away from home a year ago and then a few weeks ago, his sister Reina ran right behind him. Ren never liked how people from Goldenleaf Town treated outsider, so he just got up and left. I have no idea why my daughter Reina left though. I’m such a bad mother… I think if I raised theme better, they wouldn’t be this way.

Matthew: Hey. I’m sure they’ll come back and when they do, I’m sure they’ll be glad to see you as well.

???: Wishful thinking… but I do hope so. But I’m surprised you’re here.

Matthew: Because I’m an outsider right?

???: Yes. This town is very dangerous.

Matthew: I learned that 1st hand. They hung my Seviper on a noose by its tail not too long ago.

???: Oh my! That’s horrible! Well listen, whenever you’re here in Goldenleaf, you can rest here anytime you want.

Matthew: Really?

???: Yes. Truth be told, it’d be great to have some company…

Matthew: Well thank you. I’ll keep that in mind. I gotta go do something though. See ya.

???: Bye. And be safe!


I left the kind woman’s heart. I would have told her that I knew her son and that we were friends… sort of but I didn’t want her to get all crazy emotional and asking me billions of questions about him. I decided I’d go find the Gym Leader since I didn’t spot Aelita anywhere here. I walked upwards from the statue and could see a building. In front of it was a Gym sign post, which meant that this place was the Gym place. There was a person in front of the entrance. When I got close to her though, she began to speak.



???: Hello there outsider…

Matthew: Uhh… hi?

???: I wonder… Do you want access to Route 4?

Matthew: Access to Route 4? Hmm. Well I would like to know where it is. Yes.

???: I see. There was a girl earlier asking around some time ago.

Matthew: Wait! A girl?! Dis she have purple hair and a pink shit on?!

???: Ahh. So she is your comrade.

Matthew: Where’d she go?

???: I don’t know. I didn’t think to check up on that.

Matthew: Well thanks for all that information.

???: It doesn’t matter anyways.

Matthew: Why?

???: I didn’t tell her where Route 4 was. She seemed very annoyed and stomped off. Probably went looking for it herself. Which is a waste of time. Only I know where it is and only I get to choose who goes there. Do you know why I haven’t told you or your little friend where it is?

Matthew: I have a good idea.

???: It’s because you are an outsider. I don’t know if you’re familiar with out ideas but only official members of this village gain privileges. And you are obviously not 1.

Matthew: Fine then. How do I become an official member?

???: Foolish outsider. You can only be born into it… Or by beating me in an official Gym battle and gaining the badge I possess.

Matthew: Fine. I- Huh?!

???: I can see it in your eyes and how the tone in your voice changed. You’re eager to battle yes?

Matthew: Of course! It’s 1 of the reasons I came to this place in the 1st place!

???: Hmmm… Tell you what… There are outsiders located inside the Pokemon Center in this town. They’ve been causing such a ruckus because of the way they’re being treated. If you are able to subdue them, I’ll accept your challenge.

Matthew:… Fine. But I want you to know that I don’t like this.

???: That does not bother me in the slightest. For now, I’ll be heading over to Wispy Tower. Unfortunately, I’m the only 1 in this town that actively tries to remember the dead.


She pushed me out of the way and headed towards wherever this Wispy Tower was. I didn’t like that I had to deal with outsiders in order to get a Gym Battle with this town’s Gym Leader but I didn’t see another option. I walked down to the PokeCenter but just as I was about to open the door, I heard a familiar voice shouting out to me.



Aelita: Matthew! Matthew! There you are Matthew! I was looking for you everywhere!

Matthew: You left without waking me up!

Aelita: Well I didn’t want to ruin your sleep.

Matthew: We were supposed to come here together though.

Aelita: I know but… I also couldn’t hold back my excitement and I just left…

Matthew: -sighs- Well we’re back together now. That’s all that counts.

Aelita: So I gotta tell you something. I’ve been training a bit since I’ve gotten here and I think I’ve gotten a lot better! Let’s have a battle!

Matthew: Right here and now?

Aelita: Yes!

Matthew: Well… Why not? This’ll be our 1st battle against each other.

Aelita: I know! That makes it even more exciting! Alright! Here I go!




Our very 1st battle between each other started. It was a very back and forth match. It kind of seemed like any time I’d knock 1 of her Pokemon out, she’d knock 1 of mine out. It was a great battle. At the end though, I came out victorious against her. She seemed kind of sad about it but then bounced back with a smile.


Aelita: Well I did a lot better than I thought I would! So I’m happy!

Matthew: That was honestly 1 of the toughest battles I’ve had. Keep training like that and you’ll be just as good 1 day.

Aelita: Hehe. Maybe 1 day. Anyways, I’ve been trying to find a way to Route 4 but it’s been a little rough. These people jumped me while I was looking around.

Matthew: Are you ok?

Aelita: Yea. Don’t worry about it. I was able to fend them off.

Matthew: That’s good to hear. I got jumped too. Or more like my Pokemon did. A couple of people grabbed Venamica and hung it up on a rope by its tail.

Aelita: What?! That’s horrible!

Matthew: Don’t worry. Handy Manny evolved and saved it.

Aelita: That’s good. Although… I think we should talk more inside the PokeCenter…

Matthew: Why?

Aelita: I don’t think it’s too safe to stand around and talk outside.

Matthew: Ohh… Right. Good call. Let’s go in.


Aelita and I went inside the Pokemon Center. We went up to Nurse Joy and gave her our Pokemon so she could heal them. They were healed and given right back to us.


Aelita: Thanks Nurse Joy.

Matthew: Yea. Thanks a lot.

Nurse Joy: No problem. Stay safe you 2.

Aelita: Now about this town… I may have gotten a lil ahead of myself.

Matthew: What do you mean?

Aelita: See, I was doing some exploring at Wispy Path. Then these creeps decided to try and bully me.

Matthew: Ohh. That.

Aelita: Mhm. They were kind of weak though. So I was able to hold them off! When they lost, this girl got really mad and said she’d be back.

Matthew: Wait a minute… That sounds like the girl who was trying to hurt Venamica.

Aelita: Really? That’s not good. But weak or not, threats like that shouldn’t be taken lightly! That’s why I was on my way to this Pokemon Center. I heard there was a group of trainers who were ready to fight back.

Matthew: Sounds like you wanna start a war with this town saying that.

Aelita: Well of course I don’t wanna start a war but… what else can we do?

Matthew: Well, I mean… I met the Gym Leader and she said if I calmed the trainers here down, she’d grant me access to Route 4 and a battle for her Gym Badge.

Aelita: Ohh. So you’ve met Narcissa already?

Matthew: Narcissa?

Aelita: Yea. That’s the Gym Leader’s name here. You didn’t know that?

Matthew: No. It never entered my mind to ask her her name.

Aelita: Ahh. Well in any case, I guess I shouldn’t add fuel to the flame by joining them then.

Matthew: But what are we-


Just then, some of the townsfolk of Goldenleaf Town came into the PokeCenter yelling at us “outsiders.” Aelita and I both looked at each other in frustration. We knew there was gonna be another attack on us. We rushed down the stairs to confront them.



???: You heard me! All of you! I want all of you out of our town now!

Matthew: Are you serious? We’re in a damn PokeCenter!

Aelita: You all really need to just get over yourselves. I think the ones that need to be kicked out are the 3 of you!

???: What did you just say to me?

Matthew: Open up your ears and listen good. You 3 should be the ones kicked out of here. Not us!

???: You… Who do you 2 think you are!? Just leave us alone already! We’re better without you! Ever since Narcissa’s theatre was converted into a gym, people have been waltzin’ on in here like they own us!

Matthew: Are you all really that deluded?! We just want the badge and then to leave. We’re not trying to own any of you!

???: Lies! LIES! That’s all outsiders do! What more do we have to do to get rid of you all?!

Aelita: You better start sketching out some ideas… because we aren’t leaving anytime soon!

???: Urgh! Fine! If that’s how it’s gonna be… then we’ll make you leave!


Just then, 1 of the trainers that were sitting at the table up the stairs from us came down to us and evened up the score. The 3 of us had no choice but to go into battle with the 3 townsfolk. Luckily, I was able to defeat the 1 easily. Seems the other trainer and Aelita were successful too. The 3 that lost seemed really disappointed with themselves.


???: Y-You all think you’re so important! We may have lost this time but we’re not going to give up! We’ll rid each and every 1 of you 1 day! RETREAT! -leaves the building with her friends-

Matthew: Wow. I can’t believe they would do that. Hey dude. Thanks for the extra help.

Trainer: No problem. We “outsiders” have to stick together.

Aelita: But still… To think they would stoop so low… This is unacceptable. I know she asked you to calm the trainers down but that won’t be possible with her citizens attacking us every few minutes!

Matthew: You’re right. I think we need an alternative here.

Aelita: Matthew, you should go confront her again. I’ll stay here and keep guard over the Pokemon Center.

Matthew: I think she was heading towards the Wispy Tower. I’m gonna head there then.

Trainer: Good luck and don’t take no for an answer!


I 1st went up to Nurse Joy and healed my Pokemon. I then exited the PokeCenter but outside waiting for me were the same people that just battled us inside. I was super annoyed with this and couldn’t take it anymore.



???: You think you’re so-

Matthew: No.

???: Y- What?

Matthew: I said no. I am tired. I am TIRED of you all thinking you can do whatever you want to us “outsiders!” It’s fucking infuriating me! You wanna battle!? Then come on you fuckers!


I grabbed a PokeBall and prepared for battle. The group was shocked that someone like me would say sich a thing to them. The girl grabbed a PokeBall of hers and the battle started. It didn’t last long as I defeated her within 4 moves. When she was done, 1 of her friends were about to battle me but just as the next battle was about to happen, a Pangoro came out of nowhere and chucked her up into the sky. It then went over to the person in front of me and chucked him through the air as well.



The remaining girl apologized and ran for her life. I couldn’t blame her for running away. I was also confused as to why this random Pangoro decided to help me out. It looked back at me and then ran off. I had no idea what just happened right now but I knew I had to go to Wispy Tower to talk to Narcissa.





Gabite (Taka)/Male/Level 29

Nature: Adamant/Ability: Rough Skin

Held Item: None

Moveset: Dual Chop/Slash/Sand Tomb/Dragon Rage



Duskull (Krep)/Male/Level 29

Nature: Careful/Ability: Levitate

Held Item: None

Moveset: Night Shade/Will-O-Wisp/Shadow Sneak/Destiny Bond



Monferno (Rousey)/Female/Level 30

Nature: Adamant/Ability: Iron Fist

Held Item: Charcoal

Moveset: Flame Wheel/Mach Punch/Flame Charge/Rock Smash



Ducklett (Darlin')/Female/Level 30

Nature: Timid/Ability: Keen Eye

Held Item: None

Moveset: Water Pulse/Bubble Beam/Air Slash/Feather Dance



Ambipom (Handy Manny)/Male/Level 32

Nature: Adamant/Ability: Technician

Held Item: None

Moveset: Covet/Double Hit/Fake Out/Dual Chop



Seviper (Venamica)/Female/Level 30

Nature: Adamant/Ability: Infiltrator

Held Item: Poison Barb

Moveset: Poison Sweep/Night Slash/Poison Fang/Glare




Nature: Timid/Ability: Lightningrod

Held Item: None

Moveset: Electro Ball/Swift/Nuzzle/Charm



Tangela (Tangy)/Male/Level 29

Nature: Relaxed/Ability: Regenerator

Held Item: Rose Incense

Moveset: Mega Drain/Knock Off/Extreme Speed/Growth



Liepard (Katrina)/Female/Level 29

Nature: Modest/Ability: Prankster

Held Item: None

Moveset: Snarl/Fake Out/Pursuit/Yawn




Aelita: (10/10 NO CHANGE!) - About damn time we saw each other again! She seems to be a pretty good battler too. I'm glad she's ok though. I can't believe she got jumped!


Narcissa: +1 (1/10) - So this is the Gym Leader of Goldenleaf Town huh? She's almost just as bad as the citizens there. She just doesn't seem the type to try to hurt outsiders.




1 Week & 4 Days




Question Of The Thread #24 - Do you think that the citizens of Goldenleaf Town are in the right to bully outsiders?

My Answer - Not really. I mean no matter what happened, they don't have the right to try to kill people that aren't native there because other people did something bad there.


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I headed over to the Wispy Path. Luckily, it wasn’t hard to find it. Before I left the town, I went to Ren’s mother’s place and asked her where this Wispy Tower was. I had to go to the left into Wispy Tower and then head up north. It was on the other side of a resting building. When I got to the other side of the building, I was sort of shocked with what I was seeing. There was a fountain in front of a burnt up looking building. I didn’t know what had happened here. It looked horrible. I walked up to the building and on the front of it said “WISPY TOWER” in scorched up lettering.



Matthew: Wow… This place was through hell at some point. What happened here…? No time for that. I gotta find Narcissa.


I entered the building but the instant I did, I wish I could walk back out. It was all destroyed inside. Walls were cracked and caved in, a statue of a Giratina was in a fountain with its head off, dust and debris were everywhere. Then I could see what seemed to be crosses. I went up to some of them and read them. These were graves. Why in the world would there be graves here? Now I was really freaked out. I could see Narcissa in front of a praying looking thing. I carefully walked up behind her but just like before, she started speaking.


Narcissa:… It always pains me to walk in this lobby. All the painful memories of lost lives. Lost hopes and dreams… This place never fails to bring out my true feelings.

Matthew: And what are your true feelings? And more importantly, why to people who aren’t native to this town?

Narcissa: Heh… Simply put, outsiders burned down this place. After that, I had hatred towards them. I was the 1 who started this ordinance of isolation. I have a question for you.

Matthew: What is it?

Narcissa: Why should we change our ways?



Matthew: Well… it’s just wrong.

Narcissa: It’s just wrong huh…? We know it’s wrong but our anger shall never die.

Matthew: Really? It’ll never die? So you’re telling me you’ll be angry at us for the rest of your life?

Narcissa: So you see through me…

Matthew: Yes. No 1 can stay mad forever, Even at something as horrible as this.

Narcissa: I’m glad you saw through me… I’m tired… My tears have run dry and the anger that I once felt has subsided.

Matthew: Well good. -thinking to myself- This is going way easier than I thought it’d go.

Narcissa: I am a lady of theatre and of the opera. I yearn for the cheering crowd. The interaction of the foreign.

Matthew: So what’s the problem then?

Narcissa: My own people. If I just tell them to start opening up again, my head will be in the arms of the gallows’ noose.

Matthew: I’m not exactly sure what that means but it doesn’t sound good.

Narcissa: It’s not but I don’t expect you to be of any help. Don’t worry about it too much.

Matthew: Well I mean if you wanna change the minds of your people and you need help, I wouldn’t mind trying to help you.

Narcissa: If only it were that simple. I’d be putting you in harms way.

Matthew: Maybe but still.

Narcissa: -chuckles- Thank you for showing you care. So have you taken care of those rowdy outsiders in the Pokemon Center?

Matthew: Huh? Ohh, uhh, yea! I sure did!

Narcissa: Excellent. Then I must hold up my end of the deal as well. Meet me inside of my gym and we shall do battle.


I watched as Narcissa exited the area. I was glad to see that she was starting to lighten up on outsiders. It was clear to see. I took 1 last look at the alter she was looking at before I came in. This person must have been pretty important to her. I did a quick little prayer to honor the dead that were here and then I left. I walked back to Goldenleaf Town. When I was making my way up to Narcissa’s Gym though, I could hear someone yelling and it sounded a lot like Aelita. When I got closer, I could see the 2 standing face to face. I ran up to them just in case something was about to break out.



Matthew: Aelita! What are you doing?

Aelita: Good. You’re here Matthew. I was just about to give Narcissa a piece of my mind.

Matthew: But Aelita, you don’t nee-

Aelita: I gotta speak my mind! 1st of all, I don’t appreciate this little attitude you and you people have against foreigners.

Narcissa: As I was just saying-

Aelita: No! Just listen for a sec!

Narcissa:… Fine. As you wish.

Aelita: What gives you the right to treat people this way? Is it because you have some sort of superiority complex? Is that it? Well let me tell you something Narcissa.

Matthew: Aelita please stop.

Aelita: No Matthew! It needs to be said! It isn’t appreciated by anyone!

Narcissa: I am aware of that… If you would just give me a moment to explain…

Aelita: Fine. Go right on ahead and explain yourself.

Matthew: Ugh. Narcissa I’m so sorry. Once she gets something in here head that she thinks she needs to do, she just does it.

Narcissa: It’s alright Matthew. In a way, I deserve this. And to you Aelita, I don’t agree with this town’s attitude either. In fact, I yearn for change?

Aelita: You do? But aren’t you the leader of this place? I would think it’d be an easy task.

Narcissa: I maybe their leader but they’re blinded. They’re so blinded by hatred that they would never listen to me.

Aelita: You mean to tell me your citizens wouldn’t listen to you?

Narcissa: Mhm. 1 thing you must know about being a leader is that your decision is not always presented with a unanimous agreement. I am a leader, not a dictator.

Aelita:… I guess you’re right…

Matthew: So what do we do to try to fix this problem.

Narcissa: We’ll think of something.

Aelita: Hmm… What about an assembly?

Narcissa: And what of our safety? If they wanted, they could riot.

Aelita: Couldn’t you just defend them off yourself?

Narcissa: While I could fend them off, I wouldn’t feel right attacking my own people. I just don’t have the heart.

Aelita: Then what to do?

Matthew: Hmm… Well… I can be your bodyguard.

Narcissa: My… bodyguard?

Aelita: Yea… Yea! That’s prefect! I can be 1 too! We aren’t weak! We can definitely hold the fort!

Narcissa: That… doesn’t sound like a bad idea… Hmm… I think I may have a better idea though.

Matthew: What’s that?

Narcissa: I’ll tell you 2 later but for now, Matthew. I promised you a Gym Battle. We should do that now. We’ll discuss everything else later.

Matthew: Alright! I’m down for that!

Aelita: Alrighty. Let’s get going then.


The 3 of us started walking up to Narcissa’s Gym, However, when we were getting closer, we could all see someone standing on top of the roof of the Gym. I couldn’t remember where I saw this person from but I knew that I had seen him somewhere. And he wasn’t a good guy.



Narcissa: Ohh…? What are you doing up there? Wait… Pardon me but have we met before? Your face… It looks strikingly familiar.

???: Shut up bitch. Haunter, silence her.


Out of this man’s PokeBall came a Haunter. The Haunter charged at Narcissa and started to choke the life out of her. When Aelita tried to help, the man had Haunter use Double Team and then started choking her as well. I tried to get it to stop but I couldn’t do anything.


Matthew: What the- What are you doing this for?!

???: Yo. You’re Matthew right?

Matthew: Who wants to know?!

???: That means you are. Listen, you might not remember me but you warped into our office! Remember that?!

Matthew: I… I did. I did and I saw Madelis there too along with those 2 people that attacked the S.S. Oceana! And… I remember you being there too. So you’re apart of Team Xen huh?

Geara: Well the little shit does remember. Shocking. Listen up. The name’s Geara and I’m a Xen Executive. We did NOT appreciate your little intrusion down at Carotos Mountain.

Matthew: Do you honestly think I give a damn if you appreciated it or not!?

Geara: You’re damn right! Because of you, it’s burnt to a cinder and in shambles!

Matthew: Well good! You shouldn’t have had a place like that inside the mountain anyways!

Geara: You’re really starting to piss me off. I wonder though. Did you really think you’d just walk on your merry little way without any consequences? Yea, that don’t fly homie.

Matthew: Don’t call me homie.

Geara: Ohh… Ohh I’m gonna enjoy choking out these 2 bitches more than I probably should now. And the best part? They’ll be on your hands.

Matthew: You think I’m just gonna stand here and let you do this?! You’re wrong Geara!


Just as I was about to send out 1 of my Pokemon, I heard someone’s voice calling out to Narcissa. Geara clammed up and returned his Haunter back to his PokeBall. I looked on in shock as I saw Geara just disappear. I looked around the area but I couldn’t see him anywhere. I could see Narcissa and Aelita knocked out on the ground. Just as I was going to check to see if they were ok, 2 natives of Goldenleaf Town came walking up and could see the 2 unconscious bodies lying on the ground. Their eyes then locked onto me. I knew instantly what they were thinking.



Matthew: Ok. Whoa whoa. I know what you’re thinking but that wasn’t me!

Sariah: What… What did you do?! You disgusting outsider!

Matthew: Listen, I didn’t do this! Someone else did!

Sariah: Nice try but you’re the only other person here!

Nick: My Arceus… This person is crazy…

Sariah: Gah! I’m so sick of these outsiders thinking they can do whatever they places! Nick, lock them up. We’ll have a meeting to figure out what to do with them later.

Matthew: L-Lock me up?! Wait! I’m serious! I’m not the 1 who did this!

Nick: Liar. Let’s go your murdering maniac.

Matthew: Murdering?! They’re not even dead! They’re just unconscious!

Sariah: And how would you know that if you didn’t cause these injuries?

Matthew: Like I said the past 10 times, I saw it happen! I didn’t do this! You have to believe me!

Nick: -grabs my arms and puts them behind my back and starts pushing me forward- Come on. Get a move on.

Matthew: Ow! Stop pushing me! Fuck man. Alright. I’m going…

Sariah: Let me take over. I’ll take them to the jail. You go to Wispy Tower and gather some rocks.

Matthew: Gather rocks? For what?

Sariah: Let’s just say… we’re gonna have some fun with you.

Matthew: I’ll be damned if you think I’m just gonna sit there and let you guys chuck rocks at me!

Sariah: Not like you’ll have a choice in the matter.


The girl took me to a little shack with 2 cells in it. She put me in 1 and shut the cell doors. I was now a prisoner.



I was being accused of doing something that I did not do and it was really pissing me off. The girl went over to the guy to make sure he wouldn’t let me out. Before she left, she gave me a dirty look and then exited the area. I needed to do something but what could I do. I couldn't break through the bars or break through the walls behind me. I was stuck.


Matthew: Damnit! I need to get out of here and prove my innocence and also look for that Geara dude! But how am I gonna get out of here? Urgh! It’s just 1 thing after another with me! Something bad happens, I take care of it, things are good for like 5 minutes and then it’s back to being complete shit. -sighs- Maybe I’m just not meant to have any kind of relaxing or fun moments here.


Just then the door slowly started to open up. I assumed it was the girl that had just left and came back with stuff to throw at me. But when the door fully opened, I recognized that the person there wasn’t the girl but that little girl I rescued before. She came over to the cell and put her finger over her mouth, signaling for me to keep quiet. She tried to get the bars open herself but nothing budged. She then looked at me and gave me a wink. I wondered she was about to do.


Mosely: Hey! Don’t make any sudden movements!

Guy: Whoa! What the-?!

Mosely: Give me the keys to the jail cell… Now!

Guy: And why should I do that?


There was silence for a couple of seconds. Then I could hear the opening of a PokeBall and a familiar Pokemon cry. It sounded like a Pangoro. Then I remembered 1 from earlier. Was she the 1 that helped me earlier? I couldn’t think of that right now though. She threatened the man holding the keys to either give them to her or have her Pokemon eat him alive. It sounded like he handed them over to Mosely. She then skipped over to my cell and unlocked it.



Matthew: Kid, you’re a damn hero.

Mosely: Heh… Don’t think I’m doin’ this because I love ya… I just wanna repay you for saving me earlier.

Matthew: Sure! Whatever you say kid! Still a hero.

Mosely: Well… Ohh! I almost forgot. I got some dirt on the guy that got you into this mess.

Matthew: You do?! What is it?!

Mosely: I heard him talk about Wispy Tower. He said there was something there that would be important.

Matthew: What the hell can be in there that he wants.

Mosely: Beats me but I bet you my mother’s breakfast that whatever he wants isn’t good.

Matthew: I gotta get over there pronto!

Mosely: I bet if you expose that guy, it’ll clear your name.

Matthew: Maybe but I’m just more worried abut him trying to do to the people of this town.

Mosely: Protect the people of this town? Why would you want to do that?

Matthew: Because it’s the right things to do!

Mosely: But they picked on you, attacked you and even hung your Pokemon in a noose by its tail. I saw all of that go down. How could you wanna protect people like that?

Matthew: Well yes. That did happen and I’ll probably never forgive the person who did it but… It’s not in my nature to let people get hurt if I can help it.

Mosely: Huh… Never thought of it like that… Err, anyways. We should get out of here. Come on Pangy.


The Pangoro ran towards its trainer and the 2 ran outside. I soon followed suit. I was shocked to see Mosely still in the town. I thought she would have run off by now.


Matthew: What are you still doing here?

Mosely: I thought about what you said and… well I think it’s only right if I help you whoop some ass.

Matthew: Help me? You mean you’re gonna help me save the people of Goldenleaf Town?

Mosely: Well… I thought about what you said and it made sense.

Matthew: -chuckles- That was barely a minute ago.

Mosely: Yea well…! It just made sense alright?!

Matthew: Alright. Alright. You can come help me.


Just then, the Sariah girl that put me in the jail cell came running back. She was furious to see me out of my cell. I was prepared to hear her annoying voice but Mosely had her Pangoro chase the girl. While it was somewhat funny, I didn’t think she had to go that far. People noticed and we coming over to investigate but she frightened them off, making them mind their own business.


Matthew: Mosely, didn’t you just say you wanted to help save them?! Why are you scaring them?!

Mosely: I do want to save them but face it! If I didn’t do that, they wouldn’t leave us alone and we wouldn’t be able to do anything.

Matthew:… Ok. Fine. You’re right. We gotta get going now!

Mosely: Alright! You go on a head of me! I gotta make sure Pangoro doesn’t devour that girl.


I watched as Mosely ran after the way her Pangoro did. I ran to the Wispy Path. I knew that whatever Team Xen was planning on doing to this place would not be good. I hurried over there as fast as I could.





Gabite (Taka)/Male/Level 32

Nature: Adamant/Ability: Rough Skin

Held Item: None

Moveset: Dual Chop/Slash/Sand Tomb/Dragon Rage



Duskull (Krep)/Male/Level 32

Nature: Careful/Ability: Levitate

Held Item: None

Moveset: Night Shade/Will-O-Wisp/Shadow Sneak/Destiny Bond



Monferno (Rousey)/Female/Level 32

Nature: Adamant/Ability: Iron Fist

Held Item: Charcoal

Moveset: Flame Wheel/Mach Punch/Flame Charge/Rock Smash



Ducklett (Darlin')/Female/Level 32

Nature: Timid/Ability: Keen Eye

Held Item: None

Moveset: Water Pulse/Bubble Beam/Air Slash/Feather Dance



Ambipom (Handy Manny)/Male/Level 32

Nature: Adamant/Ability: Technician

Held Item: None

Moveset: Covet/Double Hit/Fake Out/Dual Chop



Seviper (Venamica)/Female/Level 32

Nature: Adamant/Ability: Infiltrator

Held Item: Poison Barb

Moveset: Poison Jab/Night Slash/Poison Fang/Glare




Nature: Timid/Ability: Lightningrod

Held Item: None

Moveset: Discharge/Swift/Nuzzle/Charm



Tangela (Tangy)/Male/Level 32

Nature: Relaxed/Ability: Regenerator

Held Item: Rose Incense

Moveset: Mega Drain/Knock Off/Extreme Speed/Growth



Liepard (Katrina)/Female/Level 32

Nature: Modest/Ability: Prankster

Held Item: None

Moveset: Snarl/Fake Out/Assurance/Yawn




Aelita: (10/10 NO CHANGE!) - Ohh Aelita. Always so set on something and just goes at it nonstop. Ohh well. At least there wasn't a fight.


Narcissa: +5 (6/10) - I'm glad that she wants the anger towards outsiders gone now. Looks like we gotta come up with a plan to make them at least less angry towards us. But... I can't believe that she got knocked out by a Haunter. Now I'm in trouble with that.


Geara: +0 (0/10) - Definitely a major ass in the Team Xen Executives. He's gonna be so damn annoying to deal with.


Mosely: +5 (5/10) - Seems like an alright kid. Although, I don't like the fact that she was ok with not trying to save the town because of how they treated her. I get why but it's still not cool.




1 Week & 4 Days




Question Of The Thread #25 - What do you think of Geara in our 1st long encounter with him?

My Answer - Well he's definitely the jerk of the group. You can tell that he's the type to try to do things himself and he probably prefers it that way.


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When I got to the Wispy Path, I could see some Team Xen trucks just like back in the Goldenwood Forest.



It brought back bad memories when Melia and I were trying to escape that place. I knew it was bad news that they were here. As I continued to go to Wispy Tower, a Xen Grunt approached me and engaged in battle. I was able to defeat him quite easily but I was upset. He was using a Shadow Pokemon. A Shadow Masquerain to be precise.



I instinctively went to throw a PokeBall at it but then I remembered that my Snag Machine was busted. After the battle the grunt gave me a cocky grin.


Matthew: What are you smiling about?

Xen Grunt: I may have lost the battle but you weren’t able to snag my Shadow Pokemon.

Matthew: Urgh! -sighs- I will someday…


I left him and got up to the Wispy Tower. When I went inside, I was surprised to see an entrance going down below the tower. I knew that it could be a trap but I had no choice but to go down there and see what was going on. I cautiously walked down the steps, making sure not to set off any kind of possible traps they might have left me. When I got to the bottom, I could see someone standing with their back turned towards me. They were talking to themselves. I then realized it was Geara.


Geara: How long has it been since I’ve last visited this place…? It’s torn to shreds now. -turns around and notices me- Ohh? You’re out?



Matthew: Yea and I’m here to stop you Geara! I don’t know what you’re planning but I won’t let you get away with it.

Geara: Heh. I’d really love to see you try. You know Matthew, you really shouldn’t be butting into Team Xen’s business. But if you want to stick your nose where it doesn’t belong, then fine. Let’s make this a little more enjoyable shall we?

Matthew: What are you talking about?

Geara: I’ll meet you at the bottom level of this laboratory.

Matthew: What? You scared to face me right here and now?

Geara: Ha! Don’t get so cocky. I still have some things to iron out. So I can’t have you meddling.

Matthew: And what exactly are you trying to iron out?

Geara: You’ll see soon enough. Hey Sharlene! Can you hear me?!

Sharon: I can hear you just fine, so stop shouting. Also… it’s Sharon.

Geara: Yea yea. Whatever. Just close the gates! I’ll be down there in just a moment. As for you Matthew… See ya! -runs down the hallway-

Matthew: Come back here Geara…! Urgh! Damnit! Now what?

???: Hmph… What a big fat loser that guy is.

Matthew: Huh…? Ohh. It’s you Mosely.

Mosely: The 1 and only.~ But man. That guy can go on and on about stuff no 1 care about. Like please, save me all the angst and teenage hostility please!

Matthew: Well it made sound like nonsense to you but he’s apart of Team Xen. Whatever they’re doing here can’t be good. I need to get through these gates but I don’t know how to open them up.

Mosely: Me neither. I think our best bet is to just look around here and look for a way to open them up!

Matthew: Yea. You’re right. Alright. Let’s go searching then.


The 2 of us headed to the right and looked for a way to try to open the gates. When we got downstairs, another Xen Grunt was there and just like the last 1, he too had a Shadow Pokemon that I could not snag from him.



After the battle, the 2 of us got away. I was upset about not being able to save them. Mosely could see that I looked upset.


Mosely: Umm… You ok?

Matthew: Not really… Did you notice that person’s Pokemon before? Like did it look different than usual?

Mosely: It did actually.

Matthew: Well that’s what known as a Shadow Pokemon.

Mosely: A Shadown Pokemon? What’s that?

Matthew: Hmm… It’s when you close a Pokemon’s heart from the rest of its body. It then becomes a fighting machine. It’ll go berserk. Even on the person using it sometimes.

Mosely: That’s horrible!

Matthew: I have a Snag Machine that I could have used to snag them but… it’s broken right now and that means I can’t save them.

Mosely: Ohh… I’m sorry. But I’m sure you’ll be able to save them in the future!

Matthew: I hope so…

Mosely: Hey. What’s that?

Matthew: What’s what?


Mosely pointed out the end of the wall. There was some kind of panel thing on it. The 2 of us ran over to it and pressed a button on it that said open. We could hear something upstairs move. The 2 of us looked at each other and ran upstairs. When we got up there, we could see that 1 of the gates were open but there were 3 others left to open. Since we already searched all of the right side, we went to the left and searched that area. There were a couple of Xen Grunts there too. Again, 1 had a Shadown Pokemon I couldn’t save.



I was upset but I had to push those emotions to the side for now. We came to a section that went up more, to the left and right. We went to the left and saw another panel. When we were leaving though, I could see a book laying on a table. I decided I’d come back later to read it. We went to the rest of the rooms and each had a panel in it. They also each had some kind of book on a table too. With all the buttons pressed now, the gates upstairs were all opened.


Mosely: Alright! That should have done the trick! Come on! Let’s get upstairs!

Matthew: Uhh… You go on ahead.

Mosely: Huh? Why?

Matthew: I wanna see something really quick.

Mosely: Well ok. Don’t take too long!


Mosely ran out of the room and back to the now opened gates. I went to the table with the book on it and began to read it.



Matthew: Let’s see here… “Greetings… I work at the Wispy Radio Tower. Together we created an experience that was unmatched by anyone. Soon what was supposed to be an innocent job… turned into something much more intense. We all thought that we had influence to change the world. What could 1 do to change the mind of others? This is what we were interested in. How powerful is our influence? The head of the Radio Tower, Sirius, believes that 1 with a voice can change the mind of anyone who listened. But there’s a game to it. Certain key words that must be carefully crafted together. I was intrigued… So I joined his efforts in creating a new world with our influence. How deep this will go? Only time will tell?”


I put the book down. I was kind of confused but what was being said here but I figured it couldn’t be good. I left that room and went to the room that was up from the section. I went to the table there and read what I now knew was a journal.



Matthew: Alright. Let’s see what you got for us Journal #2. “I’m sick and tired of Sirius going around and testing things we didn’t agree on. You said you wanted a perfect worl but you haven’t exactly stated what’s “perfect” to you? Anyway, I let him do what he wanted because he seemed to know what he was doing. At least tell me what the hell you’re doing Sirius. Are you sure no 1 knows about this?”


Whatever this Sirius was doing, didn’t sound too good. I wondered who the person that made these journals was though. He seemed to have known what Sirius was doing. I left that room and went to the last room which was to the left. I went into there and picked the book up from the table and started reading it.



Matthew: “I walked into our lab today and Sirius said he had something to show me… My interest was piqued. I decided I had wanted to follow him. What I saw was absolutely unbelievable. I saw the legendary Pokemon Giratin-” Wait! Giratina!? How the hell did that happen!? “Sirius said that our influence wasn’t enough. We could not change everyone with our Radio Tower. He said that we could only create a new world by destroying this 1. He sounded like an absolute madman but he talked as if he was completely sane. It was a hypnotic experience, if I’m being honest. That’s why I opted to continue helping him regardless of what the result would be. Together we’re going to destroy and recreate the world in our image.”


I stared at the book in complete and utter shock and horror. Then I remembered what Geara said earlier. He had stuff to iron out. I didn’t want to believe it but if these journals were telling the truth, then there was no doubt in my mind. Giratina was still here and Geara was gonna try to use it. I dropped the book to the floor and ran as fast as I could back up the steps and through the opened gates. Ahead of me, I could see Mosely and also Narcissa. It seemed as though she had woken up from her unwelcomed nap. Narcissa turned around and noticed the both of us.



Narcissa: Ohh Matthew. You’re here too. And you… you’re that child that likes to steal from residents from my town.

Matthew: We… Wait. You stole things from the people of Goldenleaf Town Mosely?

Mosely: Well… I mean yea but-

Matthew: There’s no time for that now. Where’s Aelita?

Narcissa: Ahh yes. Aelita. She’s still knocked out. Don’t worry though. She’s in my house in a bed. But enough about that. What in the world is this place? What is it doing underneath Wispy Tower?

Mosely: Uhh… I actually don’t know. It might be a Team Xen base? All I know is that this place is super old. We have things growin’ aroudn here!

Matthew: Yea. Well whatever this place is, we need to stop that Geara person before it’s too late.

Narcissa: What’s wrong?

Matthew: I’m not too sure how accurate it is but while I was downstairs, I found these journal entries. The last 1 mentioned about Giratina and it was in this building. If it’s here and Team Xen is further into this place-

Mosely: That isn’t good then… We should hurry!

Narcissa: Yes! We must!


Mosely and Narcissa ran down the steps. I took a few more moments to relax and then I followed suit. When I got to the bottom though, I heard something close and then some kind of banging. I ran to the front of the room and could see Eli and Sharon standing there in front of a closed door going to the next room.



Matthew: You 2 again?

Sharon: Ohh. Lookie here. It’s Matthew. Again.

Eli: Yes. I could see that Sharleen.

Sharon:…Disregarding the blatantly wrong name… we were ordered to stall for time a bit. It looks like Geara is having some issues.

Matthew: It’s Giratina isn’t it?

Sharon: Couldn’t tell you. I haven’t been down there. I don’t really like being around the jerk anyways.

Mosely: They closed the door on us the moment we walked past it! That’s pathetic! I mean what kind of jerk tries to trick a child!?

Sharon: The kind of jerk who was ordered to? I dunno kid.

Matthew: Don’t worry Mosely! I’ll take them on over here! You and Narcissa should go downstairs and see if you can find Geara and stop him!

Narcissa: Right! Come along Mosely!

Mosely: Whoop some ass Matthew!

Sharon: Hmph. Having them go down to Geara huh? Whatever. We should get this over with right?

Matthew: Yes!

Sharon: Ok… Let’s start.




We each grabbed a PokeBall and the battle started. Unlike the last time we fought back in Goldenwood Forest, they were a lot stronger this time. Their attacks seemed more coordinated as well. Even though it was very close, I was able to come out victorious. But like last time, this Sharon girl didn’t seem to care that she lost.


Sharon: Well, we lost. I guess we have no other choice but to bail right?

Matthew: I don’t get you. You never seem to care what Team Xen is doing and never seem to care if they fail in their mission or not. You don’t even really try your best to help them. So why stay with them?

Sharon:…I just can’t ok? But before I go, I think we should 1st open the door, right Eli?

Eli: Yes Sarah.

Sharon: …It’s SHARON! Ugh. I swear you people do that just to piss me off. I mean is it that hard to remember such a simple name?! SHAAAAAAROOOOOON! Right. Well I’m over that now.

Eli: I apologize Sharlon.

Sharon: …Let’s just open this stupid door and then beat it.


The 2 opened the doors and then left the area. I couldn’t figure out that Sharon girl. She was a mystery to me. But I couldn’t focus on that. I had to go downstairs fast. When I got to the next room, I looked around quick to see if there was anything important to find and there was. Another journal on a table. I picked it up and tried to read it as fast as I could.



Matthew: “I must write this quickly as I may not have time left but… the tower is currently on fire. We don’t know how this happened but it did. Sirius and I are trapped in the stasis room for Giratina but we can’t go upstairs or we’ll die for sure. But there’s something I have to say. Something I re-” What…? Damnit! I can’t read the rest of this for shit. I gotta get to Mosely and Narcissa though.


I put the journal down and went to find the 2 girls. When I found them, they were staring at Geara and something else. When I caught up to them, I couldn’t believe it. It was Giratina. I was right this whole time. Giratina was inside this place. But it looked like it was hooked up to a machine of some kind.



Matthew: D… Damnit…

Mosely: What the heck is that big chicken?!

Narcissa: T-This can’t be… Is this…?

Geara: It’s exactly what you think.

Matthew: I was too late… Fuck!

Geara: Indeed you are Matthew. Gaze your eyes on the so-called protector of Goldenleaf Town Giratina! It’s been propped down here for decades. Did you know that Narcissa?

Narcissa: I’m… I’m speechless.

Geara: I know what will lighten the mood. How about a little story?

Matthew: A story? About what?

Geara: Shut up and you’ll find out! Ahem. Once there was a prosperous, wealthy, and intelligent young man named Sirius.

Narcissa: W-What? Why do you know that name?

Geara: …This man was ambitious. He always knew what he wanted in life. He wanted a world where he could create everything in his own image. A so-called perfect world. A world without a god.

Matthew: A world without a god? That’s insane!

Geara: 1 day, this man heard of the Legendary Pokemon Giratina. He learned that Giratina was the protector of Goldenleaf Town. He MANIPULATED the leader of that village and married her to gain power.

Narcissa: Stop it…

Matthew: Wait… that Sirius dude was your husband…?

Geara: He was able to convince his wife to let him build a Radio Tower. A place where he could continue his studies without ever being suspected of wrongdoing. And he succeeded!

Mosely: Hey moron! Are you deaf?! She said to stop it!

Narcissa: Why…? Why are you telling me all this?! I don’t understand!

Geara: Quiet down the both of you. Anyways, as I said… he succeeded. He was able to capture Giratina and bring upon the start of a new age. Unfortunately, 1 day, this tower mysteriously caught fire. The tower burned him and his research down with it. Trapping this Giratina in the abyss of this very dark shell of the past.

Matthew: You’re fucked up in the head to tell her all of this man! Why would you-

Narcissa: No! M-My husband would never keep… How do you know this much!?

Geara: Heh. That no longer matters anymore. I only want 1 thing and that is revenge. And I’m not leaving until Matthew have been successfully eradicated!

Matthew: You can try but I’m not dying here today!

Geara: Imagine… Imagine being trapped in a tower for decades. Being trapped without anyone knowing you existed in the 1st place? In a way, I feel for this Giratina. I can feel its rage and its lust for destruction.

Matthew: Narcissa! Mosely! Get back! He’s gonna unleash Giratina on us! I’ll protect you ok?!

Narcissa: I…

Mosely: R-Right!

Geara: I’m going to grant it what it wants!

Narcissa: Gregory, stop this nonsense!

Geara: Wha- Gregory?! Don’t you dare call me by that name you bitch! I haven’t been called… that for a long time and I don’t intend to be called that either. Giratina, lend me your power! We can benefit each other!


Giratina looked at Geara and then looked at the 3 of us. It gave a dark stare at us. It moved back and then thrusted forward, breaking whatever was on the Giratina. It was now free and apparently working alongside Geara. This was a bad situation.


Matthew: Fuck. This is gonna be hard!

Geara: -laughs loudly- Now together, we’ll destroy every enemy that dares to cross us! Giratina! Destroy them!




The battle started but Geara 1st used his Pokemon team. That battle was hard enough but when he had Giratina come in at the last second, that’s when this battle got difficult. For a bit, I thought it was all over for me. Team Xen would win and the 3 of us would be no more. But that wasn’t the case. My Pokemon came through for me and I barely managed to squeeze out a victory. Geara looked absolutely shocked at his own defeat.


Geara: No… No! That’s-

Matthew: Impossible? You do know that I defeated a Shadow freaking Mewtwo right? Then again, I did have help in that battle.

Geara: You… You’re lying! There’s no way it’s possible for ordinary trainers to match the power of a legend…

Matthew: Listen to me Geara. Since I came to this region about a week and a half ago, nothing ordinary has happened to me. I’ve been battling weird, demon forms of Pokemon, have to deal with you twisted fucks, had to deal with a psycho dad who put his kid through horrible trials and I am trying to save any Shadow Pokemon that I see. So in short, I am no ordinary trainer.

Mosely: Whoa… How long have you been holding that in?

Matthew: A very long time Mosely.

Narcissa: Gregory… I haven’t seen you since that day… To see you again this way absolutely breaks my heart. You don’t have to be this way. You can still be loved by everyone.

Geara: I don’t want your sympathy! I don’t want a damn thing from any of you! You know what I really want?! I want to crush you all!
Narcissa: That’s unfortunate. I’m sorry to say that no 1 will be crushed today Geara. And that includes you as well. So please, come with us.

Geara: Well… When you put it like that… Giratina! Kill Matthew!

Narcissa: -disappointedly sighs- You always were just so stubborn. Dusclops!


Dusclops popped out of Narcissa’s PokeBall and got behind Geara. It grabbed both of his arms and spread them.



It was kind of weird what I was seeing to be honest. It didn’t look right. Narcissa ordered her Dusclops to take Geara somewhere but to where, I had no idea. Before he disappeared though, he returned Giratina back to its ball and then threatened us. Dusclops then floated upwards and the both of them disappeared.


Matthew: Whoa… That’s freaky.

Mosely: And just like that, he’s gone.

Narcissa: Yes… indeed he is.

Mosely: Who was that guy anyways? You seemed to know him…

Narcissa: You’re asking these questions now? Where were they when he was actually in the room?

Matthew: Well I mean when there’s a Giratina staring you in the face, it’s kind of hard to think up of questions.

Mosely: Yea. There really wasn’t an opportunity to ask questions. You 2 seemed like you were having a moment anyways.

Narcissa: Ahh… I see. But I don’t feel like being here any longer.

Matthew: Yea. It’s kind of… I’d like to get out of here.

Narcissa: Let’s go to my house. I’ll make you all some dinner.

Matthew: Food does sound good right about now…

Mosely: Yay! Food! Maman was supposed to cook tonight but…

Narcissa: How about I lower her burden tonight then? Let’s leave this place together.


The 3 of us walked out of the Wispy Tower together and went back to Narcissa’s house. As Narcissa cooked, we all talked about stuff. Our separate adventures, lives, just random stuff. This was the 1st time in a long time I felt really relaxed and happy. Even though my Snag Machine was still broken and Melia was still missing, this was a great evening. Narcissa got done cooking and we all began to eat.



I have to admit, Narcissa is a good cook. She made so many good stuff, I didn’t want to stop eating. And apparently Mosely felt the same way. While we were eating, Mosely began to laugh.


Narcissa: Did someone get the giggles?

Matthew: -chuckles- Yea. What’s so funny?

Mosely: That Geara person. His name. -continues to laugh-

Narcissa: What about it?

Mosely: What does it sound like?

Matthew: Hmm… Geara… Geara… No way…

Narcissa: I’m not getting it.

Matthew: Geara named himself after Giratina.

Narcissa: Huh…? Oh my. So he did.


The 3 of us started to laugh at that fact. Who knew someone would be so pretentious that he would name himself after a Legendary Pokemon. It was pretty funny. Just then, Aelita came walking down the stairs and seemed confused on what was going on?


Aelita: Uhh… Did I miss something?

Matthew: Yea but it’s alright.

Aelita: Well… ok. If you say so. But hey! I’m up and ready to go!

Narcissa: I’m glad to see that you are finally up Aelita.

Aelita: Of course! I can’t let something so small bring me down!

Matthew: But you’ve been out longer than Narcissa…

Aelita: Shush Matt! Uhh… anyways, good morning everyone or whatever time of the day it is.

Mosely: It’s the evening.

Aelita: Ohh. Sheesh. I was out for a long time. Damn.

Matthew: It’s ok Aelita. We took care of things.

Aelita: I can’t believe I lost so quickly to that creep but I won’t let that happen again! I wanna be the person who always has your back. So please look after me too!

Matthew: Hell yea. You know I got yours dudette.

Narcissa: Ahh. Companionship. Humanity’s final hope for redemption. I suppose this brings us to our final problem, does it not?

Aelita: Huh? What are you… Ohh… Yea. We still gotta figure out some way to change the people of this town. Is the assembly idea still on the table?

Narcissa: I’m not sure. An assembly is such a ludicrous idea… So ludicrous that it just may work.

Matthew: That’s awesome!

Aelita: Yea! Should I go ahead and set everything up then?

Narcissa: Hmm… No. No I don’t think that will be necessary.

Aelita: What? But why not?

Narcissa: I prefer to take a more personal approach.

Matthew: I think I know where this I heading.

Narcissa: When I was younger, I used to be a famous actor. I lived in the theatre practically. I yearned for the crowd’s cheering, the elegant showtime… That dream has unfortunately died a long time ago. But I don’t care. I would like to persuade everyone with my acting.

Matthew: There we go.

Aelita: So… you want to persuade your people by… acting in a play or something?

Narcissa: Yes. In fact, I’ve already planned out everything.

Mosely: Already? You’re a fast thinker Narcissa.

Narcissa: Thank you Mosely. Matthew, you will be playing a vital role in this play.

Matthew: Wait. I’m gonna participate in the play? But… I suck at remembering lines.

Narcissa: -chuckles- Do not worry. You won’t have to do any talking if you choose not to. At the very end of the show, I will battle you in front of the entire town.

Matthew: Ohh. Ok. Now THAT I can get behind. Hold on… Is that gonna be a Gym Battle?

Narcissa: It will be. Now while I won’t be holding back, I want you to defeat me.

Mosely: Wait. You want to lose to Matthew?

Narcissa: Yes. I want you to show our little world what an entire galaxy is capable of.

Aelita: …I see! Well this is definitely a more creative way of doing things. But damnit! I think it’s a great idea!

Matthew: Me too! Especially since I get to battle you for the badge!

Narcissa: Then we shouldn’t waste time should we?

Mosely: As much as I’d like to stick around and see the play for myself, I have to get back home. Maman will kill me if I don’t get back soon. I’d rather be alive, ya know?

Matthew: Aww. That kind of sucks Mosely. I was enjoying your company.

Mosely: Hehe. I’m sure we’ll meet again someday Matthew. Don’t be sad.

Narcissa: I completely understand. I did not expect you to stay in 1 place for too long anyways. That’s your nomadic spirit isn’t it?

Mosely: Heh…

Narcissa: Ohh. You should take this as well.

Mosely: What is it?

Narcissa: Leftovers. I put some food in there for Maman as well. Tell her it’s a peace offering and that she should visit Goldenleaf Town soon.

Mosely: Ohh Narcy! You’re the best! I’ll visit you again soon! -leaves the house-

Narcissa: Well as they say, the show must go on! You coming with me Aelita?

Aelita: Yes of course! How about you Matthew?

Matthew: I’m gonna stay here a bit and prepare myself. I won’t be too long though. Promise.

Narcissa: Alright. See you in a bit.


Narcissa and Aelita left the house and went to the theatre. I stayed at the house preparing myself for my upcoming Gym Battle. I was getting hyped up for it. For the 1st time, this Gym Battle was gonna be a regular fun battle. There was no 1 I was trying to save quickly, there was no 1 that was just gonna bolt and try to do something to stop Team Xen and there wasn’t a psycho person pitting me against a friend. It was gonna be a normal Gym Battle. I couldn’t wait to face Narcissa.





Gabite (Taka)/Male/Level 33

Nature: Adamant/Ability: Rough Skin

Held Item: None

Moveset: Dragon Claw/Dual Chop/Sand Tomb/Slash



Duskull (Krep)/Male/Level 32

Nature: Careful/Ability: Levitate

Held Item: None

Moveset: Night Shade/Will-O-Wisp/Shadow Sneak/Destiny Bond



Monferno (Rousey)/Female/Level 33

Nature: Adamant/Ability: Iron Fist

Held Item: Charcoal

Moveset: Flame Wheel/Mach Punch/Flame Charge/Rock Smash



Ducklett (Darlin')/Female/Level 32

Nature: Timid/Ability: Keen Eye

Held Item: None

Moveset: Water Pulse/Bubble Beam/Air Slash/Feather Dance



Ambipom (Handy Manny)/Male/Level 35

Nature: Adamant/Ability: Technician

Held Item: None

Moveset: Covet/Double Hit/Fake Out/Dual Chop



Seviper (Venamica)/Female/Level 32

Nature: Adamant/Ability: Infiltrator

Held Item: Poison Barb

Moveset: Poison Jab/Night Slash/Poison Fang/Glare




Nature: Timid/Ability: Lightningrod

Held Item: None

Moveset: Discharge/Swift/Nuzzle/Charm



Tangela (Tangy)/Male/Level 33

Nature: Relaxed/Ability: Regenerator

Held Item: Rose Incense

Moveset: Mega Drain/Knock Off/Extreme Speed/Growth



Liepard (Katrina)/Female/Level 34

Nature: Modest/Ability: Prankster

Held Item: None

Moveset: Snarl/Fake Out/Assurance/Yawn




Mosely: +1 (6/10) - I enjoyed her company while she was around. While I still don't think hanging her was a good way to punish her, I can see why the townsfolk were mad at her. I just hope her act gets better.


Narcissa: +2 (8/10) - She kind of helped out against Geara. She stopped him from doing anymore damage and sent him off to... somehwere. Now, she's gonna put on a play and for the main event, I'm gonna battle her for her Gym Badge.


Geara: (0/10 NO CHANGE!) - This dude knew where a Legendary Pokemon was, used it and it is now in his possession. This could not get any worse. But at least he's somewhere that's not here... What a crazy dude though.




1 Week & 4 Days




Question Of The Thread #26 - How do you feel about the events in the Wispy Tower?

My Answer - I think it's alright. I mean I like the journals that are laid out across the place. It's insane how Giratina was in that place for so long though and no 1 noticed until Geara decided to go to it. But yea. Besides that, it's alright.


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I got fully prepared and left Narcissa’s house to go to the theatre. It was pretty late into the evening but I had a feeling that a lot of people were here wanting to watch this play. When I walked into the theatre, I could see weird pictures of Exeggutor and Slowbro. I didn’t know why she had those up in here but I guess it did add some kind of charm to the place. Before I went further up, I could see the panel to talk to Jan at the side. I decided to go over and see what I can learn about Narcissa.



Jan: Hey Matthew. Another late battle eh?

Matthew: You can say it like that.

Jan: Hmm… By the looks of it, you’re at the Goldenleaf Theatre. So Narcissa’s finally doing her job huh?

Matthew: Jeez. Ain’t that a bit harsh Jan?

Jan: Do you know how many trainers quit here because she refuses to battle them? Well whatever you did, maybe she’ll battle more now. Anyways, let me give you some details on her. Her ace is a Dusclops. A strange ace, but an effective 1 nonetheless. It will be holding an Eviolite so it’s gonna take a lot of wittling down to send that ghost to the afterlife for good. Narcissa’s signature move is called Spectral Scream. It has a 25% chance of raising its defence. She’s all about that bulk. The battle field she uses is called the Haunted Field. Like the field suggest, this field is beneficial mostly to Ghost Pokemon. Ghost Type moves are boosted in power by 1.3x. Dark and Fairy Types are 0.7x in power. Most notably, Night Shade deals 1.5x more damage. So be wary of that.

Matthew: Alright. Thanks Jan. I think I can take it from here.

Jan: Alrighty then. Good luck Matt. And thanks for getting her to do her job again.


The computer shut off. I walked up more into the theatre and could see Narcissa standing there. She seemed kind of nervous but excited at the same time.


Matthew: Well hey there Narcissa.

Narcissa: Ahh Matthew. There you are! It seems like the show is about to start.

Matthew: Nice. You nervous?

Narcissa: A little but I’ll be fine. But there’s still some time before your part comes in you know?

Matthew: Ohh I know. The big main event!

???: Narcissa!

Matthew: No… No way…


The 2 of us looked behind me and walking up towards us was none other than Ren. He seemed somewhat shocked to see me there inside of the theatre. I could tell that things were gonna go from being decently good to annoying fast.



Narcissa: Oh my… This is a plot twist.

Matthew: Ren…

Ren: Matthew… So you got through the barrier?

Matthew: Yea but it wasn’t easy.

Narcissa: Hold on. This seems pretty ironic. Are you telling me that you were the 1 who put that old thing up again? Isn’t that exactly what we used to do Ren? Something you detested so much?

Ren: Hmph… This time it was different…! I had to buy time so that I could become stronger!

Narcissa: To defeat me in battle? Still? That is your dream? After all this time you’ve worked so hard to do the same thing we did in the past.

Ren: It wasn’t like that! I said it was just to buy time!

Narcissa: Call it whatever you want but I’ve seen through your actions. But… I shall give you an opportunity if you wish to battle me that badly.

Ren: You will?!

Matthew: What?! What about my battle Narcissa?! I thought that was supposed to be the main event?!

Narcissa: Calm down Matthew. Let me explain. Currently, all of the tickets to my show are sold out. However, there is 1 ticket I kept secret. 1 ticket that will allow you to see the show close up.

Matthew: I’m… not so sure I follow.

Ren: Yea. I’m confused…

Narcissa: The 2 of you shall compete for this ticket.

Ren: So where is it? Where is the ticket?

Narcissa: It is located somewhere within this theatre. Ren, you will enter the right wing and Matthew will enter the left. 1st person to clear the backrooms of this theatre will receive their ticket.

Ren: I understand… So it’s a race. A race to see who will change this town for the better.

Matthew: Yea… I guess it is…

Ren: I told you Matthew. I told you that I was determined to change the town myself. I won’t let anyone get in the way of that dream.

Matthew: I know it is Ren. Trust me. You won’t let me forget it anytime we run into each other.

Ren: Matthew… if you truly want to battle Narcissa, then you better beat me to the end! -goes to the right side of the building-

Matthew: Urgh! Damnit Ren…!

Narcissa: I apologize for changing the plan out of nowhere.

Matthew: It’s ok. If anything, my determination to battle you has gone way up now.

Narcissa: Good. I said I was going to convert my entire town in the direction of peace and love. And this includes Ren as well. He’s just as bad, even if he doesn’t know it.

Matthew: Yea… I’m starting to realize it too. Hopefully, this snaps him out of it.

Narcissa: As do I. I want you to defeat him in this race. But not out of spice. I want you to show him what he’s doing is wrong. I know his intentions are genuine but the execution is severely lacking. You must severely break someone down before you can rebuild them into a better entity. Remember that Matthew.

Matthew: I will Narcissa… Thanks.


Narcissa left to get ready for the show. I went to the left wing of the room as Narcissa instructed me to do. When I went into the next room, I was puzzled as to what I was supposed to do. I went through a door that was right in front of me but when I came to the next room, I was back where I started. That weirded me out a lot. I tried it again and the same thing happened. I noticed a door on the other side of the room. I tried that door. When I got to the next room, it was different but there was a Pokemon in front of it. When I got close behind it, it turned around. It turned out to be a Mimikyu.



However, it spoke which scared me. It then disappeared. This was definitely a weird Gym puzzle. I then read what was on the wall.


Matthew: “1 path leads to many doors. Many doors lead to only 1 exit.” Hmm… Is that a clue to how to figure out this weird as puzzle?


I went to turn around and noticed a fire lit on a torch on the wall. When I came into this room, it wasn’t lit up but now it was. I had an idea. I went out that door and then up to the door that just led me back into this room. This time, the torch next to the door was lit. When I entered that room, it was a different room. Now I knew that the room I was supposed to be in would be lit up on the torch by whatever I was supposed to go to. It led me back out of the room and into the room I was just in but this time, there was a hole in the wall. I went inside, up the stairs and found myself on the next floor. I continued to follow the fire until I came across a mirror. A Dusclops came out of it and took me through it.



After that happened, a weird girl came out of nowhere and teleported me back to the beginning of the area. I continued following the fire until I was at the top. There was a resting area there. I took a break there and then went through the final door. I thought I had won but Ren was walking through at the exact same time. We looked at each other in shock when we saw that we made it there at the exact same time.



Ren: Damnit Matt! You’re so persistent! Just leave!

Matthew: Me leave?! Why don’t you leave! I was here 1st!

Ren: The hell is your deal? Why can’t you just let me battle her 1st?

Matthew: Dude, she said that I could challenge her. Why shouldn’t I?

Ren: I have been training so hard for this day… and you’re going to ruin all that training with just 1 battle…

Matthew: Ren-

Ren: No. I want you to listen to me. I appreciate you as a friend Matthew, but this is where I draw the line.

Matthew: So what are you saying? This is like me breaking up the friendship?

Ren: …In a way…

Matthew: Dude, what is going on with you? You were NEVER like this before we got to this town? Is it really that important?

Ren: Yes! Yes it is! Only 1 of us can get to Narcissa and that 1 is going to be me whether you like it or not!

Matthew: Fine then! Bring it on! Show me what your training has led to!




The battle between us started. While he was definitely better than the last time we faced off, the results were the same. I had come out the winner. The 2 of us returned out Pokemon back to our PokeBalls. I wasn’t happy though. I didn’t want whatever all of this was to break up our friendship.


Ren: This… You…

Matthew: Dude… Please… I didn’t want this.

Ren: Then why did you do it?!

Matthew: Because… you’re being just like how these people are right now!

Ren: Wha-… No… No. You’re wrong.

Matthew: Listen to yourself. You’re telling me you don’t sound like them?

Ren: Shut up! Just… shut up. After everything… After my ambition to become better and fix this town… All those years spent becoming stronger… were for nothing?

Matthew: Of course not! You got another reason to be stronger you know.

Ren: Heh. That’s a joke.

Matthew: What?!

Ren: I’ve seen what you’ve done for this town Matthew. The moment I walked through the gate and into this town… I noticed something significantly different. Not everything’s fixed but I can feel the will to change.

Matthew: I… I didn’t do it on purpose.

Ren: Maybe not… but that was my dream. My goal. To accomplish that myself. So I ask you… Will you let me please battle Narcissa 1st?


I thought about it for a bit. I mean what would it hurt if he did go on and battle Narcissa 1st and then I would battle her afterwards? I didn’t want all of this to mess up a friendship we made. I made up my mind.


Matthew: Yes.

Ren: W-What did you just say…?

Matthew: Yes… You can battle her 1st.

Ren: -stays silent for a bit and then starts to laugh-

Matthew: What’s… What’s so funny?

Ren: Ohh Matt. I know there’s no way you mean that.

Matthew: What?!

Ren: Face it. You beat me. Why would you let me go 1st? I wouldn’t be able to beat her now anyways.

Matthew: Are you serious right now Ren?!

Ren: I’m gonna go now. I’m not going to watch your battle with her. Let’s just see how good you are against her.


Ren looked at me with a disgusted smile and then walked out of the room. I stood there looking at the door, hoping that he was just playing some kind of sick, sadistic joke and would walk back into the room and everything would be cool. I waited and waited. Nothing. He didn’t come back. I felt like I had ruined a friendship even though I didn’t really do anything wrong. I couldn’t do anything else though except go into the mirror. When I came back into a room, I was on a battlefield with Narcissa across from me.



Matthew: Whoa. Is this… the battlefield?

Narcissa: It is. The show’s not over is it?

Matthew: No way. Let’s give them a grand finale.

Narcissa: Yes. This is the final stand off between Goldenleaf Town and the world! Show Goldenleaf Town what you’re capable of!




The Gym Battle was underway. In any Gym Battle I had in Aevium so far, Narcissa was definitely the hardest. Her field definitely backed me up into a corner. I didn’t know if I would be able to get out of it. But luckily, my Pokemon and I pulled through and came out the victors. Some cheered as some booed. It didn’t bother me though. I enjoyed the battle and it seemed Narcissa did too.


Matthew: I have bested you in battle Narcissa.

Narcissa: You have and thus, Goldenleaf Town has fallen and the world of peace, love and happiness have won as well! The world has missed us. This ordinance of isolation is over! From now on, we will welcome any outsider as if they were 1 of us. Let us-

Sariah: Narcissssaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!

Matthew: Ohh fuck. This loudmouth again?

Sariah: -walks up onto the stage- What is this nonsense?! How could you lose to this… this… outsider!

Matthew: You know, you keep calling me that as if it’s an insult. Just saying, it’s not.

Narcissa: To answer your question, I suppose I wasn’t strong enough. We weren’t strong enough.

Sariah: So what…? Are you saying we’re just going to treat these outsiders with respect now?! After everything? Have you completely forgotten what they did to us?

Narcissa: What they did to “us”? What are you talking about “us”? You weren’t even born when that tragedy happened.

Matthew: Really? So she’s just like this because… Why are you like this?!

Sariah: Shut it you… you…! GAH!

Narcissa: You know what you’re doing Sariah? You use that as an excuse to be a hateful, xenophobic, miserable girl.

Sariah: Wh-What? No! That’s not- That’s not what I meant! I want to avenge my fallen brethren!

Narcissa: Then avenge them in a more positive way. The past is the past. It cannot be changed no matter how much you cry, grief or scream. Instead of living it, let’s build a future that our loved ones would be proud of!

Matthew: Doesn’t that sound better?

Sariah: …I seriously cannot believe what I’m hearing right now.

Aelita: Then you don’t have to believe it. No one’s telling you to stay here. You can leave whenever you want.

Sariah: Excuse me but who the hell do you think you are?! How dare you to tell me to leave here when you’re not even part of this place!

Narcissa: Ahh. But where would you go? No matter where you’d end up, you’d be outsiders. I wonder… Would they greet you with love and compassion? Certainly not because you didn’t give them the treatment they desired when they visited us.

Sariah: I… I… Urgh… Fine but I’m not going to like it.

Narcissa: And you don’t have to.

Matthew: Hell. I’m not asking you to like it. I just want you to give it a chance.

Sariah: …Mhm…

Matthew: That’s an improvement!

Narcissa: This is just what’s going to happen from now on. And I’m aware that change won’t happen immediately. It takes time for it to blossom. But I will be here until we bloom into a beautiful flower in the sun! For peace, lover and happiness!


The people in the audience got up and left for home. Aelita and I helped Narcissa clean up a bit in the theatre before going back to her place. It was almost pitch black outside when we finally left. When we made it back to Narcissa’s house, we sat down at the table. We were all tired as hell but happy that the play seemed to have paid off.



Aelita: Narciss, that was an absolutely beautiful performance!

Matthew: I know I wasn’t there to see any of it but I bet you were.

Narcissa: Thank you 2 so much. It’s been a while since I’ve done something like that. If I’m being honest, I was extremely nervous…

Aelita: Really? You didn’t look nervous to me.

Narcissa: Apparently so. I pulled through somehow. And I couldn’t have done it without you 2.

Aelita: We were happy to help!

Matthew: It was nothing really. That battle was awesome though!

Narcissa: Thank you. I must admit, I had a fun time battling you too Matthew. It got my blood pumping.

Narcissa: Ohh! I almost forgot. Matt, here’s your badge! -hands over the Phantasm Badge-

Matthew: Sweet! This marks badge #4!

Aelita: 4? How’d you get 4 already?

Matthew: Uhh… I’ll tell you about it some other time Aelita.

Aelita: Huh…? Well ok then. Whatever you say.

Narcissa: Now you 2 are trying to get to Route 4 right?

Aelita: Yes! We have to get to Akuwa Town as fast as possible.

Matthew: I need to get my Snag Machine fixed pronto. This is essential in taking Team Xen down.

Narcissa: I see. Sounds quite the ordeal. I shall show you the way out of the town but that will wait until tomorrow. I’m sure you 2 want some rest?

Matthew: Desperately. I’ll be lucky if I can walk another 10 feet.

Aelita: Yea. I’m tired as well.

Narcissa: Well you 2 are welcome to stay here for the night. When morning comes, I’ll take you to the area. Now let me show you both up to your rooms.


Aelita and I followed Narcissa upstairs. She showed us the room we’d be staying in. Luckily, there were 2 beds in there. We said our good nights and got ready for bed. As I laid in bed, I couldn’t help but wonder about Ren. I wanted to know if he still saw me as a friend or an enemy now. I drifted off to sleep wondering about our fate together.





Gabite (Taka)/Male/Level 35

Nature: Adamant/Ability: Rough Skin

Held Item: None

Moveset: Dragon Claw/Dual Chop/Sand Tomb/Slash



Duskull (Krep)/Male/Level 35

Nature: Careful/Ability: Levitate

Held Item: None

Moveset: Night Shade/Will-O-Wisp/Shadow Sneak/Destiny Bond



Monferno (Rousey)/Female/Level 35

Nature: Adamant/Ability: Iron Fist

Held Item: Charcoal

Moveset: Flame Wheel/Mach Punch/Flame Charge/Rock Smash



Ducklett (Darlin')/Female/Level 35

Nature: Timid/Ability: Keen Eye

Held Item: None

Moveset: Water Pulse/Bubble Beam/Air Slash/Feather Dance



Ambipom (Handy Manny)/Male/Level 35

Nature: Adamant/Ability: Technician

Held Item: None

Moveset: Covet/Double Hit/Fake Out/Dual Chop



Seviper (Venamica)/Female/Level 35

Nature: Adamant/Ability: Infiltrator

Held Item: Poison Barb

Moveset: Poison Jab/Night Slash/Poison Fang/Glare




Nature: Timid/Ability: Lightningrod

Held Item: None

Moveset: Discharge/Swift/Nuzzle/Flash



Tangela (Tangy)/Male/Level 35

Nature: Relaxed/Ability: Regenerator

Held Item: Rose Incense

Moveset: Mega Drain/Knock Off/Extreme Speed/Growth



Liepard (Katrina)/Female/Level 35

Nature: Modest/Ability: Prankster

Held Item: None

Moveset: Snarl/Fake Out/Assurance/Yawn




Narcissa: +2 (10/10) - Narcissa is a pretty good Gym Leader. Her team was pretty tough to overcome. Plus, she helped with getting the town to finally at least be nice to outsiders.


Ren: -1 (3/10) - I don't know what's going on with this dude... I gave him the opportunity to battle Narcissa 1st and then he just doesn't believe me. I didn't try to change this town on purpose or to have it in his face that I did this and not him... I feel like I lost a friend because of this but... that's on him. Not me.




1 Week & 4 Days




Question Of The Thread #27 - How difficult is the Narcissa Gym Battle to you?

My Answer - She's kind of a medium difficult for me. Sometimes I can beat her 1st try and other times, it takes 2 to 4 tries but she's not 1 of those battles where it takes hours and hours to beat.


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Aelita: Wake up Matt.

Matthew: Erm, give me a couple more minutes…

Aelita: Seriously, you have to get up.

Matthew: Leave me alo-


Matthew: Whoa! -falls out of the bed- Ow!

Aelita: About time you wake up!

Matthew: Oogh. You know, I’m happy you didn’t just leave without me but you could have woken me up in a better way.

Aelita: We don’t have time for that Matthew.

Matthew: Hey. What’s wrong? You sound serious.

Aelita: People came here looking for you.

Matthew: Looking for me? Wait. Is it Team Xen?!

Aelita: No. They didn’t say where they were from but they requested to see you. Narcissa is already down there trying to get any kind of info out of them. So just hurry up!


Aelita left the bedroom. I wondered why someone would come here to look for me. I got out of my bed wear and into my regular clothes and left the bed room and came downstairs. I met up with Aelita and Narcissa and could see the people they were talking about. There were 3 of them. 2 of them looked like Pokemon Rangers but the 1 on the middle looked a bit more important. He had long green hair and had a business suit attire on.



Matthew: Hey. You get anything out of them Narcissa?

Narcissa: No. The only thing they would tell me is that they needed to see you urgently.

Matthew: I see. Well… I’m here now. Why are you wanting to see me?

???: Before I say anything regarding to the situation, I would like to make clear that you are in no trouble nor are we here to capture you in any way.

Aelita: Hmm. I don’t know. That sounds just too good to be true.

C : I know but I just need you all to trust me. I suppose I should introduce myself. While I would give you my real name, becauae of the type of work I am apart of, I will only give you my codename, which is C. I am part of the International Police. Specifically the Aevium Department.

Narcissa: The International Police?

C : That’s right and these 2 here with me are Goldenwood Rangers.

Matthew: Wait. Goldenwood Rangers?

Male Goldenwood Ranger: Yes. We are.

Female Goldenwood Ranger: Does that mean something to you?

Matthew: It’s just… last time I was there is when Team Xen came and tried to kidnap my 1 friend… Now I don’t know where she is.

C : I see. I’m sorry to have brought bad memories but this is important. You see-

Male Goldenwood Forest: Hold on. How can you be so sure that he can handle this sir?

Female Goldenwood Forest: I mean if you can’t do it, what makes you think he can?

Matthew: Handle what? Can someone just explain to me what’s going on?

C : Hmm… You 2 have a point. I’m sorry Matthew but I think a demonstration of your power is necessary right now.

Matthew: I’m not sure what this is all about but I never turn down a battle. Sure. Let’s do it.

Narcissa: Hold it! Not in my house. We can do it outside please.

C : Of course.


All 6 of us went outside of Narcissa’s house. The C dude stood on 1 side as I stood on the other.



1 of the rangers yelled begin and the battle started.



The match didn’t take long though. None of my Pokemon even took any damage. But C seemed impressed as well as the rangers.


C : You are indeed strong.

Male Goldenwood Ranger: That was incredible!

Female Goldenwood Ranger: You didn’t even take a hit!

Matthew: Well I mean you know-

Aelita: You can boast about your victory later Matthew.

Narcissa: Yes. We still don’t know why you all have shown up here in the 1st place.

Matthew: Ohh yea! So what’s going on? What does the International Police need with me?

C : Well as you already know, something is happening down at Goldenwood Forest. The wild Pokemon there have started to flee the area at an extremely rapid pace.

Male Goldenwood Ranger: When me and my partner went to take a look at what was causing them to flee, we saw something out in the water.

Female Goldenwood Ranger: It was this weird orb of energy. When we tried to get closer to see what it was, it attacked us. We were no match for it.

C : Not even I could do anything against it. While trying to think of what to do though, I’ve heard about a trainer that has been going toe to toe against Team Xen and found out it was you. I figured you might be the only person to help us out in this trying time.

Matthew: Wait… In the water. You mean the lake right?

Male Goldenwood Ranger: Yes. We’ve never seen anything quite like it.

Matthew: No way… It’s still there after all this time?

Aelita: What’s there?

Matthew: Remember that Volcanion back in Carotos Mountain?

Aelita: Yea. I think it was called a Dimensional R- Hold on. Are you saying that this-

Matthew: Yes. I am. Not only that, I know exactly what it is too.

C Are you telling me that you know what that thing is?!

Matthew: Yes. It’s a Dimensional Rift and inside that is a Dimensional Rift Gyarados. I still don’t know the whole details but it transforms, kind of like Mega Evolution, but way more scary.

C : I see. That is most troubling. Sources have told me that it can’t be tamed… Therefore, you will have no other choice but to destroy it.

Matthew: …Heh…

Narcissa: What is it?

Matthew: I have to kill another Pokemon again…

Narcissa: Kill?

Matthew: Yea. If you can’t tame it, the only way to make it stop… is to kill it.

Narcissa: That’s… That’s horrible!

Matthew: It is and it sucks that I have to do this again… but I’m sure it’d rather have death than be like that for the rest of its life.

C : Again, I am sorry that I am having to put you in a rather uncomfortable situation but we need your help.

Matthew: I know… I accept.

C : Then it’s decided. You are hereby a temporary member of the International Police.

Matthew: Alright. So what are we waiting for?

Male Goldenwood Ranger: Uhh, sir? Aren’t you forgetting the other thing as well?

C : The other thing…? Ahh yes! Thank you for reminding me! There is another issue as well. We have been getting reports of a weird Rockruff attacking the Pokemon of Goldenwood Forest.

Matthew: Stop… I know what it is. It’s a Shadow Pokemon.

C : Shadow Pokemon? That’s back?

Aelita: Unfortunately. Me and Matt have actually purified some but… I don’t know if he can catch it. His Snag Machine is broken.

C : I see. That is unfortunate.

Matthew: Wait. Does this Rockruff have a trainer?

Female Goldenwood Ranger: From what we’ve seen and what the reports say, the Rockruff is acting on its own accord.

Matthew: If that’s the case, then I might be able to catch it after all.

Aelita: And then you can open its heart and purify it!

Matthew: That’s the plan. So should we get going?

C : Before we leave, I must tell you that only you are allowed to come with us.

Aelita: What?! Why can’t me or Narcissa come along as well?!

C : We can’t endanger people’s lives. Matthew seems to have dealt with these creatures many times. He’s the best suitable for this. He has the best outcome of coming back unharmed.

Aelita: But I-

Narcissa: Aelita, please. I know you want to help but if this is what they decided, then we can do nothing to change their mind.

Matthew: And don’t worry about me Aelita. I got this. I’ll be back in no time.

Aelita: Hrm… Fine. Just be careful ok?

Matthew: You got it. Lead the way C.


C and the Rangers lead me the way to Goldenwood Forest. I was shocked to learn that Wispy Path also lead back to that place. When we got there, they wished me luck and then went back inside the resting area. I looked around the place. The plant life definitely had taken over since I was here last time. It was amazing though. I started to make my way down to where Melia and I had 1st encountered Zetta. I wondered where Crescent had taken him. Hadn’t seen either of them since that day down in Amethyst Cave. When I finally made it to the little hill, I walked up onto it and looked over the water. It was true. The Dimensional Rift was still there. I took a deep breath and exhaled.


Matthew: Alright… Let’s get this over with. I’m here Gyarados!


I could hear Gyarados’ cry. The orb out in the water started to change. In a blink of a flash, the orb came closer over to me and then it appeared. Dimensional Rift Gyarados. It roared at my face. I looked up at it with remorse. I didn’t want to kill it but I knew there was no other way of doing it.



Matthew: Well… I gotta put you out of your misery.

D.R. Gyarados: -roars out in anger-

Matthew: I wish there was another way of doing this but there isn’t. I’ll try to make this as painless as possible!




The battle started. Unlike last time, it didn’t seem to be as destructive. It seemed like it was holding back. As if it was trying to help me release it from this horrible fate. It didn’t take too long for me to defeat the monster. After the battle, I looked up at the Gyarados. As I stared at it, it closed its eyes and smiled. It then disappeared into thin air. I was happy that I was able to help it.


???: Gyarados will finally be able to rest in peace. That’s a job well done Matthew.

Matthew: -turns around- Ohh! C. Surprised to see you out here.



C : Are you referring to my blindness?

Matthew: Y-You’re blind?!

C : Ohh. Did I not mention that? Well in any case, I am indeed blind. But I can see through the eyes of my Pokemon though.

Matthew: Ahh… I see. Well in any case, I’m glad that the Gyarados will be at peace.

C : Yes. Goldenwood Forest is 1 step closer to being safe once again.

Matthew: Yea. Now we gotta find that Shadow Rockruff.

C : We may not have to go searching for it. I just got a report in not too long ago on its most recent location. That’s why I’m here.

Matthew: Alright. So where is it?

C : It’s back up north in Goldenwood Cave.

Matthew: Alright. I’m gonna head there now.

C : I’m gonna go there with you.

Matthew: Are you even able to?

C : I made it here without any help didn’t I?

Matthew: Ohh… I suppose you did.

C : Then let’s head up there.


The 2 of us headed upwards to Goldenwood Cave. I was amazed that C was able to walk up there and not walk into a million things along the way. Maybe he was really seeing through his Pokemon eyes somehow. When we made it to the entrance of the cave, we heard the growl of a Pokemon. We slowly entered the cave. Almost as soon as we entered, we heard the growl again but I was able to see the Pokemon. It was definitely a Shadow Pokemon and it was a Rockruff.



Matthew: C! Watch out!

C : I know! So what do we do?!

Matthew: I gotta see what it does before I can do anything!


I watched as the Rockruff stared at us with an angry stare. But it was acting weird. I expected it to try to attack us almost as soon as it spotted us but it didn’t. Instead, it was jerking its body around. Then I realized something. It was fighting. Fighting to either keep the door to its heart open or fighting to open the door to its heart. It wasn’t a fully completed Shadow Pokemon.


Matthew: It… It’s not…

C : What is it Matthew?!

Matthew: That Rockruff isn’t a fully completed Shadow Pokemon.

C : is that a good thing?!

Matthew: Well kind of. It-


Matthew: Huh?!


I looked back at Rockruff and it was charging towards me. I could notice that the top if its forehead was a brightly colored pinkish/purple color. I didn’t have anytime to get out of the way though. So instead, I opened my arms and waited for the Pokemon to fully make contact. When it did, I wrapped my arms around it. I was pushed back towards the little pond behind me. This attack hurt like hell though. I dropped to my knees. I let Rockruff go. Right now, it seemed that it was in control of its body. It looked up at me with remorse in its eyes.


C : Matt?! Matt! What’s happened?! Are you alright?!

Matthew: I-I’m fine… Are you… doing good Rock…ruffffff…


I slowly lost consciousness and fall back towards the pond and splashed into the water. I could hear C yelling out to me to please come out of the pond and be ok. I could soon hear a scuffle going on. I gradually regained consciousness. Luckily, I wasn’t underwater. I was floating on top. When I looked towards where the Rockruff and C were, I could see C dodging all the moves Rockruff was throwing towards him. I waited for an opportunity and threw a ball at the Pokemon. It made contact and it went inside the PokeBall. C and I waited to see if the Pokemon was successfully captured or not. After a couple of shakes, it clicked, marking it a successful capture. The both of us gave a great sigh of relief. I swam back to the hard rock and pull myself up out of the water. C came over to my and draped me over his shoulder.


C : Hey. You ok Matthew?

Matthew: I-I will be… Must have been… hit harder than I though…

C : What it do to you?

Matthew: I’m not sure… It’s head lit up a weird… pinkish/purple color and then… headbutted me…

C : Hmm… That sounds like Zen Headbutt… But how can that be? Rockruff can’t learn that move.

Matthew: It’s a-another thing about… Shadow Pokemon… They seem to learn 1… move they usually aren’t… able to.

C : Well at least you caught it. Let’s get your ball and get you back to the resting area.

Matthew: R-Right…


C took me over to my PokeBall and I weakly picked it up and put it in my pocket. He then helped me out of the cave and all the way back to the building. The rangers there did everything they could to get me close to 100%. It took about an hour but I felt better than before. I was still not 100% though.


Matthew: Ahh. Thanks you guys. I’m feeling better already.

Female Goldenwood Ranger: Yea right. You’re not even close to being fully better.

Matthew: -chuckles- Well maybe but I feel better than I did a bit ago.

Male Goldenwood Ranger: I’m sorry you got hurt but we deeply thank you for helping us with this issue.

C : Yes. I’d like to congratulate you as well. Without you, I don’t know what would have happened to this place.

Matthew: You guys don’t need to thank me. I’m glad I could help. But I gotta get going. I need to purify this little guy.

C : Ahh yes. That Rockruff. Are you going to keep it afterwards?

Matthew: That’s up to the little guy. I decided I’d let them decide if they wanna stay or leave.

C : That’s very admirable of you Matthew. Again, thank you for helping us. Whenever we see each other again, we must have a rematch.

Matthew: Yea! That sounds like fun. Well, I’m gonna go now. Bye everyone.


We waved to each other good bye. I knew where I had to go. I had to go back to Sheridan Village. Thankfully, when I got back to Goldenleaf Town, the guy with the truck was there. He let me ride in his truck as he drove me to Sheridan Village. When we go there, I hopped off and went to the Celebi statue and touched its head. When we were in the purification place, I walked up to the Eldest.


Eldest: Ahh. Back so soon?

Matthew: Yes but only to purify this 1 Shadow Pokemon.

Eldest: Very well. Bring it out and the process shall be done.


I took out the PokeBall, which was actually the Mineral Ball exclusive to this region, and called out Rockruff. The Eldest did the ritual and soon, Rockruff was soon back to its normal self. It seemed so relieved. It made me happy. When it noticed me, it started to wag its tail happily. It must have known that I rescued it. I knelt down next to the little dog Pokemon.



Matthew: Well Rockruff, I’m glad you’re back to yourself again.

Rockruff: Ruff Rockruff!

Matthew: So, do you wanna travel with me some more or do you wanna leave by yourself.

Rockruff: Rockruff Rock! -jumps on me and starts licking me-

Matthew: -chuckles- Alright. Alright. I know what your answer is. So what should I call you. Hmm… I know! How about Sasuke?

Rockruff: -nods its head in approval-

Matthew: Well then Sasuke, it’s time we head back on our journey.


I took out the Mineral Ball and returned it back to it. I thanked the Eldest and went back to the statue. When I got back to Sheridan Village, I went back to the truck driver and had him give me a drive back to Goldenleaf Town. When I got there, I could see Narcissa and Aelita hanging out by the Giratina statue. I joined them.



Aelita: Matthew! You’re back! So how did it go?

Matthew:Well I took care of the Dimensional Rift Gyarados, the Shadow Rockruff hurt me… kind of a lot, caught said Shadow Rockruff and then purified it not too long ago.

Aelita: Wow… Are you ok?

Matthew: I mean I feel better than before but it’s gonna be a little bit before I feel 100%.

Narcissa: Well I’m glad everything worked out.

Matthew: Me too. So why are you 2 here?

Aelita: Narcissa said she was gonna show me the way to Route 4.

Matthew: Before I got here?!

Narcissa: I would have showed you when you got here. But since that’s not the case anymore, I can show you both now.

Aelita: Ok. So why are we in front of this statue?

Narcissa: Do you see the inscription here? “Giratina, the protector of the Goldenleaf Region.”

Matthew: Yea. What about it?

Narcissa: The “R” in “Region” is actually slightly pushed outwards. Push it back and…


The statue started to make some weird noises. A couple of seconds later, apart of the statue started to go underneath. Aelita and I could see a set of stairways under the statue.


Narcissa: As simple as that.

Matthew: It’s been here the whole time!?

Narcissa: Mhm.

Aelita: Whoa… Totally cool!

Narcissa: Well… as much as I appreciate both of you, this is where we’re going to part ways. As I said before, change isn’t instant. It takes time for it to happen. I have to stay here and supervise things.

Aelita: Ok! Thanks again!

Matthew: It’s been fun Narcissa. Hopefully we see you again soon.

Narcissa: We shall. Good bye Aelita, Matthew.

Narcissa: Ohh! Before I forget… Thank you both. -leaves the area-

Matthew: Well… that turned into a whole ordeal didn’t it?

Aelita: Maybe so but we helped a lot of people. So it turned out for the better right?

Matthew: Yea… Yea you’re right.

Aelita: It’s good if we help the world a little as we go right?

Matthew: Heh. Definitely. Alright. Let’s get back on track and get to Route 4.





Gabite (Taka)/Male/Level 35

Nature: Adamant/Ability: Rough Skin

Held Item: None

Moveset: Dragon Claw/Dual Chop/Sand Tomb/Slash



Duskull (Krep)/Male/Level 35

Nature: Careful/Ability: Levitate

Held Item: None

Moveset: Night Shade/Will-O-Wisp/Shadow Sneak/Destiny Bond



Monferno (Rousey)/Female/Level 35

Nature: Adamant/Ability: Iron Fist

Held Item: Charcoal

Moveset: Flame Wheel/Mach Punch/Flame Charge/Rock Smash



Ducklett (Darlin')/Female/Level 35

Nature: Timid/Ability: Keen Eye

Held Item: None

Moveset: Water Pulse/Bubble Beam/Air Slash/Feather Dance



Ambipom (Handy Manny)/Male/Level 35

Nature: Adamant/Ability: Technician

Held Item: None

Moveset: Covet/Double Hit/Fake Out/Dual Chop



Seviper (Venamica)/Female/Level 35

Nature: Adamant/Ability: Infiltrator

Held Item: Poison Barb

Moveset: Poison Jab/Night Slash/Poison Fang/Glare




Nature: Timid/Ability: Lightningrod

Held Item: None

Moveset: Discharge/Swift/Nuzzle/Flash



Tangela (Tangy)/Male/Level 35

Nature: Relaxed/Ability: Regenerator

Held Item: Rose Incense

Moveset: Mega Drain/Knock Off/Extreme Speed/Growth



Liepard (Katrina)/Female/Level 35

Nature: Modest/Ability: Prankster

Held Item: None

Moveset: Snarl/Fake Out/Assurance/Yawn



Rockruff (Sasuke)/Male/Level 30

Nature: Adamant/Ability: Own Tempo

Held Item: None

Moveset: Rock Tomb/Stealth Rock/Zen Headbutt/Roar




C : +5 (5/10) - This C dude was pretty cool. I'm surprised they wanted me to help them with this but whatever I can do to help them. But... is it really ok to have someone that weak and blind on their side?




1 Week & 5 Days




Question Of The Thread #28 - How do you feel about killing the Gyarados?

My Answer - I honestly hate it. Not like hate the game hate it. Just makes me feel bad that there's no way to save it right now. Since later in the game you find out that you can actually save them.


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