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cant beat the lvl 75 steelix

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hey guys, this is my 2nd playthrough and i intentionally went with some bad pokemon and now im stuck in the cave, unable to leave or beat steelix.

my team is at lvl 52-55 and consists of:


- masquerain

1.bug buzz

2.sticky web

3.air slash

4.quiver dance






4.gyro ball





3.play rough

4. energy ball




2.light screen

3.power gem

4.signal beam



1.aqua jet

2.swords dance






2.sleep talk


4.boom burst


almost all of my pokemon get outsped, and the ones that dont deal almost no dmg to it.

i dont have quick claw or focus sash.

is there any way i can beat steelix without loading an older save file?





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If you have a few x-defends, use them on bronzong, heal up when needed until you can safely get a hypnosis off. Or if bronzong has levitate or you have an ability capsule, just use hypnosis to start off with. Then switch into bibarel(hopefully with the ability simple), pray to the rng gods that you can get 1 or 2 swords dances off and use superpower if you outspeed. If you don't, just use aqua jet. If you give bibarel an item that boosts fighting moves, 2 superpowers should be enough.

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i beat it by reducing its attack with masquerains intimidate, so bronzong could take 1 crunch and then sleep the steelix. i relied on SD and some lucky moody rolls to knock it out with bibarel.

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