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Once upon a time, it was dragonkind rather than humanity who ruled the known world. According to legend, this strange, magical, unfathomably powerful and advanced race could shapeshift between a truly draconic form that let them access their power and a more human-like form, kept watch over the humans beneath them, and did their best to rule fairly and justly over all. Technologically, their reign over the continent of Britince was a golden age, and some of the technologies and magical techniques they practiced have since been lost to time and inaccessible in all but stories. However, every age, good or bad, is eventually destined to end…


The end of the Age of Dragons did not come with an uprising of humans, but abruptly with a disease known as the Drakenbane. In humanity, it amounted to little more than a bout of highly dry skin and a week-long flu. In Dragonkind, however, the disease caused a much more severe bout of illness lasting up to a month, and about half of all cases wouldn’t make it that long before expiring. And of that half who survived, a half of those were forever changed by the experience--corrupted or maddened, it mattered not to the humans as much as the resulting violent tendencies and uncontrollable bloodlust it induced in the “Baneful”, as these unfortunate cases were called. With all their advances, the Dragons could scarcely pinpoint if this illness was bacterial, viral or even magical in nature, much less concoct a cure in a timely manner--and with every one of their number that went on a rampage, resentment against the Dragons grew among humanity. Before tensions were to reach their breaking point, this ancient and powerful race simply packed up and left the continent, never to be seen or heard from again.


They did not leave humanity with nothing, however. In their old cities, soon to be ruins, they left swords of impossible craftsmanship, shields that could not dent, siege weaponry capable of breaching any gate, gates capable of withstanding any siege weapon. It’s on these ruins that the power vacuum was filled, and the human nations of Leocor and Nobilisse arose from the ashes of draconic civilization. Both countries decided that, actually, they wanted the whole thing, and so they’ve been warring on and off again ever since--even after one nation underwent a dramatic upheaval and regime change, Leocor has simply used it as a pretense to invade again.


And so, the meat grinder of war grinds on and on, death, destruction, creeping totalitarianism, revolutions consuming themselves, all that stuff...but, then again, what am I boring you with this history lesson for? You’re not here for that. You’re here to get paid. That’s why you’ve come to work for Anna in the first place, whether you’re a veteran of her ‘company’ or a new hire. The world may grind on in its endless cruelty around you, the man who was free today may be the next on the guillotine tomorrow, but there’s always someone willing to part with their money for the right price, and there’s always something really cool you can buy with that money if you know where to look. Whatever your reasons for joining up, Anna pays you more than well enough to stay on, and usually she’s savvy enough to stay out of trouble even in your shadier ventures. Well, usually...sometimes she slips up. And one of those slip-ups is where our little adventure begins...


Hey! Welcome to my first go at running an FEF! My name is Blasbo and this is Jackass. Uhh, I guess I'll be putting a link to the handbook below--but please do pay attention for some homebrew rule changes I'll be implementing down below. Before I get to those though I'll go ahead and give you a better idea of the world you'll be playing in.







The Continent of Britince



It’s not certain how exactly the continent came to be or who, if anyone, created it. What is known, however, is that the continent has stood for five millennia at the very least, and that once upon a time an ancient race known as the Dragons used to call it their home alongside humanity. With their natural might they ruled over the lands until a mysterious malady began afflicting them--a disease known as Drakenbane which caused only a mild, week-long flu and temporary dryness of skin resembling a scaly texture in humanity, but severe illness in the dragons which would last for up until a month. After the illness had passed, about half of the afflicted would come out of it stricken with madness and a violent temperament which necessitated them to be put down. The legend goes that after years of searching for a cure to no avail, the dragons left the continent and have not been seen since, leaving humanity to build upon the remains of draken civilization. Fortunately, they did not leave humanity with nothing, as remnants of their civilization in the form of ancient ruins holding marvels of magical innovation and revolutionary ironcraft since lost to the ages scatter the continent. It’s in such wonders that the ruling families of Leocor and Paysanne found their initial footholds on power that eventually expanded into the kingdoms that persisted nearly to this date.


There are several religions scattered throughout the continent, but the most prominent ones are Drakenism, which worships the dragons of old and prays for their return, along with Percivism and Javertism which deifies the first monarchs of Leocor and Nobilisse respectively. However, with the recent revolution and violent seizing of power from the Nobilissian royal family, Javertism has been outlawed within the Republic of Pasyanne as subversive to the revolution and any confirmed to be publicly worshiping are quickly put to trial and then the guillotine--therefore, anyone still practicing do so either in the safety of Leocor or in the utmost secrecy.



Britince is, generally, an overall temperate continent with accordingly temperate forests and wide, sprawling plains dominating the biosphere wherever there aren’t cities set up. Dotted around some forested areas, however, are tall, treacherous and often snow-capped mountains where only the hardiest of citizens dare try to make their living. Such a lifestyle can pay off, however, as there are often valuable resources hiding in the mountain and more than enough to get by on if one knows where to look, even to the point where there are known to be small villages on the sides of some of these mountains.






The Kingdom of Leocor



Leocor is a monarchy with a line of royalty dating back as long as humans have been the ruling species on Britince, and they’re proud of it. Since time immemorial, the kingdom has had a rigid class structure wherein everyone has a place and would do very well to remember that place and not step outside of it; if you’re the son of a blacksmith, your place is to become a blacksmith yourself. If you’re the son of the king, you’re destined by birthright to rule. And if you’re the son of a peasant, your job is to stay where you are and not even think about advancing your station. This highly immobile system is enforced both by hegemony, with traditionalists tending to rally around the idea of ‘This Is How It’s Always Been’ regardless of whether ‘how it’s always been’ is actually any good for them or not, as well as the knowledge that military force is always ready to quell anyone who would challenge the system. To be sure, Leocor is a relatively functional state and most have enough to scrape by without starving at the least--but this stability comes at the cost of a great deal of freedom for the majority of citizens. Speaking out against the monarchy has been named ‘subversive’ and deemed to be illegal in Leocor, Percivism is not only the country’s official religion but the only one allowed to be practiced within its borders, and even minor infractions of the law are often punished with brutal efficiency. Of course, as often happens with these sorts of systems, the latter problem is more frequently visited upon those with a more modest income than nobility and the wealthy.


As of late, the kingdom of Leocor has been taking on a more nationalistic and authoritative tone--even more so than usual, with the ban on criticism against the king being expanded to a ban on criticism of the government in general and the current war against Paysanne being glorified as one being ordained by Percival himself. There is one weirder turn that the government has been taking, however--while Leocor flags and banners flying in the streets has been common for centuries, the government has also taken to flying flattering portraits of the current king, Siegfried, staring heroically into some unknown horizon. Stories of his feats of strength and tales of derring-do about the king both in his youth and in the present crossing into the realm of absurdity have been circulated among the public as rumors, and just recently the national anthem has been changed to add a few lyrics glorifying not just the nation or Percival, but Siegfried as well. Such efforts haven’t worked on everyone, but they have nonetheless taken root among a percentage of the population.



Siegfried, and by extension Leocor, has refused to recognize the new government of the Republic of Paysanne, and has started the latest war against the country on the pretense of re-establishing a more legitimate government. In public, this is the only line of thought that may be expressed, but in private there are whispers among the people that it’s just an excuse for Siegfried to either install a puppet monarch or sieze the country altogether, and either way extend his rule across the entire continent.






Locations of Leocor



The capital city is Impericum, and it does a lot to embody the nation as a whole--tall, imposing buildings, at least a decent standard of living all around, and monarchist and pro-Siegfried propaganda plastered almost wall to wall throughout the city. It’s a good enough place to live in, so much as you agree with everything the government wants you to believe--if you don’t, however, then such close proximity to the powers that be prompts one to walk on eggshells all their lives and stifle what they truly believe--the King keeps some of his best guards on duty in the capital, after all, and those who have made it to the top tend to be the ones with the most brutal approach to rulebreakers. It’s little wonder that at this point, most of the people left in there are true believers, can’t move out for whatever reason or have the secret aim of subverting the government.


Further north is a center of commerce named Prospero, where merchants from all over the country congregate to sell their wares and make a tidy profit. As a merchant town, Prospero has a fittingly high standard of living--so long as you're not in the servant class, of course. For those who are, however, violence and abuse from their masters is not only condoned but sanctioned by the Leocor government, and such jobs are often lifetime affairs bound by an unbreakable contract they have little choice but to sign onto. Any noble house worth their salt has at least a residence if not a shop in this town, and a not-insubstantial amount of them made their very fortunes here in this town. In any such merchant town, however, no matter how clean it looks, there develops a seedy criminal underbelly. Such is still true for Prospero--but rather than a mafia-esque organization of hits and robberies, the underbelly of Prospero takes the form of gambling rings and a rank infestation of con artists and charlatans among the ‘respectable’ shops.





The Kingdom of Nobilisse The Republic of Paysanne



Formerly known as the Kingdom of Nobilisse, this region was formerly plagued with economic inequality rivaling and even surpassing that of Cape Capital. Everyone who’s lived in the Republic back when it was still Nobilisse still remembers the hard times, and these times are remembered in two ways--as the Good Old Days™ if you were among the 1% who belonged to the higher classes who paid little to no taxes and enjoyed more or less complete freedom from the law which in turn allowed them to unscrupulously accumulate more wealth, and as a poverty-ridden hellscape if you were anyone else where to afford so much a loaf of bread was nearly unthinkable for a common peasant and yet those same peasants found most of their income taxed to support the government and constantly felt the brutal eye of the law on their backs. Naturally, such a system proved unsustainable in the long term, and what followed was the Nobilissean Revolution.


This was a violent uprising four years ago that saw the peasantry banding together and taking control of the country over the course of a year, putting to the guillotine any member of the upper-class they could get their hands on and searching high and low for those they could not. These are known as the Bloodied Days within the nation, and after the dust was settled and the stream of blood flowing through the streets was finally stemmed the Republic of Paysanne was formed in its ashes. All is not well in Paysanne, however--the rivalry they’ve long held with Leocor still burns strong even with the recent change in leadership, no doubt fueled by the refusal of Leocor’s monarchy to recognize the legitimacy of Paysanne as a state, and paranoia about leftover nobility and nobility sympathizers hiding amongst them and undermining the revolution has led to rumored show trials followed by the old guillotine being brought out for use once more. There are monarchists and others within who do not agree with the revolution, certainly, but just as many are those who have begun to fear the same revolutionaries who set them free. These doubts, bubbling up over the fledgling nation's two years of relative stability before Leocor's declaration of war, have been stifled, or at least agreed to be left unspoken, by the aggression of Leocor against them in what the monarchy says is an attempt to reinstate a legitimate government, but everyone else sees as a transparent land grab--the doubts and fears are still there, to be sure, but they can be resolved when the invaders are pushed out of their lands.



During this most recent war, there's been one man who despite his absence in the Senate has still become a rising star among the people--a general named Naples Durand, a man who can fairly take a good share of the credit for keeping the fledgling nation from being overrun with his military genius and his mighty wyvern. In public, of course, he puts on a perfectly amiable face; however, there are rumors that those who know the man more personally have said he's perhaps a little too into chasing his military glories. That hasn't stopped there from being a growing movement to elect him to the Senate--once the war is over, of course.



The former main religion, Javertism, has been outlawed on penalty of death, but that does not mean religion in general has been outlawed--one may practice freely, so long as what they’re practicing isn’t Javertism. Further, the revolutionaries have not introduced their own religion as of yet, instead preferring to let the free peoples practice as they will--again, provided it isn’t the ‘subversive’ Javertism.





Locations of Paysanne



The capital city is Pureteé, once divided into a larger slum district on the lower side of town bordered by the more opulent and manor-filled upper district. The destruction wrought by the violent revolution, however, has brought the two closer together in appearance and the sudden lack of owners for some of these mansions has either been filled by the new senators of the Republic or taken advantage of by those wishing to squat in opulence. A guillotine where public executions often take place is proudly displayed in the town center, and the blood trails leading into the gutters have rarely been entirely been cleaned up at any given point. Propaganda posters for the revolution are plastered all around the city, and banners of the Republic’s new flag fly proudly in the streets;but, such a thing belies a certain stifling air of fear, fear that at any given point one may be the next up on the chopping block. Still, however, the essentials of life are definitely far easier to come by nowadays than they were during the old days....



An area close to the center of Paysanne is not a city, necessarily, but a holy site; a particularly large set of ruins, not as sprawling as The Great Ruins by any means but still bigger than the normal sites dotted around Britince, named Le Berceau du Dragon. It is a site of particular importance to those who follow Drakenism, said to be the place where the Dragons sprung into existence to lead the continent on to an eternal golden age, and the place where the Dragons will one day return from. Poaching relics and valuables from this sacred ground is forbidden by Nobilisse law on threat of punishment ranging from the stocks to execution depending on how egregiously one stole from the holy grounds--one of the few that they kept around during the transition to the Republic of Paysanne. That doesn’t mean that there aren’t those who will pay top dollar for people to try, though, and it also doesn’t mean there aren’t those desperate or foolhardy enough to be those hired poachers. Such activity is purely for aesthetic desire; those who built the place all those years ago didn’t see fit to put any military devices in there and instead seemed to use it as a sort of art museum. It also seems to work well as a defensive position, though; it’s currently occupied by the last remaining soldiers of a long-failed push into Nobilisse territory, desperately trying to hold back the forces surrounding them trying to reclaim the holy lands in hopes of another push eventually reaching them. This, along with rumors that Leocor is planning to take all they can get from Le Berceau du Dragon once they’ve solidified their control over the territory to decorate Siegfried’s palace with has served to sour a good amount of Drakenists towards the nation.



Leocor and Paysanne/Nobilisse



Leocor and Nobilisse have had a deep-rooted, bitter rivalry ever since the two countries came into existence--the exact reason why has been lost to the ages, but most theorize that at this point it’s fueled by old grudges both sides have long since cast aside justification for holding, combined with a desire for one country to finally take control of the whole of Britince. Many wars have been fought between the two in the past, and all have come to a bloody stalemate followed by an eventual peace treaty that both sides know will only be temporary. Animosity against Nobilisseans is commonly held by Leocorans, and vice versa--though, there are definitely a fair amount who don’t share these sentiments. This animosity is limited to more non-violent forms of harassment in times of peace, but in times of war it becomes a very dangerous thing to be a citizen of Leocor in Pasyanne, and vice versa. Border security between the two countries is supposedly tight--but, a savvy and unscrupulous individual has always been able easily slip through, so long as they know which guards to bribe. Of course, now that war has broken out it’s become less of a border than a warzone as both sides grapple desperately for the upper hand in this conflict, meaning crossing between the two countries is a much more tense life-threatening endeavor for everyone as both sides are paranoid about spies infiltrating through a guise of innocence and have given orders to their border troops to kill anyone not in uniform on sight.


Crossing by sea isn’t much safer recently either--any ship unable to either keep a low profile or defend itself is liable to be captured by the navies of either nation in between their constant clashes, especially so if you make the foolish mistake of flying the opposing nation’s flag.




The Island of Cape Capital


A small island ‘nation’ off the coast of Leocor formed by a group of both wealthy noblemen from Leocor who have, for lack of a better term, ‘Gone Galt’, as well as some of the upper-class who escaped from the Nobilissean Revolution. Previously uninhabited, the nation is now home to vast social and economic inequality, horrible crime rates stemmed only by oppressive and violent private militiamen, and near-constant squabbling over property rights by those few safely entrenched in wealth and power. It has no tax laws and trades primarily in gold as neither superpower recognizes it as an actual country (or takes it seriously at all, really), though, so Anna uses it as a tax haven. She makes it a point not to actually visit there too often, though, due to obvious reasons, and always makes sure everything she has is locked up tight and strapped firmly on her person. It wouldn't be too bad an idea to follow her example, honestly.



The Great Ruins



A peninsula on the northeast corner of Leocor’s territory, the environment here is unnaturally cold as a contrast to the more moderate, temperate environment of the rest of the continent. In fact, a sign that you’re nearing the Great Ruins is a thickening layer of snow beginning to gather upon the ground, and the sudden advent of white fur on the wildlife to blend in with their surroundings. Snow can regularly pile up six inches deep in this environment, and storms can whip up without warning, so it’s a good idea to dress warm if one plans to traverse this environment. This isn’t the most notable thing about the area, however--that honor would go to the numerous draconic ruins populating the area, almost unceasingly spanning the length of the peninsula. The lands here are inhospitable enough and far enough away from Leocor’s center of power that they have decided not to claim this land as their official territory, and for the former reason not many humans in general settle here either. Neither Nobilisse nor its new government in Paysanne is in any position to sneak around and claim it for themselves, so as of today the Great Ruins are a neutral, unclaimed territory, and no one knows quite how many wonders are stored here just waiting to be discovered...



Anna's Company (The Players)



The war between the Kingdom of Leocor and the newly established Republic of Paysanne has been raging for almost a year now, and the toll it’s taking on the continent of Britince is highly visible in the sheer amount of blood that’s been spilled alone. Although neither side has gained any ground for a good month now it’s clear that neither side is willing to concede anything. And so, the meat grinder of war grinds on, unimpeded until the two nations see sense and craft a peace treaty…


Anna, however, does not care about this. No matter who wins, there’s going to be a market somewhere, a way to turn a nice profit, and at the end of the day that’s what she’s in it for. Times are dangerous, though, so she’s decided to hire on some ‘fellow travelers’, some ‘mercantile collaborators’, some ‘company employees’--in other words, mercenaries who can also help create and sell her wares (or, in some cases, steal them from others). Hey, what’s the difference between mercenaries and merchants at a certain point, right? This company is made up of you, the players--some having worked with her for years, some being relatively new hires, but all promised and (often) delivered a paycheck big enough to make it worthwhile to look the other way when her dealings often turn some form of shady. Anna is pretty straightforward about what she’s after as a businesswoman--no great moral crusades to bring balance to the world, no rising up as a third underdog faction to end the tyranny of both sides, none of that nonsense. No, what she--and, by extension, the players--are after is a nice, fat payday, and the party is here to help her get it by whatever means necessary--and, of course, to pocket their own little slice of the pie when all’s said and done. Some will be in her employ at the start, some will be hired later on, and some might just end up getting roped in.


Other Annas will be in the running to get accepted, of course--if the family wants to help out, who’s she to say no? Any reason for them joining up is fine, it’s not like she’s going to ask--whether for a business opportunity, simply to help out a family member or maybe to investigate why Anna-Carnation hasn’t been attending family gatherings recently. I mean, huh? What?





Rule Changes

First thing's first, before I introduce the changes to the rules I'll probably have to give you what exactly the base rules are to begin with. So, here you go. Now, without further ado:




All supports, rather than giving +5 Crit or +5 Dodge, now all give +2.5 Crit and Dodge.


When you reach Level 10 in First Class, you choose one weapon subcategory, either already ranked or from general category, and it gains 1 rank up. The same happens when you reach Level 10 in Promoted Class.


Every extra point in HP on character creation counts as +2 HP, for a maximum of +4 HP.


New formula for Ailment staves: Staff%= Staff Hit + [(User MAG - Target RES) * 3] + (SKL * 2) - (Distance between user and target * 5)







Existing Skills:

Stillness, Provoke and Discipline are removed.

Luna is now Free.

Savior, in addition to its other effects, gives the user +3 Aid.


New Character Skills:

-Aegis (Free): When suffering an attack from Bows, Hidden Weapons, Tomes and Dragonstones, there is a (SKL+LCK)% chance to reduce the damage dealt by half.

-Desperation (Free): When making an attack, if you are < or = 30% HP, you may make any followup attacks immediately before your opponent counterattacks.

-Dragon Ward (Free): When an adjacent ally suffers an attack, there is a (SKL+LCK)% chance, based on your stats, to reduce the damage by half.

-Pavise (Free): When suffering an attack from Swords, Lances, Axes and Monsters, there is a (SKL+LCK)% chance to reduce the damage by half.

-Rend Heaven (Free): During an attack, you have a (SKL+LCK)% chance to deal damage equal to half your enemy’s STR or MAG stat based on the type of weapon you are wielding. (lf using a physical weapon, calculate with enemy’s Strength. If using a magical weapon, calculate using the enemy’s Magic. Weapons capable of both use the stat that targets the same defensive stat as they do.)

-Trailblazer (Free): Penalties for moving into forest, desert, deep snow, and hills tiles are reduced by 1. No ill effects from Weather are suffered as well.

-Vengeance (Free) – During an attack, you have a (SKL+LCK)% chance to add half of your missing HP to your attack.


Characters may also instead opt to take one of these three previously-Cost versions of these Skills in exchange for the usual 30% Progression:

-Celerity+ (Cost): Gives +2 MOV.

-Desperation+ (Cost): HP threshold is 50% maximum or less.

-Vantage+ (Cost): HP threshold is 50% maximum or less.




Class Changes




-Rider Trainee: If promoting into Cavalier or Pegasus Rider, may start with Sword (E) and a Slim Sword. If promoting into Cavalier or Wyvern Rider, may start with Axe (E) and a Hatchet. Relevant proficiencies will carry over to promotions, and Lance (E) with a Slim Lance can be chosen for all three routes.


First Class

-Bandit: Reckless Strike’s bonus damage now applies to both hits when doubling.

-Cavalier: Cavalier promotions have the same choice of preferred stats as Cavaliers. Cavaliers can choose between Swords/Lances and Axes/Lances for weapons. Can promote into Great Knight.

-Fencer: Now has proficiency in Light Magic instead of Hidden Weaponry.

-Mage: Can promote into Battle Mage, keeping Anima proficiency and obtaining Bow proficiency.

-Pegasus Rider: May choose between Swords and Lances. Bonuses from Anti-Magic are gained when being attacked by the appropriate units as well.

-Pirate: Rapid Strike is replaced with Opportunist: Gain +20 to Hit against enemies that are suffering from ailments or have 50% or lower HP.

-Scavenger: Can promote into Shadow Sword. Scavenge Gold now only steals 50 Gold from First Tier enemies, and 100 Gold from Promoted enemies.

-Shaman: Ancient Gamble is replaced with Anthropomancy: Whenever this character lands the final blow on an enemy, they gain +10 to Evade and Dodge, +3 to Damage Reduction, and +3 to CON. At the end of every turn one third of the bonus is removed, starting with Damage Reduction and CON, then Dodge and finally Evade. This ability does not stack with itself, but is refreshed when dealing the final blow to another enemy.

-Wyvern Rider: May choose between Axes and Lances.



-Battle Mage: Archers promoting into Battle Mage can choose between Anima and Light.

-Crusader: Crusaders may use their action to change the designated class type they gain advantage against, with the first time being a free action. This may be used up to 2 times after the first for a total of 3 times.

-Dancing Blade: Sword Dance is changed to: On their turn, can declare an attack against every adjacent enemy, which cannot be countered. Each enemy can only be hit once and each attack must be individually rolled.

-Dark Rider: May choose between Swords and Lances.

-Duke Knight: May have Swords/Lances or Axes/Lances depending on what proficiency was chosen as a Cavalier.

-Great Knight: Trample is renamed to Sturdy and only gives +3 DR against unmounted units, not +3 Damage. Obtains Weapon Mastery: While the character with this skill is equipped with a weapon of a higher class than their opponent, +2 Damage and +10 Hit/Evasion.

-Inquisitor: Miracle has a chance to activate before Benediction, rather than after.

-Paladin: Gains Aegis as a class skill that can replaced with another Free skill if Aegis was already chosen as a Free skill.

-Shadow Sword: Now has proficiency in Light Magic instead of Hidden Weaponry.

-Templar: Gains Rend Heaven as a class skill that can replaced with another Free skill if Rend Heaven was already chosen as a Free skill.

-Valkyrie: Has Sword profiency if Swords were chosen as a Pegasus Rider.

-Wanderer: Bargain is replaced with Pilfer Gold, a direct upgrade and replacement for Scavenge Gold that steals 100 Gold from First Tier enemies and 200 Gold from Second Tier enemies. They also have a (Luck)% chance of obtaining a Gold Bar (see Great Merchant below) when they defeat an enemy if they have a free inventory slot.

-Warrior: Rough and Tumble is reduced to 3 spaces of 3 enemies.

-Wyvern Hunter: Has Axe proficiency if Axes were chosen as a Wyvern Rider.

-Wyvern Knight: Has Axe proficiency and may choose between Lances/Swords if Axes were chosen as a Wyvern Rider.




New Classes




Promotes from Archer Trainee

Promotes to Great Merchant, Nomad Healer

Wields Bow (C/D)

Starting Weapon: Iron Bow

Preferred Stats: LCK, SPD

Class Skills:

Quick Salve: The Apothecary may use healing items on themselves as a free action.

Potent Brew: When using medicine to revive downed players, the healing is not halved.

Base Stats: 20 HP, 5 STR, 0 MAG, 4 SKL, 5 LUK, 3 DEF, 1 RES, 5 SPD, 7 CON, 6 AID, 5 MOV.

Promotion Bonuses: HP +2, STR +1, MAG +0, SKL +0, LUK +2, DEF +2, RES +0, SPD +3, CON +3, AID +3, MOV 5



Great Merchant

Promotes from Apothecary

Requires: Orion’s Bolt

Wields Bow (A/C), Lance (A/C)

Preferred Stats: LCK, DEF

Class Skills:

Payday: The Great Merchant has a (Luck)% chance during their movement and upon defeating a foe to find a Gold Bar. This is an item that has no effects other than being worth 200 Gold at a shop. Great Merchants have 1 extra inventory slot so long as it contains a Gold Bar and nothing else.

Spendthrift: If the Great Merchant is in possession of a Gold Bar in their inventory they may choose to expend it to deal +5 Damage and gain +5 DR for their next combat. The use must be declared when attacking.

Promotion Bonuses: HP +2, STR +2, MAG +0, SKL +2, LUC +3, DEF +3, RES +0, SPD +0, CON +3, AID +3, MOV 6


Malig Knight

Promotes from Wyvern Rider, Shaman, Necromancer

Requires: Elysian Whip

Wields Axes (A/C) OR Lances (A/C), Dark (A/C)

Preferred Stats: STR, MAG

Class Skills:


Trample: Gains a +3 Damage bonus against unmounted units.

Savage Blow: Has a (SKL + 1/2 LUC)% chance to deal 20% of your attacking stat to the target and adjacent enemies after combat resolves when you initiate combat. This cannot reduce HP below 1.

Promotion Bonuses: HP +3, STR +2, MAG +1, SKL +1, LUC +1, DEF +3, RES +1, SPD +1, CON +3, AID +3, MOV 6


Kinshi Knight

Promotes from Archer, Pegasus Knight, Nomad

Requires: Elysian Whip

Wields Lances (A/C) OR Swords (A/C), Bows (A/C)

Preferred Stats: SKL, SPD

Class Skills:

Kinshi (Pegasus)

Amaterasu: At the start of each turn, passively heals all adjacent allies for 10% of their total HP.

Ruler of the Skies: Hit +20 and Avoid +10 against other flying units.

Promotion Bonuses: HP +1, STR +2, MAG +0, SKL +2 LUC +1, DEF +0, RES +3, SPD +3, CON +3, AID +3, MOV 6


War Cleric

Promotes from Priest / Sister

Requires: Faith Icon

Wields Staves (A/C), Axes (A/C)

Preferred Stats: HP, LUK

Class Skills:

Countermagic: When taking damage from a tome or other magical weapon, the War Cleric has a (SKL + LCK)% chance of the enemy suffering the damage they took.

Promotion Bonuses: HP +3, STR +3, MAG +1, SKL +1, LUK +2, DEF +1, RES +1, SPD +0, CON +3, AID +3, MOV 6




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Non-Player Characters:


Anna 'Carnation'




Name: Anna Carnation [last name unknown]

Class: Archer Trainee > Apothecary > Great Merchant

Character Skill: Luna

Affinity: Water


Personal Flaw: Market Crash (If Anna is attacked and cannot counterattack, +2 damage taken.)

Personal Skill: Price Gouging (If Anna doubles an enemy, +10 to crit on the follow-up attack.)

/Personal Skill: Dodging the Taxman (If Anna is within 3 spaces of 3 enemies, +15 to Evasion.)

//Personal Skill: Power of the Purse (If Anna uses Spendthrift, +2 extra damage added.)


Preferred Stats: Luck, Speed

Weapon Proficiency: Recurve (C), Bow (D)


Level: 1 (0/100)

Total Level: 6

Progression Spent: 330/330


Trainee Stats:

HP: 16 ( 50% )

STR: 4 ( 50% ) +1

MAG: 1 ( 0% )

SKL: 5 ( 60% )

LCK: 2 ( 70% ) +2

DEF: 3 ( 25% )

RES: 1 ( 15% )

SPD: 4 ( 60% ) +1


MOV: 4

CON: 4

AID: 3


Trainee Level 2: +SKL, +DEF, +SPD

Trainee Level 3: +HP, +STR, +SKL, +DEF, +SPD

Trainee Level 4: +STR, +SKL, +LCK

Trainee Level 5: +HP, +SKL, +LCK

Promotion:  HP +2, STR +1, MAG +0, SKL +0, LUK +2, DEF +2, RES +0, SPD +3, CON +3, AID +3, MOV 5


Current Stats:

HP: 20 ( 50% )

STR: 8 ( 55% )

MAG: 1 ( 0% )

SKL: 9 ( 60% )

LCK: 8 ( 70% )

DEF: 7 ( 25% )

RES: 1 ( 15% )

SPD: 10 ( 60% )


MOV: 5

CON: 7

AID: 6


Name                   | Type ( ) | RNG | WT | MT | Hit | Cr | QL

Iron Bow              | Bow (E) | 1-2   |  4   |   5   | 85 | 0 | 40/40

Vulnerary (3/3)


Iron Bow:

RNG: 1-2

AT: 13

Hit: 107

AS: 10

Eva: 28

Crit: 4

DG: 8

Luna: 17%



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"Special offer, come get it before it's sold out!... Hm? Ponytail? Lipstick? Nah, doesn't look good on me."


Name: Anne 'Helianthus'
Class: Journeyman -> Bandit -> Mountain Warrior
Character Skill: Sol
Affinity: N/A


Personal Flaw: Chump Change (If the target is under 50% HP, Anne's chance of triggering Sol is halved.)
Personal Skill: Buying Happiness (If Anne is within 3 spaces of 3 allies, +15 Hit.)
/Personal Skill: Grown on Trees (If Anne is under 50% HP, +15 Evade.)
//Personal Skill: Money is Everything (For every 10 Hit sacrificed on Giant Swing, Anne gets an extra +3% chance of triggering Sol.)


Preferred Stats: STR, HP
Weapon Proficiency: Axe (E) -> Bludgeon (C), Axe (D)


Level: 1
Total Level: 1
Progression Spent: 330/330


HP: 20 (65%) (+2)
STR: 6 (50%)
MAG: 0 (0%)
SKL: 2 (70%) (+2)
LCK: 1 (45%)
DEF: 3 (45%)
RES: 0 (10%)
SPD: 2 (45%)


CON: 6
AID: 5
MOV: 4


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Posted (edited)


"Please, call me Andy. Anna is my boss's name. And my coworker's. It's complicated."


Name: Andy 'Rhubarb'
Class: Thief Trainee -> Scavenger -> Wanderer
Character Skill: Blossom
Affinity: does money count as an affinity [to be determined]

Personal Flaw: Wouldn't Hurt a Fly(ing Man) (When unit is in combat against an enemy on a Pegasus or Wyvern, -2 damage dealt.)
Personal Skill: Competitive (If unit is within 3 spaces of 3 ally units, +10 Crit.)
/Personal Skill: Eager for the Hunt (If unit's HP is > 50% (rounded up) at start of combat, AS +2.)
//Personal Skill: Led Towards the Darkness (If enemy uses Holy Magic, unit gains +10 Hit and Evade.)

Preferred Stats: Speed, Luck, Magic

Weapon Proficiency: Hidden [E]

Level: 1
Total Level: 1

HP: 18 (60%) (+1)
STR: 5 (50%) (+1)
MAG: 2 (40%) (+1)
SKL: 4 (50%)
LCK: 3 (25%)
DEF: 1 (25%)
RES: 2 (35%) (+1)
SPD: 4 (45%)

MOV: 5
CON: 4
AID: 3


Edited by Whomstve
sprite update; thanks cole

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"Oh lovely people. You all best not get in my way or you will be lunch for Ceridwen."


Name: Beverly Connors
Class: RIder Trainee(Wyvern)--> Wyvern Rider--> Wyvern Hunter
Character Skill: Daunt
Affinity: ???


Personal Flaw: Deafening silence: If Beverly did not attack last round, -15 hit
Personal Skill: Forever standing strong: When Beverly is within 3 Squares of 3 enemies +1 DR
/Personal Skill: Fight on 'till the end: If at or under 50% HP Beverly gains +15 Evasion
//Personal Skill: Strike like dragons: If Beverly is within 3 squares of 3 allies +2 AS


Preferred Stats: Skill, Speed
Weapon Proficiency: Lance (E)-->Pericing (C), Lance (D)


Level: 1
Total Level: 1
Progression Spent:330/330


HP: 18 (70%)+1
STR: 4 (60%)+1
MAG: 0 (0%)
SKL: 4 (40%)
LCK: 2 (10%)
DEF: 3 (60%)+1
RES: 1 (40%)+1
SPD: 3 (50%)


CON: 5 
AID: 4 (+16)
MOV: 4 (+1)


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"Greetings, ladies and gentlemen, to the shop! Donations are entirely welcome, but please just enjoy your stay. Wouldn't want anyone to feel unwelcome, now would we?"



Name: Anna Camellia

Class: Rider Trainee (Pegasus) -> Pegasus Rider->Falcon Knight

Character Skill: Charisma (Free)

Affinity: TBD


Personal Flaw: Bad Business: If Anna is within 3 spaces of 3 enemies, -15 Hit. 
Personal Skill: Free Market: If Anna is within 3 spaces of 7 units, +15 Evasion
/Personal Skill: Pegasi Master: If Anna is fighting a Pegasus Rider or their promotions, +2 damage dealt.
//Personal Skill: Entrepreneur: If Anna is within 3 spaces of 3 allies, Charisma bonus is increased by 5.

Preferred Stats: Skill, Speed


Weapon Proficiency: Lance (E)


Level: 1
Total Level: 1
Progression Spent: 330/330%

HP: 18 (50%) +2 (1 point)
STR: 4 (50%) +1
MAG: 0 (0%)
SKL: 4 (50%)
LCK: 2 (10%)
DEF: 3 (50%) 
RES: 1 (55%) +2
SPD: 3 (65%)


MOV: 4
CON: 5
AID: 4


Starting weapon: Slim Lance


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"The best maid in the wide world at your service~ Let's get out there and find a little romance shall we?~"



Name: Chance

Class: Priest Trainee > Maid > Bodyguard

Character Skill: Miracle


Personal Flaw: Snake Eyes: When within 3 spaces of 3 Allies, -15 Evade.


Personal Skill: Red Hot Sticky Love: When healing an ally under 50% HP, +5 to healing received


/Personal Skill: Stroke of Luck: When within 3 spaces of 3 enemies, +15 to hit.


Preferred Stats: Resistance, Luck

Weapon Proficiency: Staves [E]


Level: 1

Total Level: 1

Progression Spent: 330/330%


HP: 15 (60%) +4

STR: 2 (10%)

MAG: 3 (40%)

SKL: 1 (40%)

LCK: 4 (60%)

DEF: 1 (60%) +2

RES: 6 (30%)

SPD: 5 (30%)


MOV: 4

CON: 3

AID: 2



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"It's good to meet you! Hey, by the way, can you read draconic?"



Name: Kyou Verethragna
Class: Dark Trainee -> Scholar -> Baron
Character Skill: Adept
Affinity: Who knows

Personal Flaw: Curse My Name: Always suffers WTD when in combat with Dark magic. 
Personal Skill: War of the Thrones: When within 3 spaces of 3 or more enemies, +15 Hit. 
/Personal Skill: Into the Void: When beginning combat with an enemy unit which is at full health, +5% Adept chance. 
//Personal Skill: Ride Into Obsession: When below 50% HP, +1 DR. 

Preferred Stats: MAG, SKL - > SKL, MAG ->  RES, DEF
Weapon Proficiency: Dark (E) - > Dark (D) Anima (D) -> Ancient (A) Dark (C) Thunder (A) Anima (C)

Level: 1
Total Level: 1
Progression Spent: 300/300


  • HP: 18 (40%)
  • STR: 0
  • MAG: 5 (40%)
  • SKL: 5 (60%)
  • LCK: 0 (+2) (50%)
  • DEF: 0 (+2) (50%)
  • RES: 3 (50%)
  • SPD: 3 (10%)
  • CON: 5
  • AID: 4
  • MOV: 4

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"Here to help! Oh, and here, burn these books on Javertism before we get to Paysanne. Fascinating... but illegal. But fascinating. ... But illegal."


Name: Annabel 'Acanthus'
Class: Dark Trainee -> Necromancer -> Summoner
Character Skill: Miracle
Personal Flaw: No Death Perception (If Annabel is under 50% HP, -15 Evasion.)
Personal Skill: Disseverance (If Annabel is over 50% HP, +15 Hit.)
/Personal Skill: Liquidation (If Annabel is within 3 spaces of 3 enemies, +2 DMG.)
//Personal Skill: Refunding in Full (If Annabel's Phantom is attacked, +10 Critical.)
Preferred Stats: Magic, Skill
Weapon Proficiency: Dark (E) -> Dread (C), Dark (D)
Level: 1 (0/100)
Total Level: 1
Progression Spent: 330/330
Trainee Stats:
HP: 18 ( 60% ) +2
STR: 0 ( 0% ) 
MAG: 5 ( 50% ) +1
SKL: 5 ( 50% )
LCK: 0 ( 60% ) +2
DEF: 0 ( 10% )
RES: 3 ( 40% )
SPD: 3 ( 60% )
MOV: 4
CON: 5
AID: 4

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"Oh dear me, well if there's a job I guess I can help... After a little nap with Gwyn."

Name: Hibiscus 

Class: Rider -> Wyvern Knight -> Malig Knight
Character Skill: Ignis
Affinity: TBD

Personal Flaw: Deep Sleeper: Sleep Aliment lasts 1 turn longer, and can't be woken up by attacks. 
Personal Skill: Flower Shield: If HP over 50% +2 DEF
/Personal Skills: Gwyn The Attentive: +15 EVA when attacked from range 2. 

Preferred Stats: Skill, Speed 

Weapon Proficiency: (Will choose based on final party composition if that's okay)


Level: 1
Total Level: 1
Progression Spent: 330/330


Trainee Stats:

HP: 18 +1 (50%)
STR: 4 (50%)
MAG: 0 +2 (50%)
SKL: 4 (50%)
LCK: 2 +1 (40%)
DEF: 3 (35%)
RES: 1 (35%)
SPD: 3 (20%)

MOV: 4
CON: 5
AID: 4

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