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Hey everyone, as EA stuff at E3 starts tomorrow I have decided to post the link to my E3 bingo cards today instead of Monday. Rules are obvs simple, click on a square when what is said in the square occurs (You'd click on the square that says "EA reveals a game with many microtransactions" if EA does). Announce when you get a line with a BINGO! with a screenshot of your card. FIrst to full house gets a cookie. 


You may also choose to post if something happens in a conference to help those who can't view it due to time zones or whatever (You can choose to announce that EA has revealed a game with many microtransactions during E3 this year if it happens). However, don't deliberately mislead people into thinking something has happened when it hasn't. It will sorta ruin the game.


All usual forum rules apply (Hover over home and click guidelines if you brand new to the forums or if you want a refresher). That being said, let the E3 bingo games begin: https://mfbc.us/m/z9kvg7


EDIT 1: You can mark off the EA microtransaction square

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Welp, I can say for sure that nobody had a square saying "Game Freak breaking the record of most blatantly awful excuse for a terrible game design in gaming history, over the lootbox fiasco of Battlefront II"

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