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Tripp's trading thread

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Hey I am looking for a few things

timid ghastly also I think it gets thunderbolt as an egg move which would be great

timid flame body larvesta

brave onix with sturdy 

intimidate adamant mawile(is there a way to give it swords dance) also i am not sure if it has egg moves in this game but if so ice fang or thunder fang would be great

bold milotic with wonder scale also with ice beam and scald 


Good IVs are a must. Shinies would be a nice bonus too 🙂


also feel free to offer stuff you have or post screenshots of pokemon you are offering. 


This is what I am offering:


 all the pokemon in the first 4 rows are shiny. The vavillon has pokerus. the absol, sneasel, and mudkip have good IVs. Also I have shiny charm so I can get shinies easily. If you want a specific shiny I can try to get it. 






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