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Greetings, Mortals.


For a thousand generations, we have used the Mortal Kombat Tournament, as an attempt to settle disputes between the Realms; to avoid needless death during konquest, and establish peace. Peace that would last a decade, but peace nonetheless.

I was foolish to believe it was still an option, ever since the Elder Gods disappeared and the balance of power has been undone. War has emerged in every Realm, but I do not wish to count billions of Fatalities. I was never a benevolent god. I enjoyed watching mortals kill each other. I loved the blood that painted my worlds.

Even I became appalled by it at some point. 

In order to avoid this meaningless bloodshed, I am using the last of my power to stop time and host a new Mortal Kombat Mafia Tournament. This is a Group Game, in which all share a fair chance in winning. Even if I wasn't powerful enough to stop the sands of time, you mortals might be able to make a difference.


After all is said and done, an individual or a group will hold power over all Realms and choose their destiny. I pray I have made the right choice.


What is Mafia


Mafia is a game of deduction. The abilities to analyze, co-ordinate, read between the lines and through lies are essential. Usually the main factions include an informed minority and an uninformed majority. However, this is not this kind of game. Here everyone is uninformed of their friends and enemies. It's a team game, but the members need to find out each other. There are no team chats. Everyone thinks alone. The power of deduction is your first and most powerful weapon.  I suggest you use it wisely.

There are 5 factions in which one player may belong, called Realms.

Each Realm comprises of 4 members, with unique abilities and Hit Points (HP).
Their goal is to be the ones alive in the end. The last person standing earns the win for the whole Realm.


There are also those who do not belong.

Conveniently dubbed Non-Realmers, those individuals fight alone.

They too have unique abilities, albeit stronger than those of the average person.


(1) - The Day Phase

Typically it lasts 48 hours. Players use this opportunity to discuss about several things, which may include the outcome of the previous phases, behavior of players, and flow of the game; the ultimate goal in the day phase is for the Mortals to find their Kompanions amongst enemies, and form a plan to win over other Realms. Before the day ends, Mortals must vote for a player whom they want to be eliminated on grounds of suspicion and the player receiving the most votes will be eliminated.

Mortals with Day Actions may notify me if they wish to use them during the day.


(2) - The Night Phase

Typically it lasts 24 hours. The thread is considered “locked” at this point and players may not comment at all.

Instead, everyone who has Night Actions may notify me if they wish to use one of them during the night.

This game starts on N0.




1. All characters have 3 Abilities. Some are Night Actions, others are Day Actions, and a few are Passive. 
The abilities can be offensive, defensive, supportive, or manipulating the rules.
Each character can use 1 of them during the Night, or during the Day.

2. The 3rd Ability is Hidden to everyone except the person who plays the character. There are 3 ways to reveal a player's hidden ability:
2a) The player is lynched. 
2b) The reveal ability vote has been successful. 

2c) The use of specific abilities.


3. During the day phase, the players must vote to Lynch a player. The most voted player will be lynched. This leads to a 2HP damage and a reveal of the player's role and their hidden ability.
Format your votes like this: [Eliminate] Player


4. During the day phase, the players may vote to Reveal an ability. Any ability that gathers at least 5 votes will be revealed.
Format your votes like this: [Reveal] Ability


5. The players will receive a notification if they were attacked or if some abilities were used on them. Note that some abilities are sneaky and the target won't know they were affected.


6. Fatalities: Any attacker who manages to finish their target will be rewarded with +1HP.


Now it's time to meet the characters that will represent each Realm in this ultimate Mortal Kombat Mafia game.




Johnny Cage 


He has lived his whole life as an actor, starring in martial arts films. Most importantly he's a descendant of an ancient warrior clan, sworn to protect Earth from all invaders. Thanks to their success, Earth has remained free for centuries. Johnny doesn't know his origins, but when the god of Thunder, Raiden, asked for his aid, he did not hesitate to provide it. He was the reason Shinnok was defeated last time and he's willing to do it again, especially now that he has family to protect.


He has 7HP

Assault: Basic attack: Does 1HP damage.
Halo: Chooses to boost +2Atk or +2Def for the following 2 nights.

Sonya Blade


An army intelligence general, well-informed of the ongoing battle among the realms. When her first crisis stroke, she gathered her team and dealt with it. During a skirmish into Outworld, her daughter, Cassie, was injured and taken hostage. This time it's personal. A furious Sonya throws herself into the battlefield, bringing along all the arsenal she's got, in order to ensure victory.


She has 6HP

Pistol: Power Attack: Does 1HP damage the first time. If she goes for the same target, the damage increases by 1. Max 3HP damage.
Interpol: Asks a question about a player. The next night she receives all information about the target's role and realm.
Airstrike: HIDDEN



He is the last known member of the Lin Kuei, a clan who specialize in Freezing techniques. Ever since his clan was banished from Outworld, they fled to Earth and started anew. Former grandmasters prefered to konquer, rather than co-exist. To show everyone his clan had changed, Sub-Zero volunteered to become a protector of Earthrealm and fight in the Mortal Kombat Tournament. However his mortal enemy, Scorpion, is still alive and seeks vengeance. Sub-Zero has to fight with all he has to protect both his Realm and his clan's pride.


He has 9HP

Cold Feet: Forces target to go last during that night.
Dispair: Doubles the target's received damage during that night.
Cyborg: HIDDEN



A master swordsman whose cursed sword has granted him psychic powers. Kenshi lost his eyesight during an encounter with Ermac, during the last war. He was recruited by Raiden, to protect Earth one more time. Having honed both his sword and his psychic abilities, Kenshi decided to heed the call.


He has 6HP

Slash: Gamble Attack: 25% chance it does 2HP damage, 50% chance it does 1HP damage, 25% chance it does 0HP damage.
Crow's Eye: Checks the votes on one person during the previous day phase. Will be informed which realms the voters belong to.





Liu Kang


A former hero, now a revenant serving the underworld. Earth has not forgotten Liu Kang's past achievements, nor how many times he has saved them, by winning the Mortal Kombat Tournanent. Unfortunately, he has. And he's returning from Hell, not as a friend, but as a powerful foe. The world now has to defeat someone who was once their most powerful defender.


He has 7HP

Fire Ball: Checks for enemies. Hurts target for 1HP damage if they are not in the same realm.
Soul Ball: Checks for allies. Gains 1HP if he finds an ally. Cannot choose the same person more than once.
Dragon Ball: HIDDEN




Originally, he was the grandmaster of the Shirai Ryu, a notorious clan of assassins. After the massacre of his clan by an unknown force, Quan Chi convinced him that the ones responsible were the Lin Kuei, and Sub-Zero. With the aid of the warlock, Scorpion transformed into a spirit of vengeance. Fueled by anger, equipped with the deadliest weaponry and christened in Hellfire, Scorpion is ready to fight everyone who gets in his way.


He has 8HP

Kunai: Basic Attack: Does 1HP damage.
Hellfire: Deals 1HP damage to all visitors.
Grandmaster: HIDDEN


Noob Saibot


Before his untimely death at the hands of Scorpion, Noob used to be a healer turned assassin. Instead of vanishing in the Netherrealm, Noob's sinister soul was fiercely kombating with Hell's minions, trapping and torturing them, until he himself became a master of shadows. Unable to escape Netherrealm on his own, he stroke a deal with Quan Chi. He would resurrect Noob more powerful than before, and he in return would fight on his side.


He has 7HP

Sickle: Targets a player. They receive 1HP poison damage each day phase.
Portal Kombat: Swaps 2 people with each other. All visits are redirected. May choose himself.
Clone Wars: HIDDEN


Quan Chi


The master of puppets in the underworld. After dethroning Shinnok, he became the de facto leader of the Netherrealm. His army consists of the most powerful dead warriors. He is a sneaky and poisonous warlock, whose words reek of sulfur and lead. Deciding to move from the shadows he has decided to konquer over the rest of the realms, and he certainly has the manpower to do so.


He has 5HP

Kollektor: Absorb all possible buffs and debuffs from the target.
Shadow Ball: Prohibit 2 visits on a player during that night. If more than 2 visited, they are randomly selected. Cannot be used twice in a row.
Mind Control: HIDDEN





Kotal Kahn


The rightful heir of Outworld. Descendant of the Osh-tekk, a tribe of warriors powered by the sun, Kotal has been fighting ever since he was born. Centuries ago, his father sent him to Earth alone as a boy to survive. He rose up as king of the Aztecs, portrayed as a God. After his return to Outworld, he was informed that the humans he'd governed had perished. The blood rituals were meant to make them stronger, but killed them instead. Having learned from his mistakes, Kotal decided to rule with more wisdom, and is now defending his Kahnate from evil forces.


He has 8HP

Sun God: Reveal your identity and damage a player during the same Day Phase for 3HP damage.
Blood God: Passes a blood dagger to a player. The player will be damaged for 1HP for each night they hold the dagger. It can be passed to others. If you wish to pass a new dagger, the old one vanishes.
War God: HIDDEN 




Originally from Earth, the Reptilians fled when a huge asteroid collided with the planet, wiping out the majority of the Realm's population. Reptile's tribe had to become stronger and use their unique powers to survive in their new environment, as they weren't welcome there. Reptile's family was hunted and butchered. When Kotal Kahn spared his life, Reptile started to idolize him as the one most fit to be a king, and pledged his allegiance to him.


He has 6HP

Lunge: Basic Attack: Does 1HP damage. Does 2HP damage if ordered by Kotal Kahn OR if target uses the same ability twice in a row.
Corrosion: Removes the target's defenses for that night.
Invisibility: HIDDEN


Erron Black


As a younger man, Erron had only known death and poverty. His family sold him as a slave in order to make ends meet. Throughout the years he has joined mercenary bands, one after another, living in the moment. Having amassed lots of skills throughout his life, and having cheated death countless times, Erron decided to enlist in Kotal's private army, and make a new start in his life. Little did he know that the fighting was far from over.


He has 7HP

Spotter: Check who your target visited.
Trapper: Trap a player's house. Inflict 2HP damage to the first 2 who visit.
Tarantino: HIDDEN




A legion of souls trapped inside one body; a curse casted by the sorcerer Shang Tsung to eliminate all the residents from the land between the realms. At first, this tornado of souls fought every soul they met, and enjoyed crippling their opponents. Ever since Ermac was forced into submission by Kotal Kahn, the souls decided to pledge their allegiance to their new master. Their collective power and wisdom has proven to be a valuable asset.


He has 7HP

Consensus: Ask which realms 2 players belong to. The answer will provide the realms, but not who is in which.
Judgement: Target a player. Their votes will be reversed for the next day (eg a +1 becomes a -1).
Wormhole: HIDDEN






The half-breed of an Edenian and a Tarkattan, Mileena is the daughter of the previous emperor of Outworld, Shao Kahn.  In her quest to reclaim her father's throne, she has isolated Edenia and used it as her base of operations. The Edenians are using her power as a means to konquer Outworld under a ruler who is not only fierce, but also one that shares their blood. Mileena's sole focus is the throne, and she won't stop at anything to get it.


She has 7HP

Crunch: Does 1HP damage. Leaves "Poison" if used twice. Deals double damage on poisoned players.
Royal Decree: You choose a player during the Day Phase and make an ultimatum; They either vote against a specific player or lose 2HP. Cannot be used twice in a row.
Majesty: HIDDEN




Tarkattan are fierce warriors, who value strength above all else. As is customary, General Baraka has earned his position through kombat. When Shao Kahn fell, they were ostracised from Outworld. Having learned of Mileena's Tarkattan lineage, Baraka pledged her armies to her cause, and swore to protect her with his life.


He has 9HP

Pierce: Does 1HP damage. Forbids defense for the following day and night. 
Bodyguard: Defend: Reduce the damage received during this night by 2HP.
Tarkattan: HIDDEN




A woman whose background is a mystery. Her name appears multiple times in history books, but her power to use Sound as an attack cannot be traced anywhere in the Edenian archives. There are rumors that she's of Elder God status, but no evidence has yet been found. Her motto is "always side with the winners"


She has 6HP

Supersonic: Basic Attack: All who visited the target receive 1HP damage. If no-one visits, target is not damaged.
Discombobulate: Stops the target from using any Ability during that night.
Echolocation: HIDDEN




He is the prince of Edenia, a demigod, and Mileena's companion. Rain wishes to unite Edenia and Outworld once again, under a ruler he can reason with and possibly, share power with. His own mastery over water magik is legendary, and one of the reasons he was sought after in the battle between the realms. Rain's pride and ambition wouldn't allow him to decline such an invitation.


He has 7HP

Water Gun: Basic Attack: Does 1HP damage. 
Forecast: All "Ability2" used during the night are randomly redirected. Cannot be used twice in a row.






A powerful broker and the boss of the Black Dragon mercenary group. Kano has made a profit selling weapons to all realms, and has also implemented some of them on his very own body. He survived countless wars, and even more assassination attempts. Tired of being in the sidelines for so long, he has decided to gather his most trustworthy companions and force a few changes in leadership. Kano's red mechanical eye looks into a future with him as king.


He has 7HP

Laser Eye: Damages the target for 1HP damage. Knows their realm.
Cutthroat: Chooses 2 targets. They both receive 1HP damage.
Hostage: HIDDEN




His personal mission was to uncover the secret behind the Elder Gods' powers. They decided to punish his hubris by trapping him in a strange land between the realms. When Shinnok fell from Elder God status, the power balance shifted, and a surge of power travelled to all realms, using Tremor's trap as a channel, freeing him in the process. Tremor seeks powerful opponents to test his newfound strength and Kano made him an offer he could not refuse.


He has 10HP

Magnitude: All non-attacking abilities have 50% chance of happening. 
Earthquake: Targets 1 player. If they are swapped or controlled, all involved receive 1HP damage. Otherwise, the target receives 2HP damage.
Fissure: HIDDEN




Native to Chaosworld, Kabal has taken "survival of the fittest" to the extreme. Arrogant and reckless, he has always boasted of his skills with the hookblades, and never denied a challenger. When the god of wind, Fujin, tried to create some order in chaosworld, Kabal confronted him, eventually killing him in single kombat. Fujin's powers were transfered to the closest vessel. With Chaosworld too small to hold his ego any longer, Kabal joined Kano in his quest to konquer all Realms.


He has 6HP

Blade Runner: Basic Attack: Does 1HP damage.
Tornado: If visited, receives +1Def the next night. If not, receives +1Atk the next night.
Need for Speed: HIDDEN




A former champion of Shao Kahn, and a sprout of the Sea of Blood. Native in Chaosworld, Skarlet has been indoctrinated into anarchy ever since she was a child. Her alliance with Kano is a means to an end. She claims that her ultimate goal is to spread chaos, but sometimes Kabal, who has taken her under his protection, hears her whisper something about a "blood god" who demands "tribute". 


She has 6HP

Oxygenation: Allow your target to use 1 more Ability during the next night. 
Coagulation: Visits a player. During the next Day Phase it's revealed who they visited, and who visited them.
Transfusion: HIDDEN




Shang Tsung


A magician that has konquered the islands between the realms. He was once the man appointed to oversee the Mortal Kombat tournaments. Ten years ago he decided to abuse his power and gain dominion over Outworld. Shao Kahn forced him into submission, but before he could kill him, the champions from Earth invaded Outworld, and defeated both. Shang Tsung was forced into hiding. He trusts nobody, and nobody trusts him. He's determined to use every trick in the book, every magik spell he knows, and rise into Elder God status, or even higher.


He has 8HP

Mimic: Chooses a role. Can use "Ability1" or "Ability2". 
Oddrealm: Each night you may banish a player into the Oddrealm.
Space Oddity: HIDDEN




Few fates are worse than Shinnok's. A fallen Elder God, defeated twice by humans, tortured in Netherrealm unable to die, trapped inside an amulet, his powers exploited by humans. Shinnok's escape comes with a lust for vengeance, combined with his everlasting lust for power. His necromancy is stronger than ever, and he intends to use it, capture all who dared oppose and belittle him, konquer and enslave all realms, and show everyone what being a God really means.


He has 8HP

Amulet: Use a dead player's "Ability1" or "Ability2". 
Bleed: Reduce your target's offensive powers in half for this and the following night.
Hydroxyapatite: HIDDEN


This is all the information I could give you, mortals.

If you are brave enough, enlist by providing me with your Discord name.

Choose your destiny!



01. Nano

02. Bean

03. Yahy

04. Corso

05. Yahen

06. Newt 

07. Jace

08. Alaris

09. Mr. Knightly

10. Candy













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In! Ya haf me in discord already righty?

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"So when I host the game, I'll send you an invite."
Dw Nick I'm a good guy, so I'll play while I still can. 

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Didn't get the chance. You have a position secured.

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as i'm dead in both games, i'd like to play too

my disc is in my profile! (lame excuse for "i didn't remember when i made the post")

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I want to be Baraka because of bara

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sign me up :3

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