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A fangame idea I might revive

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So getting into Reborn again and just seeing all these fabulous ideas for Pokemon games floating around, it reminded me of my own attempt at a fangame I started back in 2013 but didn't finish. It would be a visual novel and highly story driven, but I think I did have plants for turn based battle since that is not difficult to construct. Because I remembered it and sadly did not back it up, luckily I still have the computer it was on and I salvaged it to look at it again.


I would have to rename this game, as this title was literally called Pokemon Desolation but I see a fangame with that title already exists, so I'll just have to find another post-apocalyptic like title lol. But the premise was a space station near the moon was built where two new regions were established. Professors and breeders from Earth sent some Pokemon up there, hoping to populate it with every discovered Pokemon. Trainers could go there to compete in a league and capture Pokemon. This was done so there could be expansions on Earth for more reserves, and researchers could study the habits of Pokemon better in their natural enviornment. Then, an evil organization, known as Team Asteroid shows up--they were messing with DNA and created a beast they couldn't control. It began ravaging the world before the project for Destrox (name of the planetary station) was completed (so not all Pokemon are up there). Many had to evacuate to this new planetary station, and many professors and breeders from across the regions are quickly sending up as many Pokemon as they can. In an effort to help in the battle to reclaim the planet and save it for humanity and Pokemon alike, many trainers go to Destrox to compete in its league as a means to prove themselves strong enough for battle.


Our story begins with you getting ready to leave your hometown and begin your journey on the station. You visit a man named Professor Hubert whom gears you up, has you choose a starter, and tells you that on your escape pod there will be 3 other trainers and a bunch of Pokemon for you to let loose in the wild. There's suddenly an earth quake, disaster has come, so he quickly gets you in the pod with the others and launches you into space. 


I am really debating to try this story again! I really liked the concept, despite it sounded very dramatic and cheesy, and if I don't go through with it like I originally planned as a visual novel, I could try my hand at Pokemon Essentials for RPG Maker and make a proper looking fangame. That could be quite a bit of fun. Plus it'll be neat coming up with all the names, even re-naming this game will be fun in its own right. 

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1 minute ago, ShadeStrider said:

Pokemon Shin Megami Tensei version.

Ohmygosh xD

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