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Game of Thrones Season 8: How disappointed are you ?

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Only 2 more episodes until GOT is finished.

And so far, i'm not a fan of season 8. They screwed up the battle against the white walkers and the night king. And they make all the characters look like complete morons.

Then they killed of another Dragon for pure shock value


I even heard stories about Emilia Clarke walking around London for like 3 hours while reading the script, because she had to process the fate of her character.

And if those leaks are true, we might have one of the most disappointing endings in TV History. For me everything got worse after Season 4.


D&D proofed that they can not write a good show to save their lifes. And now they even get their own Star Wars Trilogy.

And their stupid excuse that they want to "subvert our expectations" is one of the dumbest things, i have ever heard.


What do you guys think of this whole fiasco though ?

I would really like to hear your opinion.

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For me, the show hasn't truly let me down just yet cause two episodes can still change everything. Though realistically, I'm not really expecting too much considering how great this show has been the past seasons. 


The root of it all is just the conflict between D&D and George. Both parties are at fault. Firstly, George never considered the series in his work that is why he didn't adhere to the priority of finishing his novel. He realized too late the consequences of him not doing that. D&D just didn't want to let go of that fat cheque HBO gave to them for being the writers of the show, which led to plot holes and a lack in writing. 


It just makes me sad that the final season could've been more than what it is, but at the end of the day Game of Thrones has really been phenomenal. If ever things become sour, I'll remember it for its greatness and not by its failure.


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